Attention: California Voters

Please Do NOT sign away your freedom!

Do not be fooled into believing that a

Constitutional Convention is “good”!


The American Independent Party of Los Angeles County Opposed

the California Constitutional Convention Initiatives as follows:


WHEREAS:  Two initiatives are currently being introduced to call for a Constitutional Convention to rewrite our entire California Constitution;


WHEREAS:  A simple majority of 201 out of 400 delegates at the Convention can completely change any and all articles to our state’s constitution as they want to, and without any “checks or balances”;


WHEREAS:  With the current state deficits, public employee unions and other special interest demands from lobbyists and pressure groups that want to increase our taxes, such a Convention will most likely eliminate such property tax protections as Proposition 13 by Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann and the 2/3rds safety net required to raise our taxes;


WHEREAS:  Such a Convention may eliminate our initiative and referendum process where we, the people could correct problems that were created by our legislature, and without this ability of  we, the people to continue to have this process, bad new articles or amendments can no longer be repealed by a vote of the people;


WHEREAS:  Socialist welfare policies and huge tax increases will cause many businesses and residents to leave this state simply because it will be too expensive to continue living in California;


Therefore, be it RESOLVED that the American Independent Party of Los Angeles County OPPOSES both of these initiatives that call for a California Constitutional Convention, and we urge all voters to refuse to sign any petitions that would place these propositions on our ballot.


Authored by Elliott Graham, Vice-Pres. of United Organization of Taxpayers, this resolution was passed unanimously by the Los Angeles County Central Committee of the American Independent Party on July 2, 2009.   Permission to reproduce granted.