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Hot Off the Press:

Gun Prohibition:

Presidential Brotherhood Project (Parts 1 - 4)

Corrupt Practices and Misuse of Power by the Presidents of the United States:

For the Doubter: A Tour With Uncle Sam!

Uncle Sam Condemns Documents That Destroy Him:

Fundamental Knowledge to Equip you for the Battle!:

The Bill of Rights:

In Defense of the Second Amendment:

Patrick Henry - A Man who was Not Afraid to Speak Up:

The Nation's Founders, Including Maxims and Quotes:

Supreme Court Afraid to Face the Second Amendment:

Threats to the Second Amendment:

In Defense of the Militia:

Here's the Reason WHY All Guns Are Going to be Prohibited:

Watching the President's Office:

Homeland Security 'Agency', the Basis of a Military Government:

Inter-related Items to Alert You:

North American Union:

Elimination of National Borders:

Unmasking of the Department Of Peace:

The Treaty Power and Its Abuses:

General and Complete Disarmament of U.S.A.:

The Base Realignment and Closing:

Overthrowing American Government:

The Plan to Abolish Our States:

The Plan to Collapse Our Government:

Endangerment of the Security and Existence of the State:

Federal/State Collusion to Weaken Your Defense:

The Conquest of U.S.A. by Altering Its Operational Concepts:

The Dangers of A Constitutional Convention:

In Defense of the State and the Federal Constitution:

Connecting the Dots With Jigsaws:

Solution to Avoiding A Civil War:

Guidance Toward Constitutional Restoration:

Articles to Aid in Defense of Your Rights and Liberties:

The American Declaration: Save Your Firearms and Stop Martial Law:

The American Declaration Newsletters and Updates:

A Christian Constitutional Chief of Police Speaks Out:

The Importance of the Sheriff and His Problems:

A Constitutional Sheriff Speaks Out:

Other Constitutional Public Officials Speak Out:

Issues Concerning American Police:

United Nations:

America Follows in the Footsteps of Hitler:

Well Written Articles By Others That You Should Read:

Classic Work by Modern Day Patriots:

"Oldies" All Should Read:

Miscellaneous Essential Items:

Available Items: