May 4, 2006




I received your recent e-mail inquiry regarding the illegal seizure of your personal firearms by your local City Police Department.  You stated that you are the legal owner of those guns, and you were never guilty or charged with a felony or a gun crime, yet you are getting the run-around when talking to the local City Police Department in order to retrieve your firearms.  I am responding on the basis that you are a law-abiding American citizen with a good clean record, with no reason for the police to take away your personal firearms, other than the stringent anti-gun laws that are being written, which cause police departments to seize or test certain firearms to determine if they can be converted to accommodate restricted devices.  There are many other people in your situation.  I am sure you are aware that there are some people who live in fear of the on-coming time when a knock will come at their door by those who are assigned to search all homes, seize every gun and ammo, and leave them in a totally disarmed state.  Because this dreadful situation is designed to occur under the agenda for a new world order, it is timely to assess what options are open for Constitutional people to pursue.


In your communication you said that you were charged with “having a bunch of anti-government material” which consisted mostly of “Alex Jones’ DVD’s and some books”, so to add to everything else, you have to be concerned that you may be classified as a terrorist not only for wanting to participate in national security preparedness, but for listening to a whistleblower reporting on illegal activity involving public officials.  When public officials are committing acts that are against the Constitution, we may ask the question: “Who is anti-government?”  I am replying in the form of an ‘Open Letter’.  It will be necessary to cite various problems and conditions to show how the governing system has been altered, and why the harmony between the people and their local officials has resulted in such conflict.  Then, we may be able to clear the way to a solution. 


One of the greatest threats facing gun owners today is federal legislation, now on hold in the Judiciary Committee, (H.R. 124 introduced by Rush Holt D-N.J.) which if allowed to pass, will precipitate a great catastrophe.  Under H.R. 124 every person must declare to the federal government every unlicensed and/or unregistered gun he possesses.  After H.R. 124 is enacted, anyone found to be in violation will be sentenced to serve a mandatory 15-year prison sentence without mitigation. 1    That is a pretty stiff penalty, and it is unfair to force people to provide the information that the federal government is seeking.   Why do you suppose the federal government would seek that information?  The purpose of such a bill can only be to force disclosure of any firearms previously unknown to them.  The acquisition of such information then makes possible a total cleanout of all guns in the hands of the people.  Sequentially, the long sought objective to confiscate from every law-abiding U.S. citizen, every firearm he possesses, down to the very last

gun, in house-to-house searches (already considered), may then be conducted -- with surety! 


There is no doubt about it!  This legislation is subjunctive to a federal law designed to bring about total disarmament of this nation for a so-called “peaceful world”.


After passage of H.R. 124, the people will be forced to surrender the very tools that constitute their defense against tyranny in government!  Subsequently, the people will be deprived of a republican form of government!  They will have no authority to sustain their Bill of Rights!  When guns go, it all goes!   When guns go, freedom is dead!


Such a law for total disarmament really does exist!  It is called Public Law 87-297, the Arms Control and Disarmament Act (also known as the General and Complete Disarmament Law).   It is the initial disarmament umbrella law, to which the federal government is beholden.  In it we are told to eliminate our armed forces and give up our guns!


The original intent for instituting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was so that the power that man could exercise over his fellow man would be limited!  Now our ‘fellow man’ sitting in public offices is writing unjust laws, trying to pass them off as if lawfully begotten – as if true law!  Constitutional restraints, safeguards, prohibitions and restrictions that were meant to apply to such public officials have been tossed aside, just as if their disregard of them could cause these safeguards to not exist!   Nevertheless, they do exist!


American history provides evidence that our nation’s founders confirmed that man was endowed with certain unalienable rights by the Creator, which no man can take away from decent law-abiding people. The right to arms, individually and collectively, is the keystone behind all of the natural rights thus endowed.  As the linchpin, the right to arms has to be an absolute right!  All other rights depend upon it. The Second Amendment was drafted and enshrined under this realistic viewpoint.  No man has the power to divest law-abiding people of the right to arms.  Firearms are essential to liberty and freedom.  Thomas Jefferson stated it unmistakably:  “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”.  It is the responsibility of the people to maintain this keystone right.


The General and Complete Disarmament Law (Public Law 87-297) is one of the most unconstitutional laws ever enacted in the United States by the federal government.  Regardless of this disrespect shown to the U.S. Constitution by federal public officials, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is still the supreme law of this land!  These two documents belong to the people!  They were ratified by the people!  They are the people’s possession!  The people have never signed off of either document!  Public officials have no authority to override the principles within either of these two documents without the consent of the governed!  The people have never consented to the contents of Public Law 87-297 or H.R. 124!  


The excuse used by public officials for the unauthorized enactment of Public Law 87-297 was to prevent wars.  For a nation to be unprepared for war is the most probable way to invite a war, to attract oppressors onto its territory who victimize the people of that defenseless nation.2


Even though Public Law 87-297 has been given the color and force of law, the fact remains that its contents are in violation of indispensable principles that under gird the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Public Law 87-297 transfers the entire armed forces of the United States to an international organization on a permanent basis, (leaving us with no national armed forces) while at the same time, ultimately disarms every U.S. citizen.  It violates the principle of a common defense as well as the absoluteness of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.  Without these two principles, the Constitution would never have been accepted by the thirteen original states! 


