July 12, 2004


Mind bending talk show hosts are now advocating that the public call their federal Senators and urge them to support a call for a Constitutional Amendment, ostensibly to clarify the definition of marriage as being limited to a union between a man and a woman.  Don’t be fooled!

What is really going on under this sophistry is engineered deception!  This call for a Constitutional Convention to protect marriage is intended to entrap innocent and unaware victims.  The socialists have been on record for a long time (see Senate Document 87) as advocating use of the Constitutional Convention process as a method by which to bring forth a global government constitution (charter); thus, permanently (and “supposedly” officially) discarding the American Constitution and Bill of Rights!

The situation we are in can be equated to an iceberg:  What appears on the surface is no match for the disaster that lies underneath.  If citizens can be induced “to protect marriage” they will inevitably run the risk of losing their freedom and liberty as the 1787 Constitution and the Americanist Bill of Rights are discarded.

So far, intelligent Americans have defeated past Constitutional Convention rip-off efforts which have been disguised as “desirable” Constitutional Amendments: namely, those for punishing flag burning, requiring a balanced budget, installing term limits, permitting prayer in the schools, protecting the unborn, renewing the Bricker Amendment, placing limits on spending, limiting tax increases, placing controls on gas prices, protecting wording in Pledge of Allegiance, adding the Continuity of Government fiasco, and last but not least Mike Gravel’s devious world government Direct Democracy Act – all false reasons!

In order to be successful against these shams, it is necessary to unmask the true reason behind these continual efforts by the known (and closet) world government socialists.  Those who care about the future of their young and their families and would like to protect them against the propaganda of public officials and the media should NOT ask their senators to support a Constitutional Amendment – rather, they should demand that their state representatives open an investigation into this continual deception!

If the socialists are successful with in the marriage plan to institute a global charter and discard our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they will later claim that phone calls and letters in favor of a constitutional amendment meant that they were given “consent of the governed” to undertake the authority to institute a new constitution.  Should this misfortune be our lot, the only hope left as a defense against the deception and trickery lies in the fact that the American policy of constitutional government (evidenced in the Declaration of Independence) naturally requires informed consent of the governedfraud and embezzlement is not “informed consent”!  Awakened citizens should voraciously oppose any move toward a Constitutional Amendment of any sort!   Just say “NO” to the federal senators!  Why take any risk when a federal law – not an amendment to the Constitution – is sufficient? 


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