Who is behind the attacks on him?


The sheriff who understands the importance to his community of preserving the right of the people to elect their sheriff will want to know more about some of the groups that have played a part in the past, who have laid the groundwork for an appointed sheriff; thus endangering the safety and security of the people.  Through the years the threat to completely eliminate the sheriff has grown so great that it is approaching national tragedy proportions.


Constitutional citizens believe that “man has a right to limit the power that man can exercise over his fellow man.”  Those who treasure liberty and justice hold in the highest regard the Constitution of the United States, which includes the Bill of Rights.  The reason for the people to revere the Constitution and the Bill of Rights so much is because the Constitution places limits upon those powers that are temporarily delegated to public officials.  Public officials are no more than people who are hired to help take care of the system. The Constitution guarantees a “republican” form of government.  A “republican” form of government is one in which the people are the highest authority; thus, a republic is formed.


In a republic, the will of the people supersedes that of the help they hire.  The will of the people is expressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The hired help is expected to assist in keeping the system operating, to manage essential public facilities, and to properly keep necessary records.


In order for the people to preserve their republic, certain safeguards were written into the Constitution which limited the powers which were delegated to the hired help.  This was done by those valiant people who fought the War for Independence so that the republic could be formed.  These safeguards, of which there were many, were called “checks and balances”.  The “checks and balances” necessary to sustain the republic, which were of great importance in the balance of the people versus the hired help, were these, in particular:


(1)   The right of the people to keep and bear arms in order to defend their Constituted authority over the hired help, because without guns, the people would have no authority;


(2)   The right to hold the hired help responsible for staying within the limits set by the Constitution, the system to which they were entrusted, by having them swear to an oath to maintain loyalty to the system of limited government and to maintain the confederation of free states;


(3)   The right to speak out freely, and to be able to criticize the hired help if the hired help began to exceed the limits or changed the principles or directives within the Constitution; or if the hired help altered or changed the rightful direction of the limited Constitutional system of government;


(4)   The right to vote out or recall unworthy hired help, and to vote in others of the people’s choosing in whom they felt would stay within the limits of the Constitution; and


(5)   The right to elect a person of their own choosing, a high sheriff, to be the Constitutional guardian in every county, endowed with executive powers in whom they could rely upon to be directly responsible to the people for his conduct, and the maintenance of their laws; to operate under oath to support and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; to protect their liberty, their authority and to keep the federal hired help from consolidating all power unto themselves.


The sheriff was a very special person, indeed!  However, there were those who were not happy with this form of limited government, and they hoped that in some way they could eventually bring about a re-uniting with the tyrannical government in Great Britain from which the people had separated scores of years past.  One plan they had to cause the re­uniting was called Union Now. They also conspired into ways by which they could seize power and institute a totally planned society.  The society they envisioned would operate with non-elected personnel, and it would cover ‘cradle to grave’ management of the people.  Over time, these “re-formers” had built up great wealth, and in the 1930’s, they decided that they had built up enough influence to quietly take over control of the government of the United States, and re-direct it into a totalitarian system by coming in on the coattails of the Constitution itself.


The Rockefellers financed socialist Charles E. Merriam.  Merriam told how a parallel government could be brought in on the coattails of the Constitution, made to exist alongside of the Constitutional system until it eventually dissolved the Constitutional system.  Using his techniques, Merriam went on to say that “Revolution is the old way.  The new way is education, persuasion, participation and co-operation.”   He also said this:


“Fortunately, our Constitution is broad enough in its terms, flexible enough in its spirit, and capable of liberal enough interpretation by the judiciary to permit the adaptation of democracy to changing conditions without serious difficulty.”  And at another time, Merriam said: “The elective process is not favorable to the choice of the leaders of the community.”


