Resolution No.

Committee: Government Affairs & Efficiency

Received: State Office:

Originating Unit:


SUBJECT: To Set Forth, Clarify, and Reaffirm the Proper Meaning of the Unalienable, Individual and Collective Right to Arms Inherent in the American People and to Stipulate the Prohibitions Incumbent Upon Public Officials


WHEREAS: The federal government has assumed powers denied to it by the Constitution, and has engaged in domestic and international disarmament laws, treaties, Presidential Decision Directives, and other unauthorized activities, which require the divesting from the American people of their natural, unalienable, inherent and absolute right to keep and bear arms, both on an individual and collective basis; and


WHEREAS: Because the federal government over the years has encroached further and further into the arms rights of the people, leading the field in writing anti-gun legislation, and has encouraged all of the states in order to receive federal funding to accept federal mandates, standards and directives, instituted at the onset by the federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration that has obligated the states to accept increasingly correlated legislation which gradually obliterates the authority of the people over their own right to arms; and


WHEREAS: The first thing that governments do whenever they intend to deny the people of their essential rights is first to deny them of their right to arms; and because the federal government is leading the transition into a "new world order" of disarmed nations, it should be known that in one of the "new world order" constitutions it states that "No person may possess a lethal weapon...., another admission of future servitude; and

WHEREAS: If the people are not to be rendered helpless and ultimately ruined, there has to be a sufficient counterbalance emanating from the state level in order to abort these undesired federal encroachments, and "new world order" objectives because it is a known fact that "when guns go, it all goes": liberty and freedom are dead; and


WHEREAS: The "Legislative Version of the American Declaration" is a peaceful action designed to correct the problem, and it does not present new law; rather, it simply clarifies and calls for the retention of that which is already established as American law;


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the United Republicans of California go on record as endorsing and expressing their approval of the "American Declaration", and extend their support to former Senator Don Rogers and to Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, both of whom are quite aware that it is the duty of the State to see that the keystone of the Bill of Rights is enforced; thus, this action by U.R.O.C. will lend encouragement to Assemblyman Mountjoy who is championing this cause by carrying the "Legislative Version of the American Declaration" for passage in the California State Legislature; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That a copy of this U.R.O.C. Resolution with a copy of the "American Declaration" and the "Legislative Version of the American Declaration be sent to the governor of the State of California, and to all public officials in the state who classify themselves as being faithful to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Note: This Resolution is in preliminary form and substance for consideration at the May 2004 Convention. See Section 18.02 of U.R.O.C. State Bylaws.