June 12, 2005




Dear N. S. (and anyone else interested):


You have asked me what we can do.  Let me give you a picture on what we are now up against.


The CFR and the global legmen in office are moving fast.  If Bush calls for martial law, we may be done for!  They could (unlawfully, of course) put the Constitution and the Bill of Rights out of existence.  I suspect it will be permanent if they do call for martial law.  It fits their Agenda.  Bush instituted the Homeland Security Agency the structuring of which is never done in a republic, if it is to remain a republic!  It fits the need of a dictatorship.  That’s what we have had secretly, anyway. 


I believe Bush is moving to un-do the federal system.  As you know the federal government for decades spent time consolidating all power belonging to the states under the control of the federal management system.  So elimination of the states could be a simple matter especially now that the regions are there on standby to replace them.   Bush’s task, as I see it, is to put the final touches on the “transformation” as he calls it.  He also refers to it as the “transition”.  Have you ever noticed how much those words are used by Bush, Cheney, etc.?  Bush says they are “transforming countries”, “transforming the military”  etc. etc.  Now our hemisphere is getting transformed!  Unfortunately, they are transforming the minds of our young in our schools also.


If Bush calls for martial law, it will be tough going.  Remember Geoff Metcalf had a remark out like:  “Clinton told the big wheels that he had everything ready if they wanted him to manage the takeover.  The reply to him was not to do anything.  If he tried, they would have him killed.  Further, it was reported that they wanted Bush to be in office when the takeover happened. 


Everything was not ready like Clinton thought.  Clinton did get P.D.D.25 passed which no one has fully seen as yet, but it is suspected as being the authorization for the United Nations to have official and complete control of all United States Armed Forces on a permanent basis (the spine of the world army, you know).   Nor did Clinton have the yet-to-be Homeland Security Agency erected, nor the replacement for our military (with an “army” of “social” workers) passed into law.  Besides Patriot Act No. 2 was still waiting in the wings along with the war in Iraq which was supposed to be done and won “in two weeks” as Bush and Rumsfeld first declared on TV. 


Now the bold admission that they will merge and homogenize Canada and Mexico and the USA into one is out in the open.   Not a good mix at all!  We will lose our republic, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our great Declaration of Independence and the principles of government it stood for, and all the safeguards and benefits that the sires of the American Revolution brought to us.  As you know the Homeland Security Agency merged the military with the civilian law enforcement systems (never done in a republic if it is to remain a republic!).  Now every policeman all over this nation, in every state, no matter how small the police department,  is ‘on line’ being taught “unified command” by the Homeland Security.   What will happen next, you have asked me. 


I suspect that next Bush will urge passage of two pieces of legislation:  (#1) Dennis Kucinich’s legislation called the “Department of Peace” which, as Mary Davison explained, sets up a method by which the Secretary of State (now Condoleeza Rice) can shut down and sign “off the books” all the operations of the Constitutional System, and the Bill of Rights, including the existence of the states themselves.  The regional international system has been a parallel government for all these years, waiting for the take over -- to put it into full force.  (#2) Rush Holt’s bill HR 124 which mandates that everyone who owns a firearm that has not been registered with the government must be imprisoned for no less than 15 years as a punishment, the sentence of which can not be amended.  Foreign troops would then get sent in to check our homes for any unregistered guns. 


Keep in mind that the Constitutional Convention is not a dead issue.  Some states still have the resolutions for a federated world government that Alan Cranston once squired.  He had 26 states signed up with resolutions to change this nation under a world government.  Open resolutions of this type don’t die unless they have a rescinding action enacted.  Two states of the 26 that did so that I know of are Alabama and California; however, I do not know if a revival resolution was put in after the rescinding actions were made in either state.  On this subject, we need every state to enact a prohibition on a world government (a “new world order”, or by whatever name it goes under) and periodically repeat prohibition of same. 


Also remember that the Houlihan Plan with its 5 methods of destroying our government is still playing its part in destroying America.  That plan was devised by use of these stated methods to force us to go into the regional international system:


“(a) collapse of government’s ability to provide needed services,

 (b) catastrophes that have a physical effect on the community, 

 (c) crisis of major magnitude,

 (d) corruption of officials, and

 (e) the high cost of government and the desire for a higher level of services. 


You can figure out in the news how events play into that.  This plan was prepared by Ronald Reagan.  (Most people do not know the huge amount of damage Reagan did to the nation because they believe the media hype that he was such a good president.  He signed Treaty 97-19 calling for a new social and new economic order for the nation.  There is so much more to tell on him, but can’t cover that right now.) 


In Montana the governor was on Lou Dobbs show recently telling how the summer brings a lot of forest fires into Montana, and he usually has the Guard members quell the flames.  Now he says he does not have the manpower because the Guard is all over in Iraq. The National Guard is over there fighting “terrorism” when we have so much terrorism right here caused by politicians.


What can we do?  We certainly should not be sitting around with closed mouths.  We should be telling people what is really going on.  No honest government takes away the guns from the decent law abiding people in the nation unless it is really intending to destroy their liberty and put the people under submission.  We must demand that each state writes a Communist/Socialist Control Act – strong -- like the one that Senator Joseph McCarthy wrote up.  We need it. 