Another socialist who worked for the “re-formers”, was a professor from Columbia University named Rexford Guy Tugwell, and he became the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture.  He wrote books, and made speeches.  Tugwell is on record as having said:


“We have a century and more of development to undo.  It is, in other words, a logical impossibility to have a planned economy, and to have business operating its industries, just as it is also impossible to have one with our present Constitutional and statutory structure.  Modifications in both, so serious as to mean destruction and re-beginning, are required.”


Tugwell publicly expressed the theory that a planned economy required these three great changes:


    First: A breaking down of the existing statutes and constitutions of government;


    Second: Destroying private business; and

    Third: Destroying the sovereignty of the states.


Tugwell was quoted as having categorically remarked:


“All three of these changes are required by even a limited acceptance of the planning idea.”


The personnel who would operate the new system would be appointive, trained and selected by them.


As time passed, the “planning idea” went beyond seizing control of the United States alone.  It took control of all the countries of the world with socialists and communists from all parts of the world who had similar ideas.  Tugwell worked with members of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara, California, writing a draft of the new ‘constitution’ for America which would achieve these goals. This group even developed a draft of a Constitution for a World Government.


The people of America, having been left weary from wars, and with little information of the goals of the Fabian socialists at their disposal, the United Nations was approved as a treaty agreement even though the premises of the United Nations Organization were unconstitutional and could not qualify for treaty status.  The United Nations was to be vested with a world army gathered by the combined military might of all nations of the world.  One U.S. president signed legislation which called for the United States to no longer have an army, a navy, or an air force of its own.  It was known as Public Law 87-297.  The United Nations now requires that all the populations of the world be divested of their personal arms, including the people of the United States.  Eventually, the United Nations will enforce its policy for the elimination of all rights to personally own property.


In order to achieve the goals that Tugwell envisioned, the American presidents began using more and more executive orders, treaties, and Presidential Decision Directives to make the alterations required for internationalizing the system and to bring the totally planned society into being.


One president signed Executive Order No. 11647 which laid the whole country out in ten federal “regions” which were created to eventually replace all 50 states as Tugwell expected to happen so that the state system could be abolished.  Without states, the Constitution would become void.  With the help of the federal legislature, voluminous laws were passed that weakened the strength of the principles of the Constitution, and many boards and commissions were erected to begin the work of globalization for a new world order.


The intent and purpose of regional government is to abolish the states and install a non-elective system of government in its place.  There is an official document paid for by the State of California (called “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform”) which lists five ways in which a collapse of government can be achieved.  One president has signed an executive order (E.O. 12803) which allows for the infrastructure of a state or a local government to be sold to a private party.  This includes roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, ports, electrical supply facilities, mass transit, hospitals, schools, prisons, etc.  Where would this leave the sheriff if his county were sold off from under him to private parties?


Methods were devised to consolidate all power on the federal level.  More and more power was being moved from elected representatives into the hands of appointees.  In this way, the people of the United States would lose their authority to stop such unfaithful public officials and remove them at the polls.  The news media became controlled as newspaper chains were bought up by the socialist element.  Unbeknown and generally unreported by the mainstream press to the people, was that Public Law 87-297 required that a military government be installed to replace the republican form of government called for in the Constitution of the United States.


Special working commissions were set into place to prepare the nation for the conversion to a world government.  Redevelopment was brought in to change from a society that was once dependent upon an economy that supported military related industries, to one that no longer was military oriented in its economic structure.


One commission that was instituted was known as the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (L.E.A.A.).  The L.E.A.A. was a federal creation that laid the groundwork for military control of the new operational government.  Exchanges were made with various foreign countries to police the United States.  One such program was called: “The Soviet-American Police Exchange Program.”


The militarized system is now taking shape as the innocent sounding “Homeland Security Agency”.  The federalization of civilian law enforcement systems began as far back as 1975.  The missions of the L.E.A.A. were clandestine and it set out to change the Constitutional form of government by altering its principles of operation.


