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The American Declaration


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April 7, 2004




This is the first American Declaration Newsletter! Our Newsletters will be coming in concise, easy to read formats, so it will not take much of your time: just one page one side only.


The purpose of this Newsletter is to let you know that we need to be organized and unified. There will be no set date for when the Newsletter is issued. Whenever any information should be known and distributed, a Newsletter will be sent out first class mail.


At the present time there are people in 36 states participating in this effort. The 14 states in which we do not have any person working with the Blue and White folders are as follows:


Alaska Hawaii Indiana Maryland

Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nevada

North Dakota Oklahoma Rhode Island South Carolina

South Dakota Vermont.


Please spread the word of this movement to all, but do not limit yourself only to the 14 states that we have no working individual therein. Keep in mind that this may be our last hope to save our guns and our Constitution. The future of our children depends upon what we do now.


I am attaching to this Newsletter the Constitutional Circle diagram, which as of this date, is being included in with all future Blue & White folder package mail outs.


More, as information becomes available.





Bernadine Smith


Attachment: Constitutional Circle