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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

'No EU in U.S.'
Tony Snow responds to warnings about North American superstate

Posted: July 12, 2006
2:00 p.m. Eastern

By Les Kinsolving


Presidential press secretary Tony Snow yesterday emphatically stated that there would be no "EU in the U.S." when asked about administration efforts to more closely integrate state relations between Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

As WorldNetDaily reported, some critics of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America have said the program, though supposedly beneficial to the U.S., will lead to a North American superstate similar to the European Union, open borders, loss of sovereignty and even a common currency.

WND asked Snow about the criticism, stating, "As WorldNetDaily's lead story pointed out yesterday, critics are expressing concerns about the president's cooperative efforts with Mexico and Canada regarding the Security and Prosperity Partnership. And my question: Will the president categorically deny any interest in building a European Union-style superstate in North America?"

Responded Snow: "Of course, no. We're not interested. There is not going to be an EU in the U.S."

WND also asked the spokesman about the controversy surrounding the Mount Soledad cross memorial in San Diego. The Supreme Court recently issued a stay in the case, saving the monument from destruction for the time being.

"Why is the president, as a devoutly religious man, failing to take any action?" asked WND.

"Right now what you have is a court opinion that is still being reviewed," responded Snow. "Let's find out what the courts have to say."

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