This could be our last chance to save our Constitution and our natural rights!


To Whom It May Concern:


Attached is a full copy of what we have already sent to every legislator in the State of Tennessee.  The first thing you will see is a letter addressed to the ‘mail clerk’ which was our attempt to avoid having a mail clerk throw out the whole mailing without giving the set to their particular legislator.   


We are opening up this campaign as a “last attempt project” in an effort to save America.  There is no hope for a “peaceful” solution to this crisis unless we get into the workings of government.  Despite the collusion, we intend to promote an open confrontation between the state legislature of Tennessee with the federal government.  Possibly, we will break open the whole mess, which is so inter-related, (the gun grab, sovietizing police, giving away our armed forces to the U.N., financially collapsing our government, etc., etc.) and perhaps we will have a chance to save this nation.


We have some substantial support within Tennessee for what we are doing; however, we need to get nationwide attention if we are to turn the tide against the globalists who are overthrowing our government.  We need lots of publicity!   We are hoping to get talk show hosts around the country, and especially in the Tennessee area, to pick up on this subject and drive

 it before the public.  We need as much publicity as we can get so that we can break into television and turn the overthrow of our government into a national publicized news item.


I repeat:  More than likely, this will be the last chance we have that has any sort of possibility for a peaceful way to save ourselves.


The “new world order” crowd is now in the last stages of pulling together everything they need, which precedes the hard blows of a take-over.  We are very close to that final take-over!


Call me if you need more detail.  My phone number is 559-584-5209.




                                                                        Second Amendment Committee


                                                                        Bernadine Smith



L.C. Sammons, Jr., M.D.

Family Practice

Medicine • Surgery






                                                          April 21, 2003







          I am expecting you as the mail clerk or the person responsible for segregating and distributing the mail to pass this complete mailing to your legislator in person without fail because of the urgent nature of the subject within.  It is extremely important.


          If there is any question relating to the urgency of this material being hand passed to your legislator, you may call me at (901) 757-9984, which is my medical office.



                                                                                                                 L. C. Sammons, Jr., M.D.

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correspondence to:

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  people in support of keeping our police



An Ad Hoc Tennessee Committee


Honorary Chairman                                                                                             Direct All Replies to:

Dr. L. C. Sammons, Jr.                                                                                                                              David Webb, Secretary

8055 Club Parkway                                                                                                                                   Post Office Box 274

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                                                                       April 25, 2003


Representative Joe Armstrong

Tennessee State Legislature

25 Legislative Plaza

Nashville, Tenn. 37243                                         

       Subject: Opposition to Sovietization and Militarization of

            American Law Enforcement Under Unified Command


Dear Representative Armstrong:


As citizens of the State of Tennessee we have become concerned about an undesirable situation that has been forced upon the Tennessee Law Enforcement System.  We have aligned ourselves with a California consultant who has advised us of our primary need, which is to lay the problem before you, our state representatives, and to obtain your assistance.  We are appalled at the changes that are being allowed within the operation and training of our state police.  We have seen how the law enforcement system in Tennessee fell under federal control,[1] and as a result, methods are now being installed by the federal government to sovietize and to militarize Tennessee police operations.  Similar conditions have developed in California’s law enforcement system, and a San Diego detective has exposed the situation there.


We are presenting a number of loose sheets that are pertinent to the subject; however, there are four  items, that are key to this mailing which will be of great assistance to you.  In the hope that you will use them as evidence of the need to pull Tennessee out from under this peril, we ask that you give them the most consideration in your review.   These particular four are as follows:


First:  The main item -- the clear-cut article written by Phillip Worts, the detective attached to the San Diego, California Police Department.  It is a masterpiece, dedicated to exposing the agenda that lies behind Community Oriented Policing.  We are in full agreement with Worts’ position as expressed in the article.  Worts put into print what many of us were thinking, but could not write it up as well as he did in the attached article.  You will also be receiving a VCR tape, which gives further detail as to the source from which this “new” indoctrination has arisen.


