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July 9, 2003

To Whom It May Concern


 Subject:  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Resolution Opposing Homeland

                              Security And Other Unconstitutional Federal Activities.


We have talked about this long enough!  The federal government has quietly declared war against the Constitution and the people!  By the time that the process of conquering the rest of the world is completed, the people of the United States, which are undergoing simultaneous conquering, will be totally helpless.  Everybody is waiting for somebody else to do something that will stop the overthrowing of our Constitutional government.  Something has to be done!  This Resolution has been put together as “the something” that can be done.  I hope you will read it slowly and carefully and agree with me that it is a safe, peaceful way to proceed.


The Homeland Security ‘Agency’ is the military government that was planned to take over as documented in State Department Document 7277.  It is possible that free speech will be cut off, and then anyone who owns a gun will be picked up as a “domestic terrorist”.  Laws like the Patriot Act I and II, and laws like the Domestic Enhancement Act, etc., are forerunners of what is to come.  Something peaceful has to be done that is effective against these threats.  If we wait too long, the chance to have a jury trial of our peers will be past history.


The attached Resolution lays out facts, exposes what is happening, connects the dots, gives solid documentation, includes protection for the law-abiding people to be able to keep and bear arms, and most important of all, gives a recourse.  The appeal in the Resolution is first to enlist the state to use its power to stop the federal government (even though we know there is a state/federal alliance), and if that fails, there is a solution for a citizen’s grand jury. 


The Resolution opens up a chance, given that there will be enough publicity to it, to wake up enough people with a positive direction to stop those who are overthrowing the government.  Bear in mind that this Resolution has not been passed by the State of Tennessee, and they have not even seen it as of this date.  Because there is a good group of citizens in Tennessee, it is the first state that we will work with to expose what is happening.  The Resolution is only a proposal. 


The state legislators in Tennessee so far have not been responsive to our first mailing.  This Resolution is considered the second effort to make them realize their responsibility.  The first mailing sent to them in April 2003, laid the groundwork.  As this writing, July 9, 2003, the state legislature is not in session.  They adjourned on May 29, 2003 and do not expect to convene until January 2004; however, they can be contacted in their district and a special session of the legislature should be requested.  The situation is urgent as the federal government is moving fast to structure the military government under the safe name of Homeland Security.  The federal government has made the Constitution an empty shell.  It is up to us to restore it.  If you have any questions, please contact me.




                                                                                                                        Bernadine Smith