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Subject: Re: Hitler Youth Brigades in New York                                                                                                                                                                                            

Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 09:12:17 -0700            



This was forwarded by a close Marine buddy living in New Jersey.  Please take note of the implications.

jadinardo@optonline.net wrote:

>From John M to John D :

I just spoke to my friend Don and he's at a carnival in Nassau County. They have Obama youth brigades, ((young kids)) dressed in police uniforms with patches, badges and the Nassau County police emblem on the uniforms walking around at this very moment.

It's Hitler's nazi germany all over again.

By casually marching these unknowing youth brigades around during a carnival atmosphere, then Obama administration is trying to get the public used to these young indoctrinated brain washed snitches that will in the future be used to invade every citizen's privacy and will be used to fight against an imaginary boogy man.  What they will be told and trained to look for are people who defend the constitution and their God given freedoms.

They will be told to look for and to hate those people who question authority.

They will be told to look for people who carry with them any DVDS that speak of the truth.

They will be told to look for people who refuse to be vaccinated.

All of these people who fight for their rights and truth will be labeled "domestic Terrorist groups"

History repeats itself and we have arrived at that junction.

It is our duty as rational and thinking responsible human beings whom have witnessed the atrocities of the past to stand fast against the atrocities that come now to life in full view.
From John D to John M :
Hi John,

The best way to oppose these Hitler youth brigades is to expose them to the public, which greatly outnumbers them.  So, I'm forwarding your message, but not your name.  Later, we'll see if the publicists want to get your friend's detailed report.  Thanks for alerting me to this repugnant situation.