The sections requiring adherence to these principles in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are still listed in these two documents.  Whether the reference is to an individual, or to a nation, the rule that self-preservation is the highest law in nature still applies!  The people have never authorized the federal government to eliminate their armed forces nor to confiscate their personal firearms! No such authorization has ever been given!  No law that is repugnant to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights can qualify as valid law.3  Does it make sense that since its inception, funds for Public Law 87-297 are appropriated every two years by Congress?


This law is the reason why our local police officers co-operate with anti-gun rulings handed down to them for enactment.   The inter-related and interfacing nature of Public Law 87-297 and H.R. 124 cannot be denied!  Neither can be judged to be valid or true law!  These are critically called non-laws!  Police departments have already created “gun surrender” agencies for the people to submit to, but most police officers have no idea that there are plans in the offing to disarm them also.  Only a world international army would be allowed to have firearms. 


It has been reported that Handgun Control, Inc. has stated: “We cannot survive into the 21st Century unless we remember the need to expand our wave to new thinking to the total disarmament of America.  With much of the public disarmed we can become more like Great Britain, where we can also eliminate the need for much of our police to be armed.  This would take a long time, however, a concerted public relations campaign can pressure local law enforcement to give up their arms, when the time comes.  Weapons would be still available to special units like SWAT or the military.”


After the people are disarmed, to whom will our police officers turn for assistance when they are slated to be disarmed?   Certainly not to the government who desires them to be disarmed also!  Certainly not to the people whom the police so eagerly had already disarmed, because the people would have no tools to help them!  These are things that must be taken into consideration now, while time permits, and while the First Amendment still exists.


Some members of the military in a questionnaire at Twenty-nine Palms, California have even reported that they would be willing to shoot people who refuse to give up their guns.  When the time comes for police officers to be disarmed, will the military be constituted of American servicemen, or will it be men from foreign armies who also follow orders given?


Cicero, a Roman orator, statesman and philosopher, dealt with the issue of true law.  He said:  “There is a higher law based on the nature of things.  This natural law has an authority transcending man-made laws, institutions and customs.”  He gave this definition of true law: 


True law is right reason in agreement with nature.  It is of universal application, unchanging and everlasting.  It summons to duty by its commands and averts from wrongdoing by its prohibitions.  It is a sin to try to alter this law, nor is it allowable to attempt to repeal any part of it and it is impossible to abolish it entirely.” ….”Unjust laws are not true laws; therefore, unjust laws should not be called laws at all.  If many pernicious and mischievous enactments are made which have no more right to the name of law than the mutual engagements of robbers, are we bound to call them laws?….For as we cannot call the recipes of ignorant and unskillful empirics, who give poisons instead of medicines, the prescriptions of a physician, so likewise we cannot call that the true law of a people of whatever kind it may be, if it enjoins what is injurious.  Let the people receive it as they will.”


We should not have to be in a position of pleading or begging when it comes to adherence to the Constitution or to the exercise of the Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights is not subject to repeal, and the Second Amendment contained within it, specifically forbids any infringement whatsoever!  The Second Amendments is sustained by the 9th and 10th Amendments. Yet, in our time we are forced to defend ourselves against poorly informed politicians, courts, police officers, etc., who are obviously co-operating with non-laws in violation of the written true laws.


State and local public officials exhibit a sense of superiority and self-righteousness over the people as they interfere with a person’s right to arms, even though they may not really realize the basis of why or what they are asked to do.  The word is sent to them from the federal level (from what they consider to be the political ladder) as to what they are expected to do.  Local police officers are conditioned to think that they themselves are following the law when orders are given to them to go counter to the provisions of the Second Amendment.  They, in turn, expect the people to think that they are enforcing valid law when their only source is really a bluff -- a non-law.  The point is that the police officers at the bottom of the ‘chain of command’ do not realize that they are being put in a position of actually operating against the law.


Police officers are not necessarily Constitutional scholars!  God bless them!  Most are dedicated people and duty bound to see that the law is obeyed, but unfortunately, they are merely told what the law is, and told what to do.  Simply put, they do what they are told to do!  They follow orders that are given to them, including the Chief of Police himself, because their orders come down supposedly from ‘on high’, and they are greatly concerned with what they are expected to do.  They do not question the constitutionality of what they are told to do, because the persuasion that accompanies the instruction to which they are to conform, has been so authoritatively engineered, that law enforcement’s involvement and participation appears plausible, and is thus accepted by them!


Yet, one wonders why in the case of the anti-gun (so-called) ‘laws’, police officers haven’t sensed that there really is a difference between an honest, decent, law-abiding citizen and a criminal!    Afraid to offend those ‘higher up on the ladder,’ or be accused of ‘rocking the boat’, police officers treat honest decent law-abiding gun owners the same as if they were criminals and lawbreakers: because it is ‘the law’.   All the while they do not know that ‘the law’ they are enforcing is subjunctive under the umbrella of non-law Public Law 87-297!4


In disarming the law-abiding citizen, the police officer is reducing that citizen’s responsibility to protect himself, his family, the state, the republic, and in some cases, the life and the future of the police officer.


