An Ad Hoc Committee

P.O. Box 1776    Hanford, California 93232

                                                                                    September 28, 2001


                                                                                    An Open Letter

The Honorable William J. (Pete) Knight

California State Senator

Palmdale, California


Dear Senator Knight:


Being aware of the value of your time, and how much we have to cover in this short visit, we thought it best to outline what has caused the need for this appointment.


This appointment was made several weeks before the tragedy struck on the east coast, but it has not changed anything that we wish to discuss.  Even though the World Trade Center and Pentagon disaster has claimed so much of our attention, it cannot diminish the urgency of this visit nor reduce the injustices that have impelled us to seek your counsel and assistance.  As a matter of fact, the east coast tragedy event tends to intensify the danger and the jeopardy facing us.


You may wish to know the problems that we initially intended to address, listed very briefly below, which certain political factions, operating within our government, have been advancing for many years:


1. To divest us of the use of our national armed forces by passing so-called “laws”, and purported treaties, and to transfer our total armed forces on a permanent basis to the United Nations Organization to build itself a world army that “no nation can challenge”, with all future authority under foreign commanders most of which are communists;  (Proof: P.L. 87-297, P.L. 101-216, State Dept. Publication 7277, Helmet Diagram, Blueprint for the Peace Race, Zonal Inspection, P.D.D. 25, White House Backs Standby U.N. Army, the World Troop Map.);


2. To prohibit all of our law-abiding citizens from owning any firearms whatsoever required under the “United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament In a Peaceful World”; (Proof: P.L. 87-297, P.L. 101-216, State Dept. Publication 7277, U.N. General and Complete Disarmament Resolutions, Blueprint for the Peace Race, Zonal Inspection, P.D.D. 25, “United Nations is Taking Control of U.S. Guns Under Global Gun Plan”, Data Source Report: Annexes to State Dept. Publ. 7277.);


3. To surrender control of U.S. civilian police under U.N. command so the U.N. may operate its desired “rapid response mechanism”, and conduct exchanges of our American police with police from communist countries;  (Proof: Militarization of Civilian Law Enforcement Under Unified Command with Security Council Press Release, Soviet American Police Exchange Program.);


4. To collapse the American system of government: a deliberate plan to begin the disintegration of our Constitutional government; (Proof: “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform” and the “El Dorado County Resolution opposing the Governor’s Plan to Collapse our Government”, bankruptcy of the public utilities supplying gas and electricity, stock market drops and the high unemployment rolls, imbalance of trade, closures of our steel industry, increasing inflation and national debt growth, and now engineered foreign disruption of the airlines and other modes of travel, plus failure to provide proper foreign policy to insure against foreign attacks, etc.);


5. To abolish our states and counties; (Proof: 10 federal regions and sub-regions called multi-jurisdictional agencies, and other sub-state regional arrangements, Lake Tahoe prototype for elimination of borders, International “Agencies” replacing elected representation - “And Not a Shot is Fired” a report by John Howland Snow, Inter-state compacts that would eliminate the states entirely, “Do we need the States?”, “Is it time to abolish the states?”, Twilight of the States, and “Brown seeks to abolish local governments”.);


6. To build a ‘new world order’ and national borders are eliminated; (Proof: “The Disunited United States”, the Gomberg Map produced before Pearl Harbor in October 1941, George Bush at the Podium calling for a “new world order”, World Troop Map.);


7. To put us under a “new social and economic order” so that we are dependent upon communist countries for our daily essentials; (Proof: Treaty No. 97-19 an international “constitution” signed by President Reagan which establishes a world economic and social order, NAFTA, GATT, CARA, etc.);


8. To turn our land, parks, rivers, wetlands and other farmer’s land, forests, and national monuments under permanent custody of the U.N.; (Proof: World Heritage Protection of U.S. natural resources and historical landmarks, U.N. Land policy, etc.); and,


9. To build the United Nations “internal security force”;  (Proof: State Dept. Document 7277, Courts-Martial Manual already prepared for operation of the U.S. under a military government, Garden Plot and other plans for the elimination of dissenters, Civil Emergency Management Course (Manual) which has been used to teach on how to take over civilian government and turn it into military government.).


