They must demand that the attorney-general draw up charges against those who apparently are in violation of their oath of office by failing to “support and defend” both the state and federal Constitutions, and in so doing, are participating in the disarming of the law-abiding people of our state.  The attorney-general is obligated to investigate charges when made by honorable public officials.   Honorable public officials will now be charging that collusion is believed to exist between federal and state government officials, the effect of which is having a disabling effect upon the natural rights of law-abiding men to the extent that their personal safety, and the safety of the state itself is at great risk.    Further, the propaganda created against firearms is deluding the people, and denying them of the only form of force that will guarantee the existence of their other rights in the “Bill of Rights”.    


Because of the serious nature of the charges, and in light of the fact that the state’s performance is matched to prior nefarious federal directives, there is ample reason to believe that investigation of these charges is absolutely necessary. 


The attorney-general can empower a state grand jury comprised of citizens whose record, knowledge, and vigilance in the field of firearms rights of law-abiding men qualifies them for the task.