September 11, 2005


Dear N.S. 


You asked me ‘if allowing the Mexican military in is a Trojan Horse’.  Then you added: Chinese military observed in Louisiana, too.    Your opinion is as good as mine at this point!  I can only tell you


(a) what I feel positive about;

(b) what we have a right to logically assume;

(c) what my apprehensions are; and

(d) as best as I can determine to be facts, and reasonable predictions.    


I feel positive that the techniques being applied are derived from “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform”.*  That study wasn’t done to waste dollars!  It was a serious government funded advisory task force report, a resort for those to use who wanted to force (global) government, because things weren’t percolating the way they wanted to meet their world global goals, ‘changes’ and time frames. I get that positive feeling about use of P.O.C. because the Gulf tragedy fits all the suggestions for global conversion proposed in the California State financed P.O.C. study: Collapse, Crisis, Catastrophe, Corruption are all specified in it, but did this planning fall short?


I think we have a right to assume that the Gulf tragedy is the result of deliberate evil engineering because of


                             (a) government’s past history of deceptive performances;

                             (b) stated global world government goals and objectives; and

                             (c) being in Stage III of the global government planning, pro-                                           gramming, infrastructure engineering and erection.**

I have the uneasy feeling that more of the same is coming in a larger proportion to add to what’s already been done to terrorize people.   


I am apprehensive (but could be wrong) that the HAARP technology is being put to use -- that its results are not yet fully understood even by its purveyors.  If suspicions are correct, and if it had been used, I believe that it was expected to have had a more devastating effect upon the Gulf Coast area than what actually did happen. 


For example: The original predictions of the height of hurricane waves, which did not come up to the actual fact, but only to half of the prediction; the exaggeration of ‘tens of thousands’ of deaths was predicted and was also wrong; and the 25,000 supply of body bags, etc was another over estimation. 


Assuming that the hurricane was (and may have been) engineered to be greater than its normal natural potential, some of the delay in the rescue response added to the losses they intended in the preliminary prediction.  The delay by the unwary may have been caused by the shock and stunning consequences of what they did see.


For others, those who could have been ‘in’ on the planning, the resultant confusion could have added to the delay due to lack of what they had expected to have had occur. The extent which did not happen could have contributed to indecision and mis-management from the standpoint of disappointment in an engineered horror.  In other words, the response from the public to help - except for money - got in their way.  I have a feeling that they were looking for an even greater disaster than what did happen.  Is it possible that confusion added to the delay because it turned out to be a disappointment to the planning engineers because it was not as big a disaster as they had expected the damage to be?  Nevertheless, they did overestimate it.


Why were so many offers of domestic help turned down?  Many were told not to come -- that they “had no permission from Homeland Security to come” is what they were told.  For example, the Sheriff of Shelby County in Tennessee had 30 men ready to leave, and take down a load of food, but they were told “to stand down”, that they had “no permission from Homeland Security to come”.  (Incidentally, the Tennessee police department went ahead and sent food and police uniforms for the Louisiana police officers to wear.  They even had special T-shirts made for the Louisiana officers to wear to identify themselves since those officers had lost their own police clothing in the storm.)  Why was so much domestic help turned away?  See attached paper for a lot of help refused.  Why were these offers not rapidly grabbed up and utilized?   


Why were American National Guard troops pulled away from their present duty of border protection?  Chris Simcox of the Minutemen has reported this to be the case. Why increase dangers from open borders? Why turn away so much loyal domestic aid? Why allow the military of two nations (who harbor oppressive ambitions) to set foot on our soil?  Surely, the Pentagon (who went to such effort in the Base Realignment and Closure, supposedly to cut military expenditures, and supposedly streamline our defenses) should have enough smarts to tell the difference in usage of loyal forces versus use of enemy forces!   Where was their advice?


Why pull from the endangered borders and increase the possibility of attack and added terrorist entries from there?  The borders are already undermanned! Much of the stuff we need now for Louisiana is in Iraq.  These are all facts.  How great is our strength if we have dissipated our strength and reserves?  Can we rely on this kind of crisis management?  We have become more vulnerable to attack under this global minded administration! Will the Constitution survive?  Is this sheer madness or scene-setting for ‘more to come’?