Senator Knight, please notice that these are all things that have already happened!  We are not predicting -- these things are already in effect in various degrees!   We don’t have to prove “intent”.  Intent has already been expressed by the government’s own endorsement .  All we need to do is prove capability.  And that, too, is easy!   They have the capability to bring all these evil things into conformity!  The future of the republic of the United States of America lies ahead:  that of a transformed militarized internationalized government!  The “ingredients” are there for it, but that is not what we want!


Left-wing think-tanks and law-writing factories have set into motion massive programs and laws that are already gradually disintegrating the energy and integrity of the American fabric of government.  At the same time, they have dumbed down many Americans in an attempt to paralyze their resistance and awareness of what is happening to them.  The evidence of this is irrefutable!  


Senator, scores of years ago, we lost out on the use of the vote!  Whenever we elected public officials to represent us, we sent them off under oath and issued them a copy of the Constitution as their guide and rule book, yet we now witness them violating their oath and disregarding the limits of power we have delegated.  Meanwhile, none of these violators, neither federal or state, are being held accountable for any of their aberrations or their many, many, continual seditious acts! 


At the polls we have been asked so many times to choose from the lesser of two evils: elections are between “twiddle-dee” and “tweedle-dumb”.  The oath was meant to keep those kinds of people out of office. 


So many times, Senator, our good legislators have proven to us that they cannot get the voting support necessary to stop passage of these rebellious and ‘mutinous’ laws that are being forced upon us, let alone roll back those laws that are straining the patience of the people.   This shows us that you, too,  have lost out in the voting process!  Even your vote has been debased by the stacking of the statehouse seats with people who are socialists and who do not intend to adhere to the oath of office.  The oath is a contract -- no less!   Since this is the case, why has the legislature passed all these anti-Second Amendment gun bills (even signed by the governor) that violate the oath, and continue to chip away at our right to arms?  This is ruining us!


You cannot demonize guns and disable the people without destroying the very mechanisms that defend the state! 


Our nation’s legislatures are so stacked with Rhodes Scholars, Progressive Caucus members, socialists, and avowed communitarians that good legislators don’t have a chance to stop them if they depend solely upon the voting process!  Another avenue of defense has to be sought.


Those who vote against Constitutional law should be forced to step down.  They have broken their oath!  The oath is a sacred contract!  They have broken their sacred contract!  They are disqualified to hold an office!  The founding fathers left us two main things to guard our liberty:  The Second Amendment and the Oath of Office!


Such legislators are just not worth their salaries!  We, Californians have not been getting what we paid for!  They must be told to step down, and make room for someone who can keep to the oath.  (Proof: Major Owens has carried a bill to repeal  the Second Amendment!  The U.N. is grabbing our land, rivers, our guns, destroying our system, and taking control of the minds of our children under UNESCO. The Panama Canal has fallen into the hands of the Communist Chinese! The Open Skies Treaty allows enemies of our country to fly over our cities.  The Chinese and Russian Communists now hold ‘most favored nation status’ and our taxes are used to financially beef them up!  NAFTA is destroying our economy. P.L. 87-297, P.L. 101-216, State Dept. Publication 7277, Helmet Diagram, Blueprint for the Peace Race, Zonal Inspection, P.D.D. 25 are destroying our national defense. Refer to: White House Backs Standby U.N. Army, and the World Troop Map.)


On September 11, 2001 we were seriously attacked!  Our federal and state public officials have destroyed our ability to protect our homes, our families, our property, our state, and our Bill of Rights!   These are all matters that the State must address.  On the one hand, we are told to act normal and to “go about our daily lives as usual”  “get on airplanes”  “don’t worry -- show them that Americans are not afraid.”  On the other hand, we are told that the Arabs may use chemical or biological warfare on us, that they could burst the dams, or blow up the bridges (includes California); yet, our borders are still loose, left open to any terrorist who may enter our country! 


Meanwhile, our best fighters depart our land for foreign shores, and the California State legislators try to pass bills, like A.B. 566 (Koretz) to establish a multi-million “assault weapons” turn-in program (a gun surrender agency).  It also mounts an advertising campaign that would attempt to discourage the public from owning any firearms -- not just (so-called) “assault weapons”!  


