NRA Honors Gun Prohibitionists

Romney and McCain at Annual Meeting!

By Elliott Graham, NRA Endowment Member and proud

to be Life Member of C.C.R.K.B.A. and G.O.A.


Would you believe that the oldest and largest “gun rights” organization; “The National Rifle Association of America, Inc.” invited a Governor who violated his oath of office to defend our U.S. Constitution (when he signed an “Assault Weapons” ban which made many gun owners instant “criminals”) to address its members at its “Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum” on Friday, May 15th, 2009.


Yes, this is the same former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts who signed this prohibition of firearms into law when he was Governor.


Not only was Governor Romney there, but also was Senator John McCain, Co-Author of the infamous “McCain-Feingold Bill” which helped Democrats defeat Republicans (including even himself) in the last 2008 Election!  Yes, Senator McCain was a traitor to the same Republican Party that nominated him!


So, where were the true legitimate pro-second amendment 2008 Presidential Candidates like U.S. Representatives Ron Paul or Bob Barr or even Governors Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee?   How come they were not invited to speak or at least have a video presentation made featuring the real pro-gun rights supporters?


This, of course, is not the first time, as I remember when they supported former Attorney General George Dukemejian for Governor and Richard Reardon for Mayor of Los Angeles!   When Dukemejian was Governor, he signed into law; “The Roos-Roberti Assault