You Should Prepare Against the Small Arms Treaty


With Obama getting ready to sign the Small Arms Treaty which he thinks will also ban American citizen's privately held arms, I think WE need to start telling Obama to realize that he has no authority -- no power at all -- to ban the privately held arms of the decent law-abiding people living in the United States.  The Bill of Rights is supreme law!  He can't go against it!  If he signs such a treaty, it is a misconstruction!  A counterfeit!  Bogus!It would be against the law for him to try for it!

The Founding Fathers didnít have to establish the right to keep and bear arms, they knew it was a right given to man by the Creator.What they were doing by composing the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights was confirming that the right already existed.They wanted to insure that the people could use it collectively.The Second Amendment is a confirmation of the right.No person -- no public official -- no president -- can disarm the decent law-abiding citizens of the United States!! It just can't be lawfully done!!! It is not possible for man to erase natural law that has been endowed to man by the Creator.

Let's get this straight, folks.  The Bill of Rights is not subject to the repeal, revoke, or rescind process.Obviously, Obama does not know that the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights can't be rescinded, revoked, or repealed!!!  Obama must start understanding his job in running the government system of the United States or step down.  He hasn't done his homework!!††

It is important for Obama to be told that our gun rights are beyond his reach, beyond his authority!   He can't sign any treaty or exercise any authority or power that has not been granted to him.  The contents of the Bill of Rights is beyond his authority! Whatever authority he exercises has to be in pursuance of the written laws of the United States Constitution.  It's his job to practice the true law!   The Second Amendment is even higher law than that which is in the 1789 Constitution.The Second Amendment is beyond the reach of the treaty power!   Doesn't Obama know that? 

Treaties have no effect on the Bill of Rights and it is high time that all the public officials in this country get this fact straight:  they can't exercise any power that is not under their authority!  Obama even swore to an oath to agree to follow the Constitution.Obama must be told that rights endowed to man by the Creator can't be washed out with a man-made treaty!  If Obama keeps this up, his ignorance will either embarrass him to shame, or he will have to realize that he is unqualified to hold office.


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