by Bernadine Smith



This NOTIFICATION is being posted to inform all visitors to this web site, or fax communication, that this organization is not now, nor has ever been, involved in prejudice against the race or religion of other people.


The article I reproduced written by Texe Marrs called “The Murder of America” was reproduced for the reason that he had summarized in 13 points what the Illuminati intends to achieve by building a North American Community. I would not plagiarize his work in listing the 13-point summary telling of what the merger of the United States with Mexico and Canada is going to do so, I reprinted it.   Time is fleeting!  He listed it well, and I agree that these are the globalist goals just as he has listed them. 


Although it is Texe Marrs’ opinion that the damage we are suffering is due to Zionist Jews, it has been the observation of other researchers, myself included, that there are far more WASPS (stands for “White Anglo Saxon Protestants”) and Catholics involved at the core of the treason that has overtaken us -- much more than Zionist Jews.


By reproducing his 13-point summary, it does not mean that I endorse his position of blaming Jews.  I am aware that different people see the situation in different ways.  Time is very short to save this Constitutional nation!  There are many people classed as Jews who are sincerely patriotic, true Americans, and faithful to the Constitutional system of our forefathers.  They are fighting against this global take-over, as well as anybody else!


We are so close to Doomsday:  the time when those who hold power in this nation, will descend upon us, put into effect the plans for rounding up and killing all people who will not give up their firearms, or who will not bow down to the operations and conformity to a global government take-over!  Little time is left for peaceful resistance, or even for waking up the people. 


If we are to fight amongst ourselves over who is the cause behind the global planning and take-over, we shall surely lose the “War for Survival of our Constitutional System”.   Some people blame all the Catholics for the disaster facing us.  If we all pull together to save the nation, the victory that follows will give time to unravel which religion or race did what!  We have no time now for fighting amongst ourselves. 


As I see it, due to the inaction of most religions and nationalities, they are to blame for the condition in which we are in today!  Incidentally, what has your church -- or your nationality  -- done to save us?




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