Then, too, a Colorado talk show host advocates a widely known action to call for treason under the Rico Act.   Another thought: Good men in state houses can impound the federal 1040 IRS money going to the federal government if they have enough support.  All the 1040 money can be moved and held in an escrow account and denied the federal government  use of all state moneys until the federal government reverses what they have been doing. In California such a general move was made by a state representative (Richard Mountjoy) when he was in office.   The federal govt. has to be cut off at the pocketbook.  Mountjoy’s son, Dennis Mountjoy, is now in the legislature in California and he was proud to accept the American Declaration and the Memorial that was attached to it.  He has a lot yet to learn, but he is a quality man. Do we have the right to ask many members in the state houses who have been going along with regionalism, etc. to step down because they broke their oath to the Constitutional Government?  Certainly, they are lawbreakers and real terrorists.  Whatever is done, it must be done peacefully, for self-evident reasons.  


Although, I enjoy what Lou Dobbs is putting out on T.V. it is well to remember that devious tyrants like we face today are shrewd, and they not only fill all the top spots with their collaborators, they lay out for their adversaries a direction which they also control.  They play with two-headed nickels.  This is not to say that Lou Dobbs is unfaithful, because he surely does do a good job interrogating some of his guests.  But I always mistrust anyone who has so much time and coverage on the television.  Then, too, his sponsors are in the big money business.  He is being heralded as a future president of the U.S.  (provided Bush doesn’t get it all done before his term is over). Is he a dark horse for the CFR??  I have seen all these two-timers like Reagan, Perot, Buchanan, etc profess to be so patriotic and so holy and then to find out that they were with the socialists all along.    If Dobbs is sincere, he will continue exposing what is going on just a little faster and broader.  That should be where his mission ends.  It will bring him fame and gratitude enough.  But when it comes to electing another president (if it should be possible), we must have someone wise and worthy, beyond any contamination or suspicion whatsoever.   We can not afford another presidential mistake. 


We have had no “presidents” since before the League of Nations days.  Franklin D. Roosevelt made 26 speeches supporting world government before he was felled by infantile paralysis. ( He ran in the vice-presidential slot with James Cox being the hopeful presidential candidate, but the people were too smart then.  They would not vote for them.) 


After the depression, FDR fooled the people all along and laid the plans for the installation of an international government (refer to Pasvolsky, Alger Hiss, and the United Nations Charter) and he called his program the “New Deal”.  Because of the public outcry, and the people then caught on again, the Congress had to close down Roosevelt’s N.R.P.B. after the governor of Colorado (Gov.Ralph Carr) blew the whistle and exposed what FDR was doing to us.  Had he lived, he would have signed the U.N. Charter, which his communist friends put together, but he died in April 1945 and Harry Truman picked up the international globalist government movement. He signed us in.   Every person since who sits in the Oval office has been a globalist:  an administrator of the transition into global government.  That is what the U. N. Charter is all about. 


In order to save our country, the focus has to be on the matrix of the problem: the Oval office and the hidden damage each president did up to the present occupant!  To do otherwise, is off target.  Every president carried on what his predecessor did and added more to it. 


Did not John F. Kennedy sign Public Law 87-297 to prohibit our ownership of privately-owned personal firearms and to surrender our entire armed forces to the communist dominated United Nations on a permanent basis and then call it FREEDOM?  Did not Richard M. Nixon sign Executive Order 11647 to recast the geographical structure of the United States into internationally managed “regions” following FDR’s dream of abolishing our states?  Was not James Carter the first to sign into the Human Right Treaties, which replace our “Bill of Rights”? Did not Ronald Reagan build the P.P.B. socialist control system and the build the Courts-Martial Manual to operate the judicial system under military government? There is so much more to be known.  There is so much more to be told!! 


So my dear friend, have your groups pray that you will be able to get the people to pull the wool from their eyes and put the pieces together. There is a younger generation our there that needs protecting. Dear friend, since you have asked me what you should say to lead your prayer group, this is my sincere advice: They should pray that the subversion controlled in the oval office which is overthrowing our government, be made public and that Lou Dobbs tells the WHOLE STORY on what the presidents have done to us, starting with FDR.


Your prayer group should spread the word far and wide as to HOW it happened (each administration building further into the global government structuring of his predecessors) and wake up all other unsuspecting religious groups.  The resistance must be made, but keep it peaceful!! Our defense is powerful enough that it can be done peacefully.


We could ask for a Citizens Grand Jury, but I am now afraid that the tricksters will take control of that idea. It is a risky idea.  Possible, but risky. 


This may not be the answer you expected from me, but it is THE answer and the only answer I should give. The offenders in the Oval office whom we unwisely trusted must answer for these crimes.  Something has to be done and done soon before George W. Bush institutes martial law.  Keep in mind that there has never been any consent of the governed and we do not want our Constitutional government overthrown ever so gently as they are doing.   No man is above the law, not even those who profess to be presidents.   I close,


Most sincerely,




Bernadine Smith.