By Bernadine Smith


Socialists, atheists, and other members of the political "global" segment of our society are reaching out to the religious community within our nation to enlist these unwary people into committing unrighteous deeds.  The religious community is not always "street smart". They are overly trusting and often undergo unnecessary trials by "taking people at their word".  Now they are being preyed upon to accept devious advice and give consent to the deception which lies at the root of the Marriage Amendment. Unwisely supporting another chameleon "amendment", Christian people will increase their own detriment by unwittingly supporting adverse, and hidden motives -- designed to destroy their own religious rights and the Christian churches.  


The Marriage Amendment must be equated to an iceberg: That which is on the surface is nowhere near as bad as that which tags along underneath, and is hidden below.  The shrewd inducement to participate in requiring marriage to be between a man and a woman is merely the surface matter. This amendment will result in opening a constitutional convention, which will unlock the golden doors of the lawful government of the United States and replace it with an atheistic world government socialist system.  It is the secret objective that is hidden beneath.  In today's world, religious people have to realize that evil people have no limits, no boundary lines, and no conscience. They do not play by the rules in the Good Book.  Their intent is to use the unsuspecting good people as much as possible for evil political gain. 


Religious people should not form their decisions in accord to sudden emotions.  If they do not analyze the sources behind the call for a Marriage Amendment and check into its consequences and ramifications, they will eventually come to suffer the realization that their uninformed state of mind placed them into a repulsive situation -- one that they cannot control!


Acceptance of false information from devious political and misguided religious leaders will eventually destroy the whole Christian community.      Succumbing to the iceberg propaganda in support of the current Marriage Amendment, and being urged to promote it by Pat Robertson, Dr. James Dobson, and other inadequate religious leaders -- is more than a mistake -- it is a national catastrophe! 


When have these religious leaders, or Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly (among others who clamor for a United States constitutional amendment) ever produced research records and advised the religious community of the real motives behind the various calls for a constitutional amendment, and the stratagems being used to entrap those who are not aware of the great tragedy that will befall them as a result of the "amendment" -- with its required and sequential entrapping constitutional "convention"?  People need to be aware of the path and consequences the procedure involves.


The Federal Constitution and the Bill of Rights are far too precious to allow global communists to acquire entry into, via a "convention" and then to nullify!   This is their intent!  These two documents and the Declaration of Independence are all we have to enforce the existence of Christianity, true freedom, true peace, and liberty.  We should not allow them to be replaced with a global atheistic world-dominating communist charter -- the goal underneath this iceberg!  There are other solutions to resolve the current desecration of the holy union of marriage.  Is it worth risking the loss of our three United States Constitutional documents, principles, safeguards, and checks on tyranny, which our rightful government provides?  The marriage problem, and any other problem is best handled by state law, and not by a misleading constitutional "amendment".   Keep the constitutional doors locked!