by Bernadine Smith


            I was told by Merritt Newby of American Challenge (a newsletter) that "the Bill of Rights is not subject to repeal, revoke, or rescind"!!  He worked with the most knowledgeable Constitutional attorneys in the Southern States, all of whom were extremely well versed in Constitutional law.  These inherent and natural rights in the Bill of Rights were given to man as an endowment from the Creator, which no one (NO ONE!!!) can eliminate!  These rights are beyond the reach of public officials.  These rights are not subject to the whims of those whom we elect to public office.  This information is verifiable if you check the statements and expressed viewpoints of the Founding Fathers who drafted the Constitution.  Read the many statements made by Patrick Henry.  Some of his quotes are on my website: Second Amendment Committee.  Most likely, these present day anti-gun (so-called law makers), living in our time, already know all about those discussions that were made when the Constitution was first presented.  It first came without a Bill of Rights. The Constitution at first was rejected until it had a Bill of Rights added to it.  The purpose was to protect our authority, via our right to arms, both individually and collectively!   Patrick Henry of the State of Virginia led in that fight which stopped the whole Constitution from being accepted until a Bill of Rights to protect our right to arms was added. Today's lawmakers, passing these bad "total and complete disarmament laws" and anti-gun laws realize that they are going against our laws!  However, the sad thing in this situation is the number of people of today who believe that today's corrupt and conniving public officials have the power to disarm them! They do not have that power!  It does not exist!  This right is not supposed to even be 'infringed'!!! 

            Total disarmament laws have been written, such as Public Law 87-297, and are totally unconstitutional! The Small Arms Treaty is also totally unconstitutional!  These laws are forbidden by the Second Amendment to our Constitution, and by our whole system of government, which is a "republic", wherein "the people are in charge", and they have the "final authority".   Who is going to enforce these unconstitutional edicts upon us? Were we not armed so that we would be the final authority?!   When authority is taken away from the people, they no longer have a republic!  The condition under which the people were required to be an armed populace was created to preserve and to enforce their authority.  Having "no arms" means having "no authority"!  Being armed insures the continuance of the people's authority, freedom, liberty and a "republic", but IF the people are ever forced to be disarmed, they will no longer have any "authority" nor a "republic".  When their authority goes, the republic will no longer exist!

            We have been led too long on the idea of calling our republic a "democracy".  Do you ever wonder why?  One-worlder Charles E. Merriam taught how to convert our nation into communism, simply by calling it a "democracy", and following the practices of a "democracy."  Merriam wrote the book called "On the Agenda of Democracy" and it explains that democracy IS communism, plus how communism can take over a country more easily when people are totally disarmed. They then will have NO AUTHORITY!  Do you think it won't happen here? 

            The people are gradually accepting communism being laid over them, and are grateful as long as they are told that they are getting "democracy"!  Think twice when someone asks you to support "our democracy”!