The L.E.A.A. worked in concert with another federal creation called the Advisory Commission on Inter-governmental Relations (A.C.I.R.).1  The A.C.I.R. and the L.E.A.A. worked together as a team, and effected many unwise alterations in the American structure and principles of government.


A.C.I.R.’s specialty was in drafting and promoting uniform laws; whereas, L.E.A.A.’s specialty was toward instituting massive transition programs and projects, using beguiling maneuvers. Their common purpose was to alter State operations and consolidate all power in Washington, D.C., baited by the enticement of federal funds.  Refer to the attached diagram of the Public Administration Clearing House (P.A.C.H.) to gain and expand your comprehension as to how such subversion could have progressed and received so much state co-operation. City managers and county administrators were under the influence of the P.A.C.H., which is why the people eventually lost control of their local governments.  It came about as a result of adoption of “General Plans” for cities and counties that contained federal mandates for socialist change.


Boards of Supervisors began to wear two hats:  the second hat was for the days that they sat as the “County Regional Planning Agency”.  The City Councils began to wear two hats:  one for when they participated as the “Redevelopment Agency”.   Because the federal government gave them money, most all of our public officials bit into the conversion.


The pre-conditioning through membership in P.A.C.H. organizations made state public officials willing supporters of the unlawful propositions and alterations being effected in the government system.  The governors attended Rockefeller’s Governors Conferences where they were indoctrinated.  State legislators paid their membership dues in the National Conference of State Legislatures which propositioned them.  When unlawful acts and power changes coming from A.C.I.R. were placed before them, state representatives gave out with an affirmative vote.  Mayors went to the Conference of Mayors and were persuaded to adopt improper resolutions.  Cities hired professional regional planners as consultants who directed their course in ‘updating’ their city’s ‘General Plan’.


The P.A.C.H. organizations held full sway on these public officials all because of the federal block grants that came along to induce acceptance of the regional planning techniques.  The regional planning that the Rockefeller controlled P.A.C.H. promotes is international government.  The presence of international planning can be likened to that which happens as a cancer metastasizes.  Regional planning under the name of Public Administration is being taught today in many American universities.  Look for P.A.C.H. in an Internet search for evidence.


The L.E.A.A. came into powerful authority after having been given free range, and being instituted by virtue of passage of the Gun Control Act of ‘68.2  The nation suffered even greater damage from the devious missions accomplished by the L.E.A.A. — even more than that which was achieved by any of the other directives listed in the G.C.A. ‘68.


The L.E.A.A should be equated to a construction crew, except that it did not “construct”. Instead, it “de-structed” the principles in the original and proper United States Constitutional government system.  The L.E.A.A. laid the groundwork for the militarized force “to preserve internal order” (refer to State Dept. Publication 7277).  This force to preserve internal order (the Homeland Security) is progressing rapidly today.


In its wake, the L.E.A.A. bequeathed massive power consolidations upon the federal level by the implementation of federal operational standards and goals in every State, which facilitated in establishing federal command and control methodologies over all 50 states in the operation of their police, courts, corrections, and community programs.  L.E.A.A and A.C.I.R. worked together engineering the basic methods that would allow the States to disarm the people.


Thus, the systems the people had originally created to limit the power that public officials could exercise over them, and to retain local control of the governments they had created under a republican form of government, were gradually decimated.  During their reign, both L.E.A.A. and A.C.I.R. sought to remove many safeguards the nation’s founders had erected against a return of tyrannical government.


