Oct. 31, 2006



As you are aware, it has been some time since I last contacted you.  I thought it would be worthwhile to send you some important updated information that appears on my website since we are facing a crucial November 7th election.  My Internet site is:


                        http://www.libertygunrights.com      (Please drop in and check out my site.)


If you are already aware of these matters, what I send to you now will strengthen your efforts. If you are not aware, I ask that you check out these sites below to prove that a global communist government is being superimposed over our rightful form of government:



On this site Cornell University has published the law that John F. Kennedy signed on September 26, 1961 (called The Arms Control and Disarmament Act) which transfers on a permanent basis our entire U.S. armed forces to the communist-controlled United Nations, and eliminates armaments of all kinds (including privately owned firearms belonging to U.S. citizens).  This on-going law is known as Public Law 87-297.


www.mikenew.com/pub7277.html  - On this site you will find the U.S. State Department’s official Publication #7277 giving details, and explaining the policies of Public Law 87-297 in a booklet called The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.  Since its inception, every two years Congress has been financing this on-going unconstitutional program. Congress knows that the president is up to a U.N. world army, and they approve it!   On Page 3 of this publication, it substantiates the fact that a “force” must be created to manage the internal security of the United States.  It is a must that every American check out these sites. That force has been built and has been given the title of the “Homeland Security Agency.”  This nation has been revamped so that it is now in accord with military management concepts on a regional (international government) basis.


For scores of years loyal American writers have been reporting on the constant changes and alterations that are being made in the power structure of this country, but nothing has jarred them so fiercely as the many bold so-called “laws” now happening so fast: i.e. the merger of Canada, Mexico, and the United States into a “union” (called the Security, and Prosperity Partnership of North America); thus, creating a new form of government; the Super Corridor which threatens to split the United States in half;  and the Torture Bill, H.R. 6166 that alters the Geneva Convention and allows George W. Bush to become a virtual dictator who can arrest and hold any citizen without any recourse (called the Military Commissions Act of 2006). 


Bush is operating as if he has a right to overthrow our Constitutional government, and make himself a world dictator, while our elected officials (especially our governors and federal senators) who are supposed to oppose any such seditious federal actions sit back and co-operate in the collusion.  It is therefore essential for us as citizens to be alert and at voting time, expose the accomplices of the wayward federal government. 


Therefore, I am sending you a sheet hoping you will stop one of the worst, ex-governors of California, Jerry Brown, from coming back into a high California state office by becoming elected as our attorney-general.  Brown is a socialist/globalist who in the seventies pushed enactments which laid the ground work for (1) total prohibition of all citizen-owned guns, and for (2) the militarization of civilian law enforcement under unified command.  Brown led the nation, and this is what is now making it possible for George W. Bush to declare martial law throughout the nation at the time Bush considers it most appropriate to seize all guns.   It is too lengthy to detail here, but I am sending you enough attachments from my writings so that you will oppose Jerry Brown like the plague!  It would be patriotic to stop Brown by giving your vote to Charles Poochigian.  For these reasons, I urge you to vote with me for Poochigian. 


Most sincerely,   


Bernadine Smith