The police admit that they cannot protect every person around the clock, yet they follow orders to disarm the very people upon whom they may need to depend in a large-scale emergency.  The police officer has to face up to this ridiculous situation in which he has been manipulated, that being an out-and-out violation by our own ‘protectors’ of the essential reasons for which this nation was formed:  security and liberty!   In other words, our police officers are given orders to violate the law!


While crime is given as the reason for them to disarm all the people, our police officers unwittingly go off to undermine due process, our national independence, liberty and justice, national safety and defense.  They participate in eroding the authority of the people.  When the police officer turns on his television, he has before him some of the big reasons why crime is so rampant.  Crime should be the reason to keep law-abiding people equipped with arms!  Hopefully, the police officers that dedicate their lives to serving the people will put the pieces together, and begin to participate in restoring the principles of this nation before we are fully and irrevocably taken over by modern day vandals who dwell among us and who are actually destroying the system.5


Police officers need to realize that the concept of our system of government has been woefully altered, and deliberately misdirected so that the nation can be ruled by a global management system, an amalgamation of all the communist countries of the world merged into a ‘new world order’.   Indirectly, the police are destroying the future of their own children when they carry out orders that harm their own posterity. The proper spirit and reasons why this government was formed is becoming lost! 


There is no use trying to go through the Supreme Court for justice.  One determined person in California already presented them the ideal case and the Supreme Court declined to hear it, even after he had received the Docket Number!  The court would have had to agree that public officials are in violation of the law whenever they disarm decent law-abiding citizens.  The court refused to hear the case.  The members of the Supreme Court are appointed by the same presidents who support Public Law 87-297, and Public Law 101-2166 plus the many appropriations budgeted for these laws every two years!  Expect no help to come from there! 


If you take police officers into the Internet you will present them with irrefutable evidence of the federal government’s participation in these wrongful and harmful laws. These laws are also printed in U.S. Code books, Title 22 beginning with Section 2551 7 in federal depositary libraries all over the nation.  Show them that “Freedom from War - The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World” means no more national armed forces: no more army, no more navy, no more air force, and no more guns for the citizens!  After viewing these sites, all doubt present in anyone’s mind should be gone! 


The best hope we have at this time is to work with those who are on the local level.   We must go to our local police officers and ask them to reconsider why they enforce laws that are destroying the republic.  At the present time, we have two systems existing in the United States.  This is caused by the socialist transformation, which is being supported by our elected officials.  Although they appear to be fighting amongst themselves, both the Republicans and the Democrats are involved in the transformation into the other system called ‘democracy’.  The problem is headquartered right in the Oval office of the nation’s capitol with each and every president enforcing whatever legislation or programs were achieved before his administration came into office, and then introducing new legislation or programs to add to this transformation. 


We are constantly being told that the republic is now a ‘democracy’.  This is a stand-in word for a global socialist/communitarian government.  We are enmeshed in the communist global international control of the United States.  The Fabian Socialists who immigrated to America from Britain have trained our own public officials to be the vandals to plunder our republic. These ‘students’ have been trained to think opposite of realism.  Big business and big government envision a future for themselves, which requires a serfdom below to support and glorify them. 


We must expose to friends how and why we, too, are being manipulated to think we are in a ‘democracy’.  Most people do not realize that ‘dual speak’ is a device used by politicians to placate the public while they transform the nation into a global socialist/communitarian government called the New World Order.  We are literally being captured by an international oligarchy to live under a pre-set agenda for that sort of ‘democracy’.  George H. Bush was the first president to openly speak of and advocate a New World Order. 8  Now do you wonder why so many alterations have been made, destroying the original concept of how our true government system is supposed to operate?  Why has George H. Bush not been called to account for his participation?  Why didn’t someone in the Congress object?  Why not the governors?  Why didn’t our own police officers call it unconstitutional?  Someone has to answer for this!


Ever since this nation was formed, a sharp line had always existed – a sharp line that for 200 years had always wisely kept the civilian law enforcement separated from the military, but when the Homeland Security “Agency” was instituted, a massive change in the concept of operation of this nation transpired.  Creation of the Homeland Security “Agency” brought about the merger of the military with the civilian law enforcement system under one head, a circumstance necessary to the fulfillment of Public Law 87-297.  This merger provided the “force to preserve internal order” (as required on Page 3 of State Department Publication #7277 relating to disarmament).  The chilling fact is that the essential sharp line that once separated the military from the civilian law enforcement has now been eliminated.  This is never done in a republic if it is to remain a republic!  A primary indispensable Constitutional principle that gave us the form to be a republic has been disposed of!  Because of the elimination of that sharp line, the separation of these two segments of government no longer exists in the government of the United States.  The bottom line is that: This nation has been revamped so that it is now in accord with military concepts on a regional (international) basis. As a result, every policeman in the United States, all the way down to the last beat officer, is now ‘on line’ with the federal Homeland Security “Agency”.  As the ‘transformers’ reshape the globe and the countries of the world, the government instituted by our founding fathers will disappear.  Someone has to answer for this!


