Second Amendment Committee
Bernadine Photo

The founder of the Second Amendment Committee, Bernadine Smith, was a political research writer and a gun rights activist. She had about 50 years of experience in fighting against political corruption, fraud, and desecration of the rights of the American people. In 1984 she formed the Second Amendment Committee, which was a nationwide organization that provided information of benefit to those seeking a peaceful resolution to the gun crisis.

She was a recipient of many different awards for patriotic achievements. Because of her work in protecting the right to keep and bear arms, she was the only person to receive 3 awards from the “American Pistol and Rifle Association”. One of those awards was for the authorship of The Hanford Pro-gun Legislation, a measure which supports state enforcement of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The Hanford Pro-gun Legislation had engaged support of two California state senators.

Smith had also authored legislation to restore the militia system to its proper role as designed by the framers of the Constitution. She won an award for her speech at the 25th Anniversary of the United Nations, speaking in opposition to the United States membership in the United Nations. She is listed in the Encyclopedia of Associations under patriotic organizations, another of her organizations being “The Friends of Patrick Henry”. She presented her work to the public at large without copyright in loose-leaf form for easy mass production by others.

She protested against the abolishment of our states, the general and complete disarmament of the nation, the disarming of its law-abiding citizens, the closing of our military bases, the plans to bring foreign soldiers into the United States to police our nation and keep it disarmed (Public Law 87-297), the effort to open up a constitutional convention, the growing increase in socialism, etc. She spoke in support of the citizen militias and had a militia package which documented the essential role of militias in American county government. The Second Amendment Committee was not limited in scope and had a broad range of studied subjects available to the public.

Because of its “on target” activities, many gun owners had acclaimed the Second Amendment Committee to be the No. 1 gun defender in the nation, over and above the National Rifle Association or any of the other large pro-gun organizations in the nation.

Independence of the Second Amendment Committee:
The Second Amendment Committee of Hanford, California was independent of any other organization with a similar sounding name or title, and in particular, was NOT and had never been connected in any form or fashion to the Alan Gottlieb Second Amendment Foundation of Bellevue, Washington.