By Jim R. Schwiesow

November 9, 2006


“The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican 'wetbacks' to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government.” --Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953 *


Mr. Eisenhower was stating that, which most Americans overlook when they consider illegal immigration. Americans are, by nature, a compassionate lot. They have demonstrated that fact time and time again by their outpouring of generosity to the victims of natural disasters in the poorer countries throughout the world. The political phonies who populate the congress, and that chief political phony, George W. Bush, have exploited this propensity to a sympathetic nature, and played American citizens like a fiddle when it comes to proposals to stop illegal immigration.


Former President Eisenhower very adroitly compartmentalized the real reason for the wink, wink approach to illegal immigration by the politicians, the corporate bigwigs, the industrial and agricultural complex, and business groups, such as the National Chamber of Commerce. And that reason is simply greed, a greed unrecognized by normally adjusted people who are not possessed of money-grubbing psyches.


Of course being politicians and exploiters the members of the aforementioned groups are blessed with a guile and deceitfulness, which enables them to lie with sincerity and to deviate from the truth with the convincing adeptness of a sociopath. Their lies are cloaked with elaborate rhetoric and decorative language. They talk of Ellis Island and of the taking in the tired and the hungry of the world until it makes even the stronger of stomach retch. When they have reached the limit with this compassionate verbalize, they transition, with slick oiliness, into a series of well-worn perversions of the truth. Foremost among these prevarications is the silly pronouncement that illegals are a boon to the economy, and that their removal from the country would cause great economic hardship.


The only hardship that these reprobates are concerned with is that, which would accrue to their material well-being should illegal immigrants be removed from the scene. The corporate and business kingpins would have to allocate some of their inordinate and obscene earnings for decent wages and benefits for legitimate American workers, and the politicians would be deprived of the money from these same corporate and business kingpins, which enables them to sustain a lifetime tenure in congress where they can partake of the perks and favors bestowed upon them by the grateful special interest groups who purchase their votes. As to their silly delusive contention that to remove the illegals from the economy would cause economic hardship for American citizens, consider the following:



In view of these statistics it is most evident that the removal of illegal immigrants from the nation would enhance the opportunity for employment for millions more Americans, and it would relieve American taxpayers of the tremendous burden, with which they are encumbered, of having to support twenty million leaches of no economic value. The only losers in sight are the “for sale” politicians, the money-grubbing vultures that get rich off of cheap labor, and the Mexican government.


Don’t tell me that it is impossible to deport illegal aliens, President Eisenhower proved otherwise when in 1954 he initiated a program known as “Operation Wetback”. In less than a year 80,000 illegal immigrants were deported and an additional 500,000 fled the country and returned to Mexico in order to escape apprehension and forced deportation.


It can be done all right, and it is high time that we get to it.


• Readers may use this link for the full story regarding President Eisenhower’s Comments in re: Illegal Immigrants.




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