It is a well-known fact that whenever the military and the civilian law enforcement system are merged together under one head in a republic, that nation ceases to be a republic!   When such a merger does occur, a nation moves from being a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and it then becomes a dictatorship!   Instantly, a military government is set in place!   This merger has already happened in the United States.  This unlawful action was instituted by George W. Bush as he created and instituted the Homeland Security “Agency" within the White House.  He appointed the director of this “agency”, someone not responsible to the people.

Apparently, members of our local law enforcement systems do not know that it is against the law for local police departments to be commandeered on a permanent basis by the federal government!  They do not know that being placed under the Homeland Security “Agency” (H.S.A.) was done for international management purposes.  The H.S.A. is the force required to preserve internal order referred to in the policy book (State Dept. Publication #7277), which accompanies Public Law 87-297.  Apparently, our police officers do not know that it is unlawful for the federal government to operate our state law enforcement systems.  Police officers do not know that they are now being trained in Soviet tactics.  Our police officers have an obligation to us, the law-abiding people, not to an international government.   Someone has to answer for this!


Civilian law enforcement is a prerogative belonging exclusively to a state!  It is unlawful for the federal government to encroach upon the powers that belong to a state!  Even worse is that our police officers apparently do not know how these alterations being made in the government system have affected them.  They do not know that an “agency” is not responsible to the electorate!  Their orders will come directly from the federal government.   This is reprehensible!


Have the police ever questioned why they have been federalized?  Every police officer should know that it is bad enough for the federal government to usurp from the state its authority over its own law enforcement system, but did they catch on when they were merged with the military?   Do they understand the consequence of this revision?  Someone has to answer for this!  


The Second Amendment does not give rights; conversely, it confirms rights!  The Second Amendment does not guarantee us the right to arms; it confirms that the right to arms is a God-given natural right endowed to man by the Creator.  No man has the power to prohibit rights that are an endowment from the Creator.  It is an absolute right.  The Second Amendment was intended to be both an individual right and a collective right.  In other words: The Second Amendment confirms the existence of an individual right that can be exercised by the people in a collective manner.  


The proper interpretation of the Second Amendment was demonstrated as George Washington and his staff took the farmers out and taught them the meaning of a well-regulated militia.  Every able-bodied man was ordered to be trained to arms for the defense of the republic.  Only those persons who could not pass the test by two practicing surgeons were excused from annual militia duty.  Every man’s name was turned over to a Brigade Inspector for what was called the “enrolled militia”.  Each man was required to spend a couple of weeks every year in training with firearms.  Each man paid 50 cents to cover costs of the citizen procedure, and the people took their arms home with them as they left.  Each man was trained in proficiency with arms.  He was expected to be a citizen soldier, ready to be an immediate defender of the republic against tyranny, sedition or invasion.  These men did not wear uniforms, but they were all citizen-guardians of the nation’s liberty on immediate call.  If we had continued this system as was expected by the founding fathers, vandals would never have gained such a foothold in our government.  We must restore the “enrolled militia” of the whole people.  


The drive by the United States to force a “new world order” upon the world has caused us to have many enemies throughout the world.  We have been known for “open borders” which has allowed real terrorists to enter our country.  Fortunately, the General and Complete Disarmament program and H.R. 124 have not yet been allowed to exert their full impact upon us.  Although the people have been hampered by the type and number of guns they may possess, they lack a unified protective system, such as that which would be present if the “enrolled militia” were in operation, providing them with proper organized training adequate to defend the nation.


In these times we are being defrauded every time we are told that we live in a “democracy”.   “Democracy” has become a stand-in word for the communitarian form of government, the method of operation for a “new world order”, a ‘democracy’!   Every decade since 1945, the globalists have used think tanks to alter the system and make changes away from the original governmental concept of constitutional operation.  Although it is true that we have been infused with ‘democracy’, the fact still remains that it is against the Constitution and is unlawful!


How long can we allow this restructuring process to continue before we will no longer be able to protest it?   The answer to that question is:  whenever they entirely destroy the ‘hub’ in the Bill of Rights.  The ‘hub’ is the Second Amendment.  That point is drawing near.  Many attacks have been made, hoping to crumble the ‘hub’.  An effort to legislate the Second Amendment out of existence has already been made.  Repr. Major Owens (N.Y.) once introduced legislation calling for the ‘repeal’ of the Second Amendment!  Owens’ legislation did not get passed as ‘law’, and it should not, because the Second Amendment, as well as the whole Bill of Rights, is not subject to repeal.  The Bill of Rights is higher law than the rest of the Constitution.  It is a sacred palladium.


Police departments all over the nation were involved when the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (L.E.A.A.) took control over the police under the Gun Control Act of 1968, wherein the Public Safety “Agencies” were first created.  These “agencies” were a preliminary merger of the civilian law enforcement and the military.  Law enforcement didn’t object to this unconstitutional move anymore than they protested the Soviet-American Police Exchange.  After this Exchange was created, Russian military nationals were seen driving around studying the neighborhoods of America.  The Gun Surrender Agency was an L.E.A.A. creation.  Why didn’t the police speak out against the abuse to law-abiding citizens when the best defensive weapons were being called  “assault weapons?”  Good people don’t own  “assault weapons.” 

