Read these facts to save your guns!


In the 1970’s when the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (L.E.A.A., a federal revamping steamroller) swept through the nation, they were required to have “citizen participation” for what they were about to achieve. The ‘milestones’ that were assigned to them to achieve were to create (serious) alterations in the power structure of the states, and as a result the L.E.A.A. did massive damage to the state system.


In California the L.E.A.A. invasion was called “Project: Safer California”. Supposedly, it was to reduce crime in California, but it actually reduced the power of the people over their state government and the republican form of government. L.E.A.A. acquired control of the state’s law enforcement systems, (police, courts, corrections, etc.) for the federal government and prepared the nation for a military system of government.’ It also secretly acquired control over the handguns possessed by the citizens which was not known to the general population -- and not realized by the 17 Citizen Advisory Committees that were attached to “Project: Safer California”.


Every state was involved with the L.E.A.A., although California was chosen to be the pilot state. Ronald Reagan was chosen to be the pilot governor.


The members of the 17 Citizen Advisory Committees in California were selected to be the voice of the people of California. These groups numbered about 467 people and they supposedly represented the voice of 26-28 million people in California. Unfortunately, those millions of California people did not know what was taking place or what was happening in their name.


The 17 Citizen Advisory Committees were stacked. Not only were these members unrepresentative of the 26-28 million people in California, they were also subjected to the “consensus” trick under the Delphi Technique, a management system, that admittedly was used in controlling the decision making process of the Committees.


It is an established fact that none of the 17 Citizen Advisory Committees undertook a study of the gun issue during their tenure; however, a fraudulent act (a deceptive maneuver) was deliberately created ‘behind the back’ of all these Committees and all of the uninformed 26-28 million Californians who would later suffer from the damage.


This is how it worked: At the onset, for all of the new “Standards and Goals” to be entered as final recommendations, submitted to the governor, who was to approve them as necessary to the future operation of the state, there was also expected to be “citizen participation” and “citizen approval” of the changes being made in the operation of the state’s law enforcement system (police, courts, corrections, etc.). That’s what the 17 Citizen Advisory Committees were there for: to provide selection and guidance, public approval, and ‘consent of the governed’. It really did not happen in the subject of handguns.


The final work of these Committees was summarized and placed into what was called the “Governor’s Master Set of Standards and Goals”.  The “Governor’s Master Set of Standards and Goals” was to become the law for California despite all of the ill-advised federalization and militarization of which these Committees did approve.2


While it is true that the 17 Citizen Advisory Committees did much apparent damage to the operation of our free state, there was something very serious that the 17 Citizen Advisory Committees did NOT do! They did NOT study, summarize or approve the prohibition on the manufacture, sale, or possession of handguns! They never touched the handgun subject! They were disbanded without ever having any such discussion or subject matter before them.


One Committee member who said she had “never missed a Sub-committee meeting or a meeting of the full Committee, personally told me that the gun subject was never brought up.” When the full Committee met, all the sub-committee decisions were amalgamated.  She said her Committee would have been the Committee that would have been assigned such a subject, but they never engaged at any time in the subject of handguns!  The important thing, now to be aware of, was that there was NO “citizen participation” and NO “citizen approval” whatsoever in the area of handguns.


The 17 Committees never studied, never recommended, never consented to a prohibition on the possession of privately owned handguns; nor to ceasing the manufacture and sale of handguns within the state; nor to stopping cars and searching them and the occupants of the car for handguns; nor setting up a surrender agency for turning in citizens’ handguns.  All of these commands were later to be found on the 340th page of the Governor’s Master Set that was secretly inserted in the Committee’s finalized work without their knowledge.


The governor was going to enact these disastrous encroachments of the Second Amendment into law.  He was supposed to approve the prohibition of all handguns owned by citizens in the State of California since he was programmed to proclaim the “Master Set” as operational law in California. The proclamation was set for New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1974 (when no one would be watching). Fortunately, the plan was exposed by citizens who found out what was in the governor’s Master Set!


How did the citizens learn of the presence of Page 340 in the Master Set? A brave Californian went into the L.E.A.A. office and argued forcefully enough to obtain revealing records and pertinent L.E.A.A. documents.  Fortunately, he obtained a copy of the Governor’s Master Set of Standards and Goals.  It was because of the courage of this brave man that the 340th page was found added in to the official Master Set of Standards and Goals, which he then tried to expose.3  The insertion of the 340th page (falsely) gave the authority to the state to deprive California citizens of all of their handguns.


The important thing to realize is that there was NO CITIZEN PARTICIPATION to approve the contents of Page 340, nor its insertion!    Court judges throw out projects that have no citizen participation when it is required!  Citizen participation was required for anything that was a part of the Standards and Goals of “Project: Safer California”!


Where was the CITIZEN PARTICIPATION to allow entry of Page 340 into the Governor’s Master Set of Standards and Goals?  There was none!  Page 340 was sneaked in!  It was not a part of the work that was approved by the 17 Citizen Advisory Committees. Page 340 was entered into the Master Set after the 17 Committees had been disbanded.  The 17 Committees had never seen or approved of the unlawful plans contained on Page 340!  There is no doubt about it: Inclusion of Page 340 in the final work of the 17 Citizen Advisory Committees was a fraudulent and criminal act!  I wrote the article entitled: “The Blocking of a Charlatan” after a meeting with Governor Reagan that was arranged for me. The purpose of that meeting was to stop acceptance of Page 340.


