By Jim R. Schwiesow

October 16, 2006

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." --James Madison


Lately, I have been rather critical of sheriffs, especially of their predilection for pursuing the politically correct path as opposed to functioning, as they were meant to function, on behalf of the people as the chief executive officer of the county. Sheriffs have - in all too many cases - sold out their authority to the feds for money. It is indeed ironic that the federal government has used the taxes that they have coerced and extorted from hapless citizens to buy control of local governments and the agencies thereof. A good example of your taxes at work. But - in fairness - I have to concede that more often than not sheriffs were driven to their quest for federal dollars by the fact that the county boards, which absolutely controlled their funding, refused to provide adequate financial resources for their offices.


As I traveled and observed the plight of rural, and not so rural, sheriff’s offices I was appalled at the meager circumstances under which too many were forced function. The state of their facilities, their equipment, and their pay was abysmal and egregious. The stories relayed to me by hard-working sheriffs in regard to the niggardliness of their boards begged credulity, and I could empathize.  Even though my circumstances were not as dire as many of these sheriffs, for many years I would have to, annually, beg, plead, and grovel for sufficient funds to run my office.  Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself to finally be availed of badly needed additional funding for their offices, sheriffs, and I am ashamed to have to admit that I was among that number, grabbed at the chance to improve their circumstances. But, what have we wrought with these sell outs to the forces of an increasingly despotically minded government? Consider the following:


When the soviet communists under Stalin occupied Poland an execution squad was ordered to eliminate, by death, 15,400 Polish Army Officers. Here is how that death squad handled the task to which it had been assigned. As you read the particulars, envision how a politically controlled military of the United States might respond to a similar assignment - by a militant socialist government - to deal conclusively with agents for freedom, liberty and a free society.


250 of the total of 15,400 Polish officers were brought in each night ostensibly for interrogation.  If allowed to live these officers would have, almost certainly, presented a problem to Stalin’s communist regime.  Each officer was preliminarily interviewed by being asked a few simple innocuous questions such as name, rank, serial number, etc.

Then, one by one, each officer was directed to another room for further interrogation.  

Once inside the door these officers found themselves in a sound proof room, where they were quickly dispatched with a pistol shot to the back of the head.  With cold efficiency the death squad eliminated one unsuspecting Polish officer after another with a measured methodically administered bullet to the brain.  This was done night after night until all 15,400 military officers had been slain.  Their bodies were discarded like trash in trenches where they were piled one upon another and covered with dirt.  All that remained was the blood, and the mud.[1]


If we are so foolish as to think that this could not happen here, we had better reconsider these foolish thoughts. The new world order is taking shape before our eyes. President George W. Bush, using as cover his professed Christianity, is rapidly laying the groundwork for a socialist society, which could – and most probably would - have the potential to be every bit as oppressive and deadly as the communist regimes of Stalin and Khrushchev, or the national socialist order of Adolph Hitler. Mr. Bush is, with good reason, suspected of harboring a sarcastic disdain for the constitution, and it is plainly evident that he has been hard at work to bring about a North American national socialistic order, which he envisions will be an integral part of a new world order. There are just too many signs - in regard to his intentions - for one to believe otherwise.


When the constitution has been effectively nullified and dismantled by an authoritarian government; when tyranny reigns and freedom has been trampled to death under the boots of despots parading as patriots, and when the ranks of our military are filled with those who have been conditioned and deprived, by the public schools, of any concept of a government by and for the people, the stage will have been set for the institution of a socialist order possessed of a deadly determination to permanently suppress any vestige of liberty and freedom, and the power and the will to carry out that determination.


If anyone, sheriffs included, believes that in such ruthless times they will be spared the same fate as those Polish officers spoken of previously, they are not only being naive, they are foolhardy. If - or when - these times come to pass the citizenry will already have been disarmed. There will be no civilian posses or militia to call upon; there will be no help whatever. Posse Comitatus will just be a useless dream of what once was.


Authorities will submit to the power of the state or they will perish, it is as simple as that. The sheriff, or any other official, who stands and protests will be dispatched with no more compassion than is granted to a rabid dog. Whether it is by a shot to the head or a piano wire around the neck, makes no difference except as to the quickness of death. Socialists of whatever stripe are just snakes of differing colors. The venom is the same, deadly and certain.


Wake up sheriffs. Wake up America. It can happen here.


1, From information contained in an article published by the Second Amendment Committee, P.O. Box 1776, Hanford, Ca. 93232, 559-584-5209


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