Whenever those, who are supposed to be the people’s guardians, become their oppressors, the people are naturally forced into a position of justifiable resistance. 



It was for this very purpose that the Second Amendment was conceived: resistance to tyranny and self-defense against unjust aggressors.  Resistance of this kind is legitimate self-defense.



Whenever civil authority becomes abused, that is, deflected from the rightful end to which it is given; and private authority takes precedence against public authority, with personal gain and aggrandizement replacing the public good, tyranny is born. 



Whenever government becomes so corrupt that it is no longer staying within the bounds of its constituted authority, but selfishly seeks its own private ends, and works toward the destruction of the system itself, resistance to that government is therefore, not an act of aggression involving defiance of law and order, nor disrespect for and rejection of authority, but an act of self-defense against tyranny and despotism. 



The people of this republic have been forced into a position of resistance to tyranny.  The right to resist tyranny is sustained by the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Bill of Rights.     



The California Legislature has forced the citizens into a position of resistance to tyranny.