Resolution No.

Committee: Government Affairs & Efficiency

Rec'd State Office:

Originating Unit:


SUBJECT:  States Should Override Unlawful Federal Actions by Use of the "Memorial" Process


WHEREAS:  There exists, as a part of the American Constitutional system of government, a power vested within the states to annul, rescind, revoke, repeal and thus override the federal government in its errant acts by using a Memorial, an action which can compel the federal government to cease its unconstitutional activities, and if it is not heeded, the states may then undertake a further action by holding a meeting of the states, applying their rightful power to nullify and render invalid that which is unlawful and greatly harmful to the people and to the nation; and


WHEREAS:  The actions of the federal government have given great cause for alarm as it has revamped the nation so that it is in accord with military concepts on an international regional basis, and it has agreed to international disarmament laws, treaties, and Presidential Decision Directives which require the elimination of all national armed forces of the United States, transferring them on a permanent basis under the command of the communist dominated United Nations  (refer to Public Law 87-297 -- "The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World - Freedom from War" and State Dept. Publ. 7277); thus completing the link for global military management of the nation, while failing in its major obligation of providing a common defense to guard the nation's liberty and independence; and


WHEREAS:  As a result of these international disarmament laws, treaties, and Presidential Decision Directives the federal government now has instituted the expansive "Homeland Security Agency" and has deliberately kept the people from knowing that this "agency" coincides with the requirement in the Disarmament Program that a military force is planned and required to "preserve internal order” and who will give assistance when the people themselves are forced to disarm; and


WHEREAS:  The federal government, having completed its unlawful seizure over the years of state and local civilian law enforcement systems, the control of which rightfully belongs to the states, is now merging these police systems with the military under the "Homeland Security Agency" (something that is never done in a republic unless the government system is being converted into a dictatorship), and is now instructing the police in sovietized techniques by which to operate; and


WHEREAS:  The public has been deceived for many decades by the news media and others, and are being denied access to the facts of what is really happening to them, while the last stage (Stage III of the Disarmament Program) proceeds without sufficient exposure, warning, or resistance;  


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:  That the United Republicans of California go on record as expressing their approval of the Memorial known as the "Authority of the People Memorial", that has been introduced for use in the California State legislature by Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy and which offers a peaceful solution to this dilemma while there is still time; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED:  That a copy of this U.R.O.C. Resolution with the Memorial known as the "Authority of the People Memorial", be sent to the governor of the State of California, and to all public officials in the state who classify themselves as being faithful to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Note:  This Resolution is in preliminary form and substance for consideration at the May 2004 Convention.  See Section 18.02 of U.R.O.C. State Bylaws.