Second: A ‘jig-saw’ that illustrates causes and displays the interlock of motives behind these un-welcome changes being introduced in the training and operation of America’s civilian law enforcement systems.  The ‘jig-saw’ exposes the direction into which our police officers are being maneuvered. Isn’t it time to examine the negative impact these dangerous influences inflict upon the stability of our state as a ‘republic’ within its own right?  Should such moves not be viewed as travesties, and a violation of the trust extended to the federal government?  Should not the legislature go on record as being in opposition to these wrongful moves by the federal government?


Third: A Critique of Executive Order 13286, further justifies the need for your assistance.  This Critique is accompanied by a full copy of Executive Order 13286, as it demonstrates a little more of the expanding powers being sought after by the federal government through the vehicle known as the Homeland Security ‘agency’.  It is because the Homeland Security agency has federalized our police systems that we now are undergoing sovietizing.  This action fulfills the federal government’s desire to co-ordinate into an international agency arrangement which it has long ago relegated our police systems.  Note that there are over 90 executive orders incorporated into E.O. 13286 by past presidents (all the way back to Harry Truman and Calvin Coolidge), which now have been amended and altered to fit under the umbrella of the current plans for the Homeland Security agency.  The Homeland Security agency violates American Constitutional law by merging the military and the civilian law enforcement together under one (agency) head; thus, our republic is being transformed into a dictatorship form of government, aided and abetted by Community Oriented Policing.  We have been revamped so that we are in accord with military concepts.  On the agenda of the law the federal government has signed, calling for us to be completely disarmed, is an item required by that law[2] to build a system “to preserve internal order”.[3]  This requirement obviously becomes fulfilled as the Homeland Security agency is developed and expanded all the way down to the federalization of our local police. 


Fourth: A large chart also discloses the extent of  planners and supporters who are the contributors in one way or another to the massive agenda that lies hidden behind Community Oriented Policing.  


The subject matter listed in the ‘jigsaw’ does not pertain to theory.  We have been taken way beyond that!  The subject matter listed in the ‘jigsaw’ pertains to hard evidence, all of which has already been implemented.   


The subjects within the ‘jigsaw’ are all inter-related and inter-faced, because the federal government has dedicated itself to a different type of government system for our nation.  Not only do these laws and conditions pose a threat to our states, they drastically affect our personal sovereignty and inherent rights!  These dangers compound daily!  People are alarmed as they see their natural rights becoming eroded, while a communistic form of government is being erected (often referred to as a ‘new world order’) that has the intent of making obsolete our established constitutional system.  Do Americans really want what appears to be shaping up: a cradle-to-grave soviet socialist system, backed by military force?  Does the legislature of Tennessee approve of this?  Do the people not have a right to a voice in the matter?   Yet, it is deliberately being installed over the nation as the planners take the attitude that the people have no choice!


The nature of our police officers is to be obedient to a higher authority.  Because of that, the dialectic instruction overtakes and manipulates the judgment of younger unapprised officers in training, more so than the older officers who are aware of the reversal in methods of training it presents.  If we continue to delay any further in bringing these issues out into the open, we shall soon be met by circumstances wherein the decision to approve or disapprove this bizarre ‘new world order’ will no longer be ours to make.  We must not allow this to happen!  We must begin by retrieving control over our own state law enforcement systems.  With your help we can do that!


Because of the magnitude and the urgency of the situation, something immediate must be done.  As the representatives of the people of Tennessee, you cannot afford to set this matter aside as it has rapidly grown to dangerous proportions.  The people must retain their right to a voice in the matter; therefore, we beseech you to add meaningful assistance to the hope we have in acquiring legislative support against these subversive changes that are being made nationwide in the operation of the people’s government and their law enforcement systems.  Things have gone too far to put the matter off another day.  Why hasn’t “the consent of the governed” been given its rightful consideration?


The technique of gradualism has been developed into such a cunning art-form that ill-motives of ‘change agents’ can be concealed and denied until their victims go beyond the point whereby the decision to approve or disapprove is no longer an option for the victim.  For example, the effort to completely disarm the American citizen is a case in point.  For sure, the people of Tennessee have not approved of being made completely disarmed; nor do they approve of the elimination of their national armed forces; nor the militarization of civilian law enforcement systems linked into a unified worldwide command.  Yet, such evil goals were laid into the system, and the taxpayers had to pick up and pay the bills for these projects that were built by think tanks and political engineering companies.    