The federal administration has used the people’s tax money to pay for the construction of a “World-Wide Military Command and Control System” (W.W.M.C.C.S.).  This was built at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Research Engineering Department.   It shows how far the goals of Public Law 87-297 have been carried.  Funding for the W.W.M.C.C.S began during the Nixon administration.  Currently, the United States has armed forces in 135 of the 192 countries of the world.  Shouldn’t our sons be guarding their own territory instead?


On the international level, Kofi Annan of the United Nations has been pushing for many years to gain control over the American civilian law enforcement system, which will be a complement to the W.W.M.C.C.S.  The United Nations wants to use our American civilian law enforcement system to be a part of its World-Wide Rapid Response Mechanism for unified international command and control.  There is attached to this ‘Open Letter’ a diagram entitled "Militarization of United States Civilian Law Enforcement Under International Unified Command”.  It is accompanied by a Press Release called "U.N. Security Council Seeks Control of U.S. Police”. Even though the Press Release is dated July 14, 1997, there are current 2006 appeals still being made by Kofi Annan for acquisition of authority over our U.S. civilian law enforcement system. 


As president, Richard Nixon signed Executive Order 11647 that gave the United Nations the authority to superimpose its 10 federal regional alignments over our states to comply with global management.  The facts speak for themselves, and they indicate that big money and big business do not want the system that was provided for us by our nation’s founders.  You may be able to understand why the people of America are now addressed as being “human resources”.  Is this the type of management we want from the federal administration?  Is it the kind of world we want to pass on to our children?


‘Democracy’ is responsible for the two competing systems of government being present in the United States today.  It is responsible for our safeguards that are being phased out.  If ‘democracy’ is not stopped, when we need our safeguards the most, they will no longer be there.  Do the members of our law enforcement system know the difference between a ‘republic’ and a ‘democracy’?  During Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration, this “transformation” moved from theory into implementation.9  The planning for these ill-conceived changes was done under Roosevelt’s socialist advisors.  F.D.R. planned to eliminate the states and replace them with international ‘regions’.  Every president (bar none) since the United Nations Charter was signed has played a part in recasting the government for socialist global government management.


George W. Bush will not admit that the moves he makes to totally disarm this nation were set for     him by John F. Kennedy, who signed the umbrella disarmament law Public Law 87-297 in 1961.   In addition to the complete disarmament of our nation and its people, and the transferring of our armed forces to the U.N., this law supports the closing down of our most critical military bases.


If your City Police Department would drop in at a federal depository library, and check into Public Law 87-297, and State Department Document #7277 (both of which are listed in official public records), they would find that the United States Congress approved and passed this complete disarmament program into law on September 26, 1961 the day following John Kennedy’s speech before the United Nations proposing The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.  #7277 booklets were printed for him to give out to the attending nations.  The Congress had the legislation already written for P.L. 87-297 and Kennedy signed it into law the day after he made his U.N. speech.  No approval was ever asked of the American people. This unconstitutional activity was conducted without our consent.


Despite the objections of the American people to the downgrading of American preparedness, in 2005 George W. Bush shut down another round of U.S. military bases.  Bush ordered nearly two dozen major military bases and a half dozen military institutions essential to the defense of the nation to be shut down via action with the Base Realignment and Closing Commission - B.R.A.C.   He defended the action claiming that such closures were saving the nation billions of dollars, but the truth is that these transitions were in compliance with Freedom From War -- The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World – (State Department Publication #7277).


The strategic military base site in San Francisco, California, which was closed down several years ago on one of the earlier B.R.A.C. rounds, was given to the former president of the Soviet Union. Mikhail Gorbachev then erected the Gorbachev Foundation on the site. Mikhail Gorbachev is remembered for saying: “In October 1917, we parted from the old world, rejecting it once and for all.  We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism.  We shall never turn off that road.”


Reduction of military bases and facilities is demanded in Stage II and III of the General and Complete Disarmament Program.  How safe will we be when we have no national military of our own, and our only bases will be those the world army intends to occupy?  The Constitution requires a national defense, so isn’t this against the law?  Where is the authority for any administration to give away our armed forces and close essential military bases?    There is none!  Where is the outcry from those who are responsible for maintaining the law of this country?


You will find on Page 19 of Freedom From War -- The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World – (State Department Publication #7277) the following statement: (There will be) “progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law (which) would proceed to a point where no state (country) would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force….”


Another available federal document called: “The Blueprint for the Peace Race” is even more detailed than Publication #7277.  As you view these booklets, you will see more clearly that when George W. Bush refers to “peace” -- it is the “peace” described in these General and Complete Disarmament publications.  Can there be ”peace” in a world with communist countries that are supposedly totally disarmed? 


History proves that civilizations were wiped out once they stopped protecting themselves from aggressors.  This is the unwise international condition George W. Bush is promoting as he talks, selling “peace” and “freedom” in his speeches on television.  This type of “peace” and “freedom” is not what Americans want or need! 


Some people are taken in by the sophistry that Bush uses, not understanding that his words have double meanings.  According to some of the world troop maps, the armed forces which are scheduled to “secure internal order” for us in the U. S. very easily will be troops from foreign nations we have trained.  