Reagan was on his last three weeks as California’s governor at the time this all happened.  Although he was stopped, his successor was not.  When Jerry Brown took over the office of governor in California, he absolutely refused to give me an appointment so that I could make sure that he was not going to carry Page 340 as operational for the State of California.


Proof that Page 340 was not dropped is found in the continuance of the gun bills.  The most stringent gun law in the nation followed thereafter, and it was called the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Act.  The governor who signed this act into “law”, George Deukmejian, was the same person who so anxiously, as a senator at the onset, introduced this federal project to the state and coordinated with the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.4


Notice the clippings taken from the newspapers, etc., that follow the article “The Blocking of a Charlatan”.  They give evidence that Page 340 is still the authority for all the anti-gun laws being written by the state legislature, and the state’s assumed position that it can take pre-eminence over the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.  It is worth knowing that California’s current governor, Gray Davis, was the Chief-of-Staff under Jerry Brown. The Chief-of-Staff knows everything the governor is involved in.  He would have been allowed to know about Page 340.  It is no surprise, when in these times, Gray Davis is quoted in newspapers making remarks that tie in with a connection to Page 340.  This fraud, as it is apparent, was carried through a number of state government executives.


At the time of the confrontation with Governor Reagan over the damage done by L.E.A.A., including Page 340,5 I was not aware of the defense we had available to us.  It was not until many years after, while engaged in another battle, that I was to learn of the critical importance and defense we had due to a lack of “citizen participation” and the full spectrum of authority held by a “citizen advisory committee”.


There is no statutory limit on fraud!  Exposure of how Page 340 gained authority in California should be told.  Now, more than ever, it is necessary to show that Page 340 was a crime committed against the people and relate how it came to be!  Exposure and successful action against this fraudulent act could roll back all the related gun laws and infringements of the Second Amendment that have occurred in the State of California since 1968.  Perhaps, it is time for a court case to be undertaken by organizations that have the funds to finance such a case.


On September 23, 2003 while Gerald Upholt was a guest on a radio program, I made a verbal appeal to him to partake of the action in opening up this issue.  He is the Legislative Chairman of the California Rifle and Pistol Association (C.R.P.A.).  The C.R.P.A. is an affiliate of the National Rifle Association.  The question before us now is “Will C.R.P.A. go the last mile to defend the rights of the gun owners of California?”


Submitted by,

                                                 Bernadine Smith


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1 The California Specialized Training Institute under Louis Guiffreda was started with L.E.A.A. funding grants.  The course it offered was designed to teach on how to take over civilian government and put it under military government.  The standards and goals, which were instituted for the transition of the state, were conceived from military standards and goals.  The states have been revamped so that they are now in accord with military concepts on a regional basis.


2 In order for the Disarmament Law to prevail, the states are expected to cooperate in completely disarming the citizens therein.  The Disarmament Law is known as Public Law 87-297, and its policies are publicized in State Department Publication 7277 entitled “The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World”.


3 Because of his efforts to expose what he had discovered in the Master Set, the police in his area arrested the brave Californian and tried to bring him into disrepute.  When he brought this discovery to me, he told me how he had been discredited.  He asked me if I would ‘carry the ball’ since his reputation had been ruined, and his chances to be believed were gone.  I looked over the solid evidence of the voluminous L.E.A.A. documents, and the Governor’s Master Set with Page 340 in it!  I agreed to take up the battle.


In the course of this, I spoke to a group called the United Republicans Of California, and the Women for Constitutional Government, giving all the details.  A lady in the San Diego area set up an appointment for me with Governor Ronald Reagan.  She was seeking to dis-prove my statements that Reagan’s office was going after our handguns.  On the day of the appointment, in order to cover up the shady dealings and fraudulent insertion of Page 340, Reagan_kept_denying that the gun issue was included in with the Standards and Goals.  We had Reagan’s Master Set, his Flow Process Diagram, and his related reference to “A National Strategy to Reduce Crime”.  Reagan bluffed all along.  State Senator Bill Richardson and Senator John Stull also denied that the gun issue was included as a part of what they were doing in “Project: Safer California”. All the people in the 12 person delegation that accompanied me believed that Reagan was caught ‘red-handed’, and that he was lying, except one person:  the lady, who at the onset, got John Stull to set up an appointment for a “Mrs. Smith”.  Reagan tried in vain to cancel out the appointment when he learned that the “Mrs. Smith” was the same Mrs. Smith who had exposed him in a report called “The Overthrow of the United States Constitution A Report on Regional Government.  I forced him to keep the appointment.  The details of this appointment are in the article that follows entitled “The Blocking of a Charlatan”.


4 The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration was instituted by the passage of the “Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968” also known as the “Gun Control Act of 1968”.


5 Even though Page 340, under the subtitle “Prohibiting the Private Possession of Handguns”, lists the final enactment of the date to prohibit the private possession of handguns in California as January 1, 1983, it is apparent, that those who were responsible in the first place for fraudulently entering Page 340 in the Master Set of Standards and Goals, have also moved the final date upward for prohibition of all privately owned handguns in the State of California.  Among other things the quality of resistance in the public sector necessitated an extension of the date.