Now Is the Time for All Sheriffs to Stand Up and Be

Counted: Are They Americans or Fabians?


There is no excuse for loyal sheriffs to be putting off ‘blowing the whistle’ on the anti-gun Fabian socialists and others in the state legislature who wish to disarm the people.  The real reason behind disarming the people is documented in the State Department Publication 7277.  If America is allowed to fall, all loyal public officials, including sheriffs, will come under the scrutiny of Fabian socialists.


When the Soviet socialist/communists under Stalin took over Poland, an execution squad was ordered to kill off 15,400 Polish Army officers.  This is how the “strike hard” socialists went about handling their opposition.


250 Polish officers were brought in each night presumably for interrogation.  Stalin did not want them around as they could become a problem to him.  As each officer was interviewed, a few simple questions were asked of each, name, rank, etc.  Then, one by one, each officer was directed to go down the hall to another room.  Once inside and the door shut, he found that he was in a sound proof room and was facing an execution squad.  He was quickly shot in the back of the head.


Within a couple of minutes after that, another unsuspecting Polish officer opened the door and found himself in the same predicament as the one before him.  This was done night after night. They murdered 250 officers per night in this manner.  15,400 military officers in all were murdered.  Some had been taken to a ditch in the Katyn Forest and other forests, shot in the back of their head, and their bodies thrown in the ditch, one piled on top of another, and then covered up with dirt.


Eventually, loyal public officials and sheriffs will fall under such oppression.  These are socialist/communist tactics.  These are the people we are financing and allowing to grow stronger in their pursuits as they weaken our national defenses and disarm decent law-abiding people!  It is almost as if a defeat is planned for America!


It is foolish to think that when the Fabian socialists decide that the time has come to “strike hard” that they will allow loyal sheriffs to escape their net.  The decent law-abiding people will be completely disarmed by then, and there will be no help from what was once an armed citizenry. There will be no place for loyal sheriffs to hide.  Sheriffs must take a stand while there is time.  If there is to be a proper solution to this predicament, it must come before the Fabians begin the “strike hard” period* of “eliminating their opposition”.  There is no time left to waste.  Loyal sheriffs must unify and protest the disarming of their fellow citizens.


*   The motto of the Fabian socialists: “For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes, you must strike hard as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain and fruitless.”



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