May 12, 2004


TO:  All Californians

SUBJECT:  Awaken to the Urgency of Supporting Good State Legislators!


Something has to be done to stop total confiscation of all guns.  We intend to have it be a peaceful recourse.  Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy has already accepted the “Memorial” and the “Legislative Version of the American Declaration” most heartily for introduction in the California State Legislature, saying that he is happy that California will be the first state to introduce this legislation.  We have a great legislative champion in Dennis Mountjoy and we must do all we can to aid him in getting more sponsors in all states for these two pieces of legislation.   


Don Rogers told me that Dennis was in agreement with all three of the documents, including the basic document called “The American Declaration” (the one that begins with the word ‘Constrained’). This basic document does not need legislative action.  It is an "of the people" - "by the people" - and "for the people" type of document and it becomes official just by public acclamation!


This coming weekend the United Republicans of California (U.R.O.C.) are holding their annual convention in Monrovia, California.  U.R.O.C. is a republican volunteer political organization composed of people who support constitutional government.  Dennis Mountjoy has been one of their speakers on various occasions.


As I am a member of U.R.O.C., I have entered the following two resolutions to support the efforts of Assemblyman Mountjoy, at this May convention, hoping to get an endorsement by U.R.O.C.   Because the resolutions are not only concise, but are informative and self-explanatory, they can be used by other organizations whose policy is to issue endorsing resolutions, I am making the two U.R.O.C. resolutions available for anyone who wishes to adapt them to their own organization.




Bernadine Smith

Second Amendment Committee