It is the intent of our Constitutional system of government that the actions of those persons, whom the people hire as public officials, be conducted openly, and that their negotiations be held open to question.  In delegating authority to public officials, the people did not give them the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for the people to know.  The people require that they be kept informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created.  James Madison clearly explained the limit of powers that were delegated to the federal government as he said “Delegated power is not surrendered power”.  Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers left instruction as to the recourse when the federal government exceeded the limit of its authority.  His advice toward a solution was to engage the aid of the state government.  Clearly, this is what we, your constituents, now seeks to acquire.


The charges presented here are backed by irrefutable evidence and documents.  The nation is peppered all across it with groups like ours that are upset about these things that are going on.  One of the “firsts” we must do is retrieve control of our own police departments.  This letter constitutes a formal request for your help to assist in the effort.  There is no question but that if we continue to do nothing on these issues, we will soon lose all control over the republican form of government our fore bearers once suffered to institute on our behalf!  Years ago when this type of thing first began, the funds were cut off by an awakened Congress under the leadership of a state governor, which stopped (temporarily) the actions of the president who was engaged in it.  A few years afterwards, it was given a rebirth and it returned, more expansive and much more covert.  Getting broad exposure, which was the solution then, will be the best solution to quickly stop this unlawful activity.


It is self-evident under the check and balance system that control of state law enforcement is a prerogative that belongs exclusively to the legislature within a state and not to the federal government.  After a massive police state has been made full blown under the Homeland Security agency, the next move will be to seize all the guns of the citizens, an additional requirement of the force “to preserve internal order”.[4]  Will our own federalized police systems be expected to go house-to-house looking for guns?  Recently, some lawmakers have even dared to label the people’s guns as being  “weapons of mass destruction”.5  In the House of Representatives, Rush Holt of New Jersey has entered a bill (H.R. 124) that calls for a nationwide registration of every handgun in America.  Of course, the objective is to pick up the names of anyone who has not yet been identified as a gun owner.  If this order is not met, a mandatory 15 year prison sentence is levied against the owner of the gun.6  Needless to say, this action is a facet of “The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.” According to the plans, only the members of the Worldwide Military Command and special segments of the Homeland Defense agency will be allowed the use of arms.


The people are becoming alarmed with what is going on!  This presentation is being sent to each individual in the legislature of Tennessee.  You are being urged to respond to this call for your support.  We will be anxiously awaiting your reply, which is requested to be sent by you individually to us.  It is within the scope of your duty.


It is only fair that the people of Tennessee be “brought in” to determine for themselves whether this is what they really want!  This Committee is able to send you any further documents that you feel you need to prove statements that have been made.


We want to keep our police “American” -- in standards, as well as -- keeping them as our own in fact!  This matter has been delayed for too long.   We find ourselves in great need of immediate relief from these circumstances.  Most respectfully on behalf of the People In Support of Keeping Our Police American, we anxiously await your reply.    






Attachments                                                     Dr. L.C. Sammons, Jr.        &      David Webb

Copies to all concerned


[1] The law enforcement systems were first federalized by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (L.E.A.A.) created under the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 at which time the federal government took control of the standard-setting process over all the nation’s law enforcement divisions.


[2] Refer to Public Law 87-297, updated by Public Law 101-216.  It states:  “The terms ‘arms control’ and ‘disarmament’ mean the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement including the necessary steps taken under such an agreement to establish an effective system of international control, or to create and strengthen international organizations for the maintenance of peace.”  Since 1961, every two years the Congress appropriates funds to keep this law progressing.  Neither P.L. 87-297 nor P.L. 101-216 has ever been rescinded.  More U.S. military base closures are scheduled for year 2005.


[3] Refer to “preserve internal order” in State Department Publication 7277, The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World, Pg. 3.

[4] Refer to “preserve internal order” in State Department Publication 7277, The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World, Pg 10, and achieve the totally disarmed nation that P.L. 87-297 requires.


5 Refer to Washington State governor who urged his state’s legislature to create six terror-related crimes that would bring guns under the legal definition of weapons of mass destruction.  Several lawmakers crafted House Bill 1210 and it included firearms as weapons of mass destruction, which was later dropped because of pressure by ‘gun rights groups’.


6 H.R. 124 (Holt) as of 3-6-03 has been referred to the House Committee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.