The map, which follows, was drawn in 1952 in London by the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government.  At that time it was not expected that transforming the world into a “new world order” would take as long as it has.  The planning for world government was designed and set before the United Nations Charter was signed. 


In his early days as a federal representative William Fulbright (1945-1975) said:  “We freshmen Senators were put in here for world government”.  Many completion dates were set including 1976, 1984, 2000, etc. but due to wars and unexpected circumstances could not be met.  Here and there patriots were fortunate to gather documents drawn by global government planners to be able to expose the evil plans by the “new world order” groups. 


The nation’s founders instituted a form of government that was “just” and protective of the people’s liberty.  They based their work upon the rights endowed to the people by the Creator, and the natural law.  They believed that government should be limited and be administered with the ‘consent of the governed’.  They instituted a form of government, which they felt would safeguard us from tyrannical rule.  The intention of the “new world order” groups was to overthrow the work of the founding fathers of the United States.


Although the world troop map which follows has undoubtedly undergone many revisions since its first drafting, it is being displayed so that the American people can realize the extent of militarized captivity that has been planned for them and to which they will be subjected once a “new world order” is finalized! 


In the past, meetings have been held by the disarmament agency with discussions to close off five states at a time, and make house-to-house searches in the United States to seize guns from American citizens. 


The Homeland Security is an agency that is not responsible to the people.  In creating the Homeland Security Agency, simply by writing Executive Order No. 13286, George W. Bush has merged the civilian law enforcement with the military.  This is never done in a republic if it is to remain a republic.  Under this change we have moved from a republic into a militarized system, which is an action necessary for implementation of the finalized “new world order”.