Tribute to Lieutenant Duane Thorin
October 26, 1919 - October 24, 2002


Duane Thorin was born in the Chambers, Nebraska area to a Swiss immigrant family. 


Duane joined the Navy in 1939. He always wanted to be a pilot.  He earned his wings in 1943 as a flying C.P.O.   Lt. Thorin was proficient in every aircraft that the Navy flew in the Pacific Fleet during World War II.  He was also a test pilot and a carrier-qualified pilot.  In 1949, he was designated helicopter pilot #216.  With his helicopter he made more than 130 rescues in the Korean theater.

Thorin reported aboard the USS Rochester November 23, 1951.  He was shot down and captured near Wonsan on February 7, 1952 and interred by the Chinese in Camp Annex #2 on the Yalu River.  He was released in the summer of 1953.  Duane’s next assignment was Washington, DC where he spent the remainder of his Naval career with the National Security Agency. 


“Political Warfare – Conquest Through Altered Concept” was one of the many articles he wrote trying to tell the people in the 1960’s what was happening to them and their government.  He became very active in 1962 after the Disarmament Law (Public Law 87-297) was signed.  He became worn out after trying so hard to awaken the people.  Where he went to make his speeches, he was blocked and tricks were pulled to keep people away from hearing his speeches. For example, in Washington State a free show was put on to draw people away from attending the location of his appearance. 


In memory of Duane Thorin, Maureen Heaton said this:  “Conquest Through Altered Concept is clearly the path the enemy is taking.  The management and control system is the machinery devised to alter concepts.  The installation of Delphi, sensitivity training, group dynamics and the rest of the strategies for manipulation of the minds of the people are grist for the mill of psycho-politics, by whatever name it is now called.


Mr. Thorin had been in the military, and some of his competence may well have derived from his service.  What he extrapolated from the circumstances existing at that point in time, is almost frightening in its relationship with today.  His delineation of the processes used in his war, and of the substance of our government, relative to that war, are vital points for all who today have picked up the torch like Duane had carried, and are adding their own names to the roll of patriots who volunteer when their home and homeland are threatened.”


Duane Thorin passed away in October of 2002 after a lifetime of patriotic devotion.