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Five Helpful Tips for Viewing Doubter Binder PDF(s) in Adobe Reader:

1) Make sure you have installed the most recent version of Adobe Reader if it is compatible with your computer. Click on the button below to download it from Adobe for free:

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2) If you need help choosing which Doubter Binder PDF(s) to download:

Please remember that the low quality PDFs are not intended for printing, and some small text is illegible.

3) If you have downloaded a high quality PDF, don't forget that you can zoom in several times to read small text more easily.

4) Because you cannot search for text within our PDF(s), we have given names to certain pages to help guide you through the binder. To see the names, view the Bookmarks (not the page thumbnails) in the sidebar. This might be more helpful to those of you who are already familiar with our binder and want to jump to a specific section. If you're not already familiar with our binder, or if you're trying to identify a specific page by its layout, you might enjoy the thumbnail view.


5) In addition to using the sidebar, for the best viewing experience we highly recommend setting the Zoom to "Fit Width", the Page Display to "Single Page Continuous", and expanding your Adobe Reader window (or your browser window) to the largest size possible.