While A.C.I.R. worked on the effort to eliminate the county sheriffs, and drafted a model law to take away the powers of the sheriff, the L.E.A.A:


(1) Began the consolidation of civilian law enforcement under a unified federal command and control system by acquiring and delivering to the federal government the standard setting process, a federal control over all the states, which the L.E.A.A. hailed as being its greatest achievement in 1974;


(2) Introduced military concepts in the State’s Standards and Goals and integrated them on a regional basis, under the Mil-standard 499 Systems, which prepared the United States for operation under international militarized command and controls;


(3) Funded the establishment of the California Specialized Training Institute (C.S.T.I.) in San Luis Obispo, California under Col. Louis Guiffreda, wherein conversion of civilian government into military operation was taught for purposes of martial law, and it was placed on standby.  Planning for ‘mass arrests’ was a part of the curriculum;


(4)   Introduced into local law enforcement semi-military S.W.A.T. teams;


(5)   Instituted Law Enforcement Exchange Program (LE.E.P.) which allowed exchanges of American police officers with police officers from foreign countries;


(6)   Broke a 200 year old tradition which forbid the merging together of the military with the civilian law enforcement under one head as it installed the “Public Safety Agency” for operation within each of the states; and


(7)   Assisted governors in implementing policies and guidelines from the federal anti-gun book3 to guide states for the eventual banning of all citizen-owned firearms, by setting guidelines for prohibiting manufacture, sale, and personal possession of firearms, stopping and searching of cars and persons within for firearms, and setting up of state agencies for surrendering citizen-owned firearms.


L.E.A.A. had charge of channeling federal grant programs, the power of which persuaded local governments to accept many power changes that were required in order to receive federal funding.  Other projects, having their devious origins in L.E.A.A. which mislead the people as to their purpose are: Neighborhood Watch; Citizen Academy; Citizen Patrol, “S.E.A.R.C.H.” (Systematic Electronic Analysis and Retrieval of Criminal Histories) which is a worldwide Satellite Data Bank that stores electronically transmitted fingerprints and photographs, and histories of people.


Before L.E.A.A. was actually disbanded in 1982, it had completed and set into motion all of the on-going subversive missions that were assigned to it.  While it was active, the L.E.A.A. was headquartered in the U.S. federal attorney-general’s office,4 and to this very day, the federal attorney-general himself is personally responsible for maintaining and advancing all of the missions that were achieved and set into motion by the L.E.A.A., which includes the plan to completely disarm American citizens.  It links together with the federal government’s “United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World”.5


The on-coming military command and control system being erected under the Homeland Security cannot cope with two separate and independently operating law enforcement systems, such as city police and the office of the county sheriff.  The planners wish to merge them into one, for the short run.  The sheriff is designed to be no higher than a regular beat police officer until he is converted, in the long run, into being a deputy under the federal marshal.  Federal marshals taking over the sheriff’s position spells the end of local control.  A marshal is not beholden to the people and the Constitution as the sheriff is, nor is he accountable to any other than the federal superior that has appointed him.


Today the State of Connecticut has no sheriffs left.  They were all converted (federalized) into marshals in the year 2000.  At this writing, citizens in the State of Delaware are fighting against an effort to turn their elective sheriff into an “appointive” position.  The effort to convert the sheriff into an “appointive” position is a first-step in a two-step action that will gradually bring about his elimination.


Some sheriffs believe that the stipulation in their State Constitution (requiring that the office of sheriff be an elective office) protects them from being abolished.  Generally, this would be true.  However, an end run has been devised by the ‘planners’ so that the safeguard requiring that the sheriff be “elective” can thus be effectively annulled.


The end run trick is for the governor to sign state legislation that provides for the “merger of the sheriff’s department with the marshal’s department”. This law is passed by legislative action, and sold on the basis that it saves millions of dollars for the communities.  No violation of the Constitutional safeguard is immediately apparent, but as the two combine, the marshal will assume authority over the sheriff who will dwindle down in authority until he is edged out completely by federal dominance.  Federal money will be directed for use of the federal government’s appointed marshal and the county sheriff will wither away.


If the sheriff has been sincere about his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and that of his particular state, he will take time to glance through the two attached charts, and realize that:


(1)     Massive militarized and socialist networks have this country in their grip;


(2)   Reorganization of his office and total quality management programs have ulterior motives; and


(3)   It is the duty of the sheriff to maintain his Constitutional office, and stand with those who are opposing the changes that are leading to federalization and the eventual elimination of sheriffs.