Since we signed into the United Nations, this country has deteriorated in every way under subsequent so-called “presidents”. FACT: We really don’t have “presidents” any more!  The White House desk has been transformed over into the administrator of global government.***


Watch for coming events:  The chip will be demanded for the nation, because babies and little children (who could not tell who they were) were separated from their mothers.  Medical histories and prescription records were lost to help the ill and infirmed, etc.  The forcible gun removal from all citizens is another omen.  Wasn’t weather modification a study done way back scores of years ago? Doesn’t HAARP have a potential to increase storms in weather modification?  Haven’t we been told by government that we could expect more disasters to befall us?


Will those innocent and law-abiding people in Louisiana, whose guns were forcibly taken away, see a return of their weapons when the crisis ends?  Has martial law really been declared to permit such setting aside of Constitutional law -- or -- are we allowing this on presumption only?  Isn’t gun ownership a part of common law -- an absolute right -- endowed from the Creator -- which is beyond any martial law to apply to decent folks?  Shouldn’t an army of qualified able bodied armed Louisiana citizens been recruited and deputized to help their local police? Hasn’t F.E.M.A. been around long enough to be better prepared?   Wasn’t the hurricane expected?  Is it a coincidence that the Commander-in-chief took his vacation while the hurricane hit?  Two days after it hit, Geo. Bush was out stomping the trail making speeches to support his social security transformation plan. Was that transformation more urgent to Geo. Bush?


The question is: Is the entry of these foreign troops from Mexico and China a Trojan Horse?  Whether it was deliberately planned or not, consideration of the evidence here indicates the situation to be more favorable to Trojan Horse possibilities.







* Formal title for the California Report that has been often called by its quick name: the “Houlihan Report”.


** Openly expressed desire for a ‘new world order’; the constant cry and force for ‘change’; supported by freedom-eroding laws passed by the U.S. Congress;  plus documented transformational revisions made in the operation of the whole American system of government by presidential agreements, executive orders, treaties, etc.


*** Warburg, James P. (February 17, 1950) - International Banker - Testifying at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - "We shall have World Government whether or not we like it.  The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."





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"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale
 The head of FEMA was fired from his last job overseeing horse shows.

 WorldNetDaily: FEMA chief fired from previous job

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 FEMA's Blocking Relief Efforts - An Amazing List


 FEMA won't accept Amtrak's help in evacuations

 FEMA turns away experienced firefighters

 FEMA turns back Wal-Mart supply trucks

 FEMA prevents Coast Guard from delivering diesel fuel

 FEMA won't let Red Cross deliver food

 FEMA bars morticians from entering New Orleans

 FEMA blocks 500-boat citizen flotilla from delivering aid

 FEMA fails to utilize Navy ship with 600-bed hospital on board

 FEMA to Chicago: Send just one truck

 FEMA turns away generators

 FEMA: "First Responders Urged Not To Respond"

That last one is real -- not satire but straight from FEMA's website.










                                                   September 6, 2005 







Dear Bernadine:



Enclosed is information regarding status of air force bases:



a.  HOLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, New Mexico: This base is now a German Air Force Base. They have 44 aircraft. They have Toranado Fighters and F4 Fighters. They lost one Toranado in a crash. They claim better flying conditions. The Toranado aircraft are a joint effort by British and German aircraft. Holoman is essentially a German Air Base. Supposedly some girls wanted to meet the German Pilots, and they went to a local bar to meet them. The Pilots had done some heavy drinking and the girls wanted to know why they were here in the US. One of them told the girls that their mission was to strafe the cities when the rioting began.


b.  CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, Clovis New Mexico: This base was just taken off the closure list, and will be used by the Singapore Air Force. Supposedly this will be a permanent base.


c.  CASTLE AIR FORCE BASE, Merced, CA: This base was closed down October 1, 1995. There is a new Federal prison there currently. I understand that the Pakistan Air Force will be using the base to training purposes.


I have a video on the Holoman Air Base with an American Military Chaplain narrating it.