February 18, 2010

John A. Boehner

House of Representatives

Washington, DC                                                                   Fax 202 225 0704


Dear Repr. Boehner:


In response to your National Referendum on America’s Leadership Referendum, I wish to inform you that I agree with you that Nancy Pelosi should be replaced as Speaker of the House.  Yes, I would prefer to see a Constitutional Republican as Speaker of the House.  We are being deliberately bankrupted.


Also, everyone I associate with agrees that President Obama has no authority to sign a Small Arms Treaty, which will force all Americans in the U.S.A. to surrender any and all firearms they possess.  What can be done to rescind Public Law 87-297, The General and Complete Disarmament Law?  This is the source of his instruction to proceed with the disarming of the people of the United States. 


Have you seen P.L. 87-297?  It also calls for the transference of the total armed forces of the United States being given on a permanent basis to international organizations supposedly for the maintenance of peace.  The U.S. then will have No Army, No Navy, No Air Force, No National Guard, and No firearms in the possession of American citizens.  Are we not a nation dedicated to liberty?  How can we have liberty when we have no instruments by which to maintain it?


Obama is not authorized to change our form of government from a republic to a global-socialized-slave-system.  Since he is working on a socialized medicine health bill which we do not want, and next he will think he has the authority to disarm the people of the United States with the small arms treaty, you may find it valuable to quote Dr. Samuel Langdon, an ardent patriot, and preacher during the American Revolution who in 1775 said:  “If the great servants  forget their duty, betray their trust, and sell their country, or make war against the most valuable rights and privileges of the people; reason and justice require that they should be discarded, and others appointed in their room without any regard to formal resignations of their forfeited power.”


Yours truly,

Bernadine Lt Black.jpg


Bernadine Smith

Second Amendment Committee

Hanford, California

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