Sheriffs need to know that the reason for the militarization of civilian law enforcement under unified command is not only for ill-purposes within the United States, but on July 14, 1997 the United Nations issued a Press Release #SC 6397 entitled: Security Council Encourages States to Make Trained Civilian Police Available at Short Notice For United Nations Operations.  In part, it read:


“Noting the increasing role and special functions of civilian police in United Nations peace-keeping operations, the Security Council this morning encouraged States to make appropriately trained police available to the Organization at short notice, if possible through stand-by arrangements.  It also encouraged the Secretary-General to guide States, in order to promote a standardized approach to the training and recruitment of civilian police.”……“The Security Council encourages States individually and collectively to provide appropriate training of civilian police for international service.  It encourages the Secretary-General to provide assistance and guidance to Member States in order to promote a standardized approach towards the training and recruitment of civilian police.”


The United Nations addresses the nations of the world as its “states” because it considers itself the federal world government.   It is obvious that the United Nations has caused the building of a parallel government alongside of our Constitutional system!  Are not all these facts enough to alert the sheriff and to remind him of the reason he was elected?


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”6   The intent of this article has been to make known a brief summary of the events that have led up to the current day pressure to make our sheriffs appointed or eliminated.  The Constitution and the sheriff as its protectorate is an effort well worth fighting to preserve.


                        Attachments:  Footnotes and two charts: (1) P.A.C.H. and (2) Militarization




1 The Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations was a Washington. D.C. commission that wrote laws for representatives in states all over the nation and worked toward the restructuring of the American government for international management.  It was called a mail order “law factory” and from there they drafted “model” laws that would convert America into a socialist government.  Congressmen and others were found in state legislatures who were willing to take these bills -- “slip bills” -- as they were called -- and introduced them by filling in their own name as the author, getting an assigned number under which to file the bill, filling in appropriate blank spaces with State information that would complete the bill. Thus, uniformity of laws in all States was established to make consolidation of all power on the federal level much more possible. The subject matter of these mail order laws was extensive, and it included writing anti-gun laws.


2 The actual title was the: “Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968”, signed by President Lyndon Johnson. There were two amendments to this parent Gun Control law; one signed by President Richard Nixon in 1971 and another signed by Nixon in 1973. All three Acts established the fact that a commission called the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration was being empowered. This Commission was set loose over the nation to reform the power structure by taking control over every state’s system of setting “Standards & Goals”.  This Commission did much more damage to the country than that which is written on the pages of the Gun Control Act of ‘68.


3 Entitled “A National Strategy to Reduce Crime”.  It contained the directives on the 340th Page of the California Governor’s Master Set of California’s Standards and Goals.


4 This is verified on the first page of the G.C.A.’68 and its two amendments in 1971 and 1973.


5 This is known as Public Law 87-297 and is enhanced by an Amendment in 1989 known as Public Law 101-216 which also called for the “elimination of armed forces and armaments of all kinds”.  It can be located in any federal depositary library in the United States Code Books beginning under Title 22, Section 2551.


6 Sun Tzu.


“The true source of all our suffering has been our timidity. * * * Let us dare to read, think, speak and write. Let every order and degree among the people arouse. * * * Let the pulpit resound. * * * Let the bar proclaim. * * * Let every sluice of knowledge be opened and set a-flowing.”

                                                                                          . . . .John Adams, writing in the Boston Gazette 1763


“I want to make one thing clear.  This war against our Constitution is not being fought way off in Madagascar or Mandalay.  It is being fought here -- in our schools, our colleges, our churches, our women’s clubs.  It is being fought with our money, channeled through the State Department.  It is being fought 24 hours a day, while we remain asleep.”

                                                   ….Honorable Senator William E. Jermer, spoken in the United States Senate.















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