The following pages are the contents of our newest binder, entitled "Here's the Reason Why All Guns are Going to be Prohibited". Click on Next to go to the next page, click on Back to go back one page, or jump to a page using the pop-up menu. The binder contains 55 pages (a two-page preface was recently added), plus 15 pages excerpted from "A National Strategy to Reduce Crime", the federal publication relating to prohibiting handgun ownership.

The following pages were scanned and saved at a resolution suitable for on-screen viewing. Because of this, they will not print at full quality, so it is recommended that you order a binder directly from us. You can print and mail the order form, or call us at 559-584-5209 if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in the Second Amendment. Please help spread the word and save your right to keep and bear arms!

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[Update 7/28/06: We've resized all of the page images so that they are better suited for printing (if they were slightly too big in the past, try again), however the print quality will still sometimes be low as they are just screen-resolution images. Again if you need better quality text on paper, please order the binder from us. Due to our current inability to create or recreate nearly everything with vector art and text, a high-quality PDF of the binder would have been a large download for some people, so we feel that using screen-resolution images for this binder is the best solution for the time being. Thank you for understanding.]