In 1788, Patrick Henry warned that evil men could take office, and “the whole gang would be in collusion.  In 1788 Henry told what would happen if evil men ever took office, and how they would begin to steal liberty from the people.  Henry is known as the Immortal Voice for Liberty, and he knew that without armed citizens there would be no liberty.  He forced the Bill of Rights to be included with the Constitution in 1788, protecting the right to arms, etc. or else he would have caused the Constitution to be refused!  Everyone should read Henry’s great record.


You may wish to show your police officers a copy of Executive Order 12803.10   This Executive Order signed by George H. Bush is the basis upon which George W. Bush was involved in allowing the Dubai groups to occupy 6 or more American ports.  Not only our ports are being subjected to control by foreign investors, much of the infrastructure of our country is also being offered for sale as witnessed by Executive Order 12803.  Read the list in the footnotes of more items that can be controlled by foreign investors.


Geographers working in the nation’s State Department are admitting that certain treaties such as NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, etc. are expected to erase our national boundary lines.  Is there any wonder why George Bush doesn’t get excited about the runaway condition on our borders?11 These things should be pointed out to your local police departments so that the police officers may begin to put the pieces together and understand why they are expected to assist in unconstitutional acts, such as removing firearms from the people.   The reason is that the people can then be easily ruled in a communist fashion under a new world order after the collapse of their republic.  The Houlihan study was made on how governments of the past met with collapse.


The Houlihan study (formally called “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform”) listed 5 ways to collapse a government.  It was a study done for the governor of the State of California.  The cost was paid for by California taxpayers without their knowledge, but it was not meant to be seen by the public.  It listed 5 ways that were time-tested ways which would influence people to desire and adopt a different form of government.  Here are the 5 ways it summarized that could be used:


     1. A collapse of government’s ability to provide needed services;

     2. A crisis of major  magnitude;

     3. A catastrophe that has a physical effect on the community; 

     4. The corruption of   local officials; and

     5. The high cost of government and the desire for a higher level of services.


Some of the calamities now facing Americans are the devaluation of our currency; runaway inflation; the bankrupt condition of our cities and states; unrestricted immigration without quota limitations; hiring of illegal immigrants who have increased the cost of their free medical care up to 50 billion while stealing jobs from citizens; the Aztlan threat to seize the south/western American states; the importation and addiction of people to illegal drugs; outsourcing of jobs; cost of housing; big business corporations deserting and moving to foreign countries;  giving away American technology to Communist countries; the exhausting cost of wars on too many fronts; large scale weather catastrophes such as Katrina,  etc.  To what extent have these situations been magnified on the drafting boards of global minded legislators?  


If these unconstitutional movements being reported here were part of a movie scenario, it could be dismissed as foolish entertainment, but what is being documented here are serious happenings that are being planned or have been instituted by our own government officials, the result of which is destroying our nation.   Seizing and banning our firearms is a determined federal goal.


Don’t wait until the knock comes on your door by those who are coming in to your home to search for your guns.  If you do nothing, the time will come when any one who speaks of a return to the Constitutional form of government will be condemned and severely penalized.


Every gun owner still has a chance to expose the harmful nature of what both the Republicans and Democrats have taken us into under a New World Order.  Regardless of how they pretend, there is not a dime’s worth of difference in the two parties.  Both parties are committed to a world government system.   The solution has to be created by the people on the local level.


Every president (since the United Nations Charter was unconstitutionally accepted on the grounds of being a “treaty”) has been an administrator of global government.  It was during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration the plans for global government moved from theory to implementation.  


To show how serious the situation had become, Mary Davison wrote into her column a warning exposing the method by which the United States Constitution can be written off, thus eliminating the whole Constitutional system of government via the Department of Peace. The previous Department of Peace legislation, (once unsuccessfully carried by Senator Vance Hartke in 1970), has been revived (but is still in committee). Reviving it in recent years was done by federal representative, Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.  His legislation (also called the Department of Peace is listed as H.R. 2459).12   H..R. 2459 awaits future passage.  It holds the potential for the Secretary of State to officially sign away this nation by merging it into the United Nations system and to formalize the end of the United States government.


This advice that I give you does not provide you with a quick fix method for you to save your guns, but if you can gain a foothold with local law enforcement, and reverse the overthrow of our Constitutional government using this exposure, it will secure your right to arms permanently in the long run.   


The police officer who lives right there with the general population knows that not all gun owners are criminals.  He has a right to be told what is truly happening to us and to him.  The taxes he pays are also providing for New World Order officials to destroy the system that his kids will also have to suffer under.  Only by enlightening these local officials as to where they stand, will we be able to restore the Constitutional system and our Bill of Rights with true peace and justice.  The whole truth with full disclosure of facts has to be brought to their attention.  Grand juries haven’t worked because a judge who is beholden to the judicial system ‘from above’ appoints the foreman. The foreman controls the content of an investigation, and as shown from past experiences, he will not let this subject matter be heard by the members of a Grand Jury.  He gets the tap on the shoulder to exclude such subject matter in their investigations.  e HHHHTherefore, the appeal has to be to the police officers that believe in obeying the law.  The effort has to be made to allow him to realize how he is being used to overthrow his own government. 