We checked with the Immigration Service on September 25, 2001 and were told that our national borders are still not closed, 14 days after the September 11, 2001 attack!  The INS said, “Yes, the borders have been tightened up, but they can still come over.”  Arabs, Chinese, etc. are on our northern border, and the southern border is loaded with terrorist training camps.  Someone has to answer for this!  Why is it that terrorists have been allowed for so long to enter our open borders?  Why is it that under the Domestic Terrorism Act, the people who are most loyal to the country and who wish to exercise their responsibility as members of the militia to defend the security of the state are being classed as “terrorists”?  (Proof: Sheriff Painter warned of terrorist camps years ago that were getting ready to strike.)


New terrorism laws are focusing on destruction of the people who constitute what was formerly known as the “enrolled” militia: the whole people, the citizen soldiers.  (Refer to: California State Militia Act of 1862 relating to the enrolled militia of the whole people.  “Say!! Just WHO are the real anti-government extremists?”  How the Dictionaries Used to Define the Militia, Instruction page from an enrolled militia roll book kept by the Assessor: The Missing Link.)


If we had kept up the enrolled militia of the whole people, as an integral part of local government, we could have activated all of our defenses and secured this nation within 24 hours or less after an attack such as we sustained under the Arabs.


Everything in this state and nation could have been locked down, military installations secured, key buildings, bridges, dams guarded, our skies patrolled, block wardens established, and our borders made impenetrable.  Possibly even in 5 hours, the nation’s tight defense could have been put into action, state after state, in full readiness.  At the onset of an alarm, the governor would have alerted both the organized militia (State Guard) and the enrolled militia of the whole people (the citizen-soldiers).  The Adjutant-general and the Brigadier-general of the enrolled militia could have notified all of the ranks below them within their jurisdiction.  This constitutes a great defense force. 


You see, Senator, we who are citizen soldiers, already have a proper homeland defense system, but we are not allowed to use it!   As it is, we have been putting a strain on the civilian law enforcement systems for things that the citizens can do, and should be doing!  We have already been told that the police are not obligated to protect us!  We must be part of the state’s defense.


Senator Knight, was there ever a more urgent time than now to re-instate the enrolled militia system?  Or would government have it, that in times like these, our people should huddle in fear, inexperienced, untrained, and totally disarmed -- by our own paid representatives?


Now more of our fighting men are being shipped overseas and we are being left inadequately defended, wide open for more attacks.  Defense Secretary Rumsfeld wants to have another big round of base closings “to save money”!  Is this the way to run a republic -- not to even mention a key border state like California?  Rumsfeld needs to check into why  this country’s policies have made us so hated that we must now be brutally attacked. 


The weak condition we are in today against foreign attacks proves that we are to blame for not maintaining the Constitutional enrolled militia of the whole people.  In the face of current events, it is laughable to think such bills as A.B. 566 (Koretz), and others like it, are sitting, and being considered for passage, in our California State Legislature -- but it hurts too much to laugh!  Once a country becomes weakened, its enemies seize upon the opportunity to gang up, unite their strength, and overtake it.  Our weakness has invited these troubles! 


Those of us who have spent lots of years watching these strange laws being passed, can now easily see that the “Homeland Defense” (the cabinet position now assigned to Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania) structures in all actuality, the internal security force (the one sufficient enough to preserve order) as required by the general and complete disarmament law.  (Refer: State Dept. Publication No. 7277 -- bottom of Page 3.).


It seems most likely that what they are going about now is bringing everything into accord, concentrating everything under one cabinet officer, the whole computerized intelligence network, all the way from the F.B.I. and the federal attorney-general down to the local police -- all under one czar!  In other words, Senator, this emergency is being used to develop internal controls for the “new world order” system.  On the federal level, one senator has already spoken of enacting the ‘smart card’ for identification.  Under the “Homeland Defense” spontaneous militias that have formed to secure the state will be classified as ‘terrorists’!  Senator, can we allow this to happen? 


The Arab attack has created an excuse for a top-to-bottom military government to replace our republic under the New World Order.  (Proof: State Dept. Publication 7277 entitled “The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World” Page 3, Helmet Diagram, Blueprint for the Peace Race Page 2 Sec. B.)


Despite how much we, as the awakened people in the private sector know of these rebellious acts, and despite how much experience we have had in peacefully expressing our opposition, we alone are not able to stop these anti-gun laws and treaties that are destroying our republic because the general public does not want to believe that our government would participate in such dreadful plans, acts, laws, programs, and ill-conceived treaties as we have covered so far here in this letter. 


In other words, the vast majority of the people want to believe that we have no basis for the apprehension we express, solely because no newspaper, radio or other media reports on these unlawful acts; so the public assumes that what we say, can’t be true!  There are no significant amount of state or federal public officials expressing objections. 


Because of this, when we, in the public sector, try to tell others what is happening within the government, we get nowhere and are stymied.  The people take no action to protect their interests and liberties.  Because of news censorship, we lack necessary credibility!  We cannot get anywhere without your help!


If the same things we are exposing were being told to the people by a significant number of public officials in a group, we would darn soon establish credibility!  We can not get public media co-operation to report what is happening, but public officials would get media attention, especially if they get a large enough group together and “make the news”.


There is only one way out of this predicament.  The key to saving the State of California is first to achieve credibility, but to acquire credibility, we must get help from our good government officials, just like you, Senator Knight.  This lack has us boondoggled!

Word of concentration camps being assembled may be laughed at, but it does deserve consideration.  History documents beguiling situations like ours happening before!  When revolutions occur and meet their necessary criteria, and ‘takeovers’ happen, assassinations of those opposed to it, do occur.  Whole families are picked up and killed.  It has happened in Germany, Cuba, Cambodia, China, Russia, etc. 


We can expect that all who are loyal to our rightful government and their families will be killed.   We have a short time frame in which to prevent this from happening here as the New World Order takes full charge.   We will come to detest the time we had wasted in which some method could have been worked out to stop this on-coming purge.  As “dissenters” we will be listed as “terrorists”.   Silence is not golden in these times.  There will be no chance that the New World Order will allow us to turn to conservative legislators to be our heroes!  Those would-be conservative legislators will be the first ones called up for eradication.  Possibly their whole families will be called up.  It has to be considered and such plans must be annulled well in advance.  


There has to be a whistle blown.  What is passing for “law” is not “law”!  There has to be a moratorium placed on all gun bills and the people must be allowed to have the best of defensive weapons.  The enrolled militia must be reinstated.  The Second Amendment must be enforced.


There are two good pieces of legislation waiting to be passed that does these things, and we submit both to you today for recognition. One is called the Hanford Pro-gun Legislation and the other is legislation to restore the enrolled militia system.  While Senator Don Rogers was in office, he carried the Hanford Pro-gun Legislation for at least 6 years but he could not get it passed out of the first Committee (Judiciary) because Senator Roberti and Senator Lockyer kept it locked up.  It was a violation of their oath of office not to defend the Second Amendment. 


We would like to have you re-introduce it with as many co-authors as possible.  This legislation invokes the power of the Second Amendment, delivers a clarification of the Second Amendment, rises above the power of the courts to (mis) “interpret” what is already clear-cut existing law, and enforces it in the State of California. 


At one time the Constitution of the State of California held a principle that the organized militia (the state guard) could not serve under any flag except that of the United States or the State of California.  The proposed militia legislation would also restore that principle in our California State Constitution.


Neither of these two pieces of proposed legislation bring in new law!  Both only tell what laws already exist but have been denied and ignored by the majority of those public officials now in office. 


We need a group of good senators and assemblymen to gather together and talk loud enough and hard enough to get the media to broadcast this new movement so that the other states will hear and have their courageous legislators follow our lead. Victory is no longer possible by sitting and voting against bad bills.   Unless we get help from our elected officials, this republic is a thing of the past!  Much sorrow is ahead and many millions of American people will be killed. 


Senator Knight, we chose you as the first person actively holding a position in government to plead to -- for the kind of help we require.  Please take time to go over this letter again and review the attachments.  We will expect you to talk this over with those active representatives you trust in our statehouse.


Senator Knight, we know that you have an outstanding record of 32 years of outstanding flying for the U. S. Air Force, and you are listed in the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio.  Today, we beg of you to take action once again to help your country in its time of greatest need.



                                             Most respectfully,


                                             IN DEFENSE OF THE STATE




                                             Bernadine Smith on behalf of all joiners