We know that our police departments were originally established to insure that the law(s), the rights, and liberties of the decent law-abiding people were upheld and enforced.  If the police are duty bound to enforce the laws of the Constitution, how can our police departments justify their actions by collecting guns from honest law-abiding citizens?  Just who is being anti-government?


Years ago, police officers were like friends to most people, but now they are told to take guns away from the honest good people.  What is most puzzling to us is the fact that our police officers have been willing to be the legmen in the federal chain of command but up to now have been unwilling to question the unconstitutional moves and orders they are required to follow.  Unless things change suddenly, our police departments will go down in history as being responsible for contributing to the foreign conquest of our nation!  The hope this ‘Open Letter’ is built upon is that our police officers will not knowingly want to go down in history as aiding in the overthrow of their own government!  


Have you asked them how they would like to be disarmed?  Did they realize that the disarmers are coming for them also?  Only the ruling world army would have weapons!  Are they aware of that?  Every police officer will also be given a chip in the hand.  All salaries will be determined by government.  Everyone will be told where he or she can work and where he or she can live.  Appointees will rule, and there will no longer be free elections.  People will not be able to recall or vote out public officials, which they do not like when the appointive system takes hold.  The American Bill of Rights will offer no assistance, because it will no longer apply.  It will no longer be recognized!  Everyone will be managed from ‘cradle to grave.’ 


Once the police officers learn that there will no longer be any individual ownership of land after all private arms are prohibited, and that the communist oriented United Nations will supervise every aspect of the lives of all Americans from ‘cradle to grave’, the possibility exists that we may get their help to exercise once again the proper Constitutional laws of our nation.  The City Police Department and your local sheriff may come to realize how they have been manipulated.  They may not accept your explanation right off as to the reason why they are to blame for overthrowing our proper form of government, but as they verify by seeing the government documents which we have reported on here, they will have cause to reconcile their conscience with their patriotism.


By the participation of our police departments in these non-laws and their consequences, we have a right to ask, “Just WHO is guilty of breaking the law?   Just WHO is anti-government?  Our police departments have been converted to be the lowest link in the federal chain of command for use in operating a militarized government.  If your City Police Department is   sincere, and intent upon routing out lawbreakers, why have they joined in with the lawbreakers?  


When you bring out these facts in this ‘Open Letter’ to your local police department, you may meet the guy who lives around the corner who is a member of the local police department, the one to whom your son may deliver the local paper, etc.  He has a right to know the real facts behind the gun grab.  Take the proof with you of what is going on.  If you need copies of any of the documents mentioned here, and cannot locate them on the Internet, we can inform you of the   sources where you may obtain a copy.  Chances are that you can restore your right to arms much easier with the help of your local police department than you would if you had to deal with a compromised member of the Supreme Court, or a member of your state or federal legislature.


It is up to us, to all of us, to decide whether we care enough about our heritage and our children – enough to speak out against this unlawful seizure of our nation, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, our liberties and independence -- and the heritage bequeathed to us by our forbearers in the War for Independence.  The citizens of the United States are responsible to themselves for maintaining themselves as an armed nation, because they have a republic to guard – a republic to retrieve  Even as far as this “transformation” has gone (a word George W. Bush chooses to name it), it can still be stopped if we can just hold on to our right to arms.  This is why we must reveal to our police officers what is behind the federal gun grab.  If the police officers are true Americans, they will be willing to listen to reason.  All the cards must be laid face up on the table.


Americans were meant to be the last to wake up, and at that, not to awaken until the gates had been slammed closed on them.  Then it would not matter what they knew.   Senator William E. Jenner was one of the loyal men in the federal legislature who reported to the people what was happening to them.  He made great speeches in the 50’s and the 60’s against the drive toward world government, and he woke up many people, but the slow subtle changes which were occurring at that time were not enough to rouse people and convince them how serious the threat was.   Not all the globalizing legislation had been passed at that time.  Today you have the benefit of so much more in proving documentation, that there is no excuse now for people not to understand what is happening to their country.  Jenner left this warning: “When they spring the trap, my friends, you will be helpless!  You will have had it!”  He meant that if you waited too long, you would lose out against the time clock and your chance to stop the overthrow of your Constitutional system would have come and gone!  The decisions would no longer be yours to make.


I have presented to you what appears to be the best solution for saving the nation.  Neither the Democrat nor the Republican Party will help, because both have sold out to the world government movement.  All three divisions of the federal government know of the move into a global government, and are co-operating with it.  Most all of the governors are in support of it.  The globalists have stacked the deck from the top down.  The solution has to come from an action led by the people on the local level, demanding that the violations to all our Constitutional laws be stopped!   If the police officers would stop being the legmen for the global government movement, it would bring an end to the subversion.  The real seat of power is with the people on the local level.  Police officers were meant to be our friends on that same level.  Use your First Amendment with them as much as possible to protect your Second Amendment, lest the time comes when neither of these two Amendments any longer exist.   


Most sincerely,




Bernadine Smith, National Director

Second Amendment Committee

Hanford, California



Permission to copy granted if no deletions or additions are added.  


1 The Holt Bill reads: “The court shall not suspend a sentence of imprisonment imposed under this paragraph or impose a probationary sentence under this paragraph.”


2 Karl Von Clausewitz, a German strategist, said: “The aggressor is always peace loving, for he wants to enter the territory of his victim unopposed.  War exists for the benefit of the defender; it comes about only if the defender wishes to fight for his vital interests rather than surrender them.”


3 Sixteenth Jurisprudence


4 Public Law 87-297 reads as follows:  “Definitions:  Sec. 3. As used in this Act—(a) The terms “arms control” and “disarmament” mean the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement including the necessary steps taken under such an agreement to establish an effective system of international control, or to create and strengthen international organizations for the maintenance of peace.”   The attending policy book from the State Department is even more explicit.  On Page 3 of Publication 7277 it states: “The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force”.


5 Britain’s Lord Macaulay’s prediction in 1857: “Your Republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the 20th Century as the Roman Empire was in the 5th, with the difference that the Huns and Vandals that ravaged the Roman Empire will have come from without and that your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your own country by your own institutions.”  


6 In December 1989, Geo H. Bush signed Public Law 101-216, which gave almost word for word, the same definition of disarmament as the first disarmament law.   It states on Page 3:       

          “(2) as defined in this Act, the terms ‘arms control’ and ‘disarmament’ mean ‘the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement to establish an effective system of international control’;



7 To find “Freedom from War - The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World” in the Interned, go to:


To find “The Blue Print for the Peace race,  go to:




Ask your local police officer to join you in an Internet search of Public Law 87-297 by using the following sites:   

                Public Law 87-297 – Title 22 Section 2552 –



                Public Law 87-297 Title 22 Section 2571 –



8 “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.  When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.’s founders.”  ….George H. Bush, 1-17-91


9 Planning techniques and directives for altering the U.S. government were promoted by Franklin D. Roosevelt and one of his advisors, Charles E. Merriam.  Merriam was a socialist who wrote books, one of which was called “On the Agenda of Democracy”. In his book on ‘democracy’ it was explained how to use the same system of people management as that which is used to operate communism.  Merriam taught that this ‘democracy’ system could be brought in by ‘using the coattails of the U. S. Constitution’.  He said: “Fortunately, our Constitution is broad enough in its terms, flexible enough in its spirit, and capable of liberal enough interpretation by the judiciary to permit the adaptation of democracy to changing conditions without serious difficulty.” The 4-word  formula he introduced for action was “education, persuasion, participation, and co-operation”.  (George W. Bush uses Merriam’s persuasion to a fault!) Merriam and F.D.R. advocated the abolishment of our states and replacing them with ‘regions’. Functions were to be shifted quietly, unostentatiously, so that there would be no sudden jolt in the change over.  Even before Pearl Harbor was bombed  Maurice Gomberg drew a map in October of 1941 showing the elimination of national boundary lines which separate the United States from Canada and Mexico.  Treaties such as NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, etc. are doing the job of erasing our national boundary lines and making them disappear.


10 Executive Order 12803 dated April 30, 1992 reads as follows:  “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to ensure that the United States achieves the most beneficial economic use of its resources, it is hereby ordered as follows:

   Section 1. Definitions.  For purposes of this order: (a) “Privatization” means the disposition or transfer of an infrastructure asset, such as by sale or by long-term lease, from a State or local government to a private party.

   (b) “Infrastructure asset” means any asset financed in whole or in part by the Federal Government and needed for the functioning of the economy.  Examples of such assets include, but are not limited to: roads, tunnels, bridges, electricity supply facilities, mass transit, rail transportation, airports, ports, waterways, water supply facilities, recycling and wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, housing, schools, prisons, and hospitals.


11 Leonard B. Wood, a State Department geographer in 1992 said: “What we‘re dealing with is the re-creation of countries.”  The countries that emerge from the process may bear little resemblance to today’s states.  For example, many states won’t have armies, only police.”  We are told that a stratified system of governance and power is likely to replace traditional states.  “At the top will be a stronger United Nations or an equivalent body responsible for peace, environment and other global issues,” explained Julian Minghi, an American geographer and U.S. representative to the IGU commission on the World Political Map.  Minghi, also said: “The notion of boundaries as we’ve known them, in terms of absolute sovereignty and legalities, will in time dwindle.”   The Gomberg map entitled the “New World Moral Order” showed all borders erased from Canada to Panama and re-named as the United States of America.   It included Greenland and Iceland.


12 Mary Davison was the head of the “Council for Statehood” (Florida based).  She was an expert on the United Nations.  In 1970 she put out a warning that a mechanism was being set up for transferring U.S. government powers.  It read: “Legislation is pending to merge the executive branch of the federal government with the United Nations through an all-powerful cabinet post to be known as the Department of Peace.”  “The theory is that the U.S. will be involved in war after war until we bow meekly to one world tyranny as a way out.  Under the proposed legislation, carried by Senator Vance Hartke and Congressman Halpern, the functions, powers and duties of the Secretary of State and the Department of State will be transferred to the Department of Peace,” reported Davison.  “The President may transfer to the Secretary of Peace any function of any other agency or office or part of any agency or office in the Executive Branch to the Department of Peace.”  Davison’s prediction is that this will result in a merger of the United Nations and the Department of Peace.  Recently, the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency has been transferred to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who has announced recently that her intention is to effect changes to refocus the Department on the President’s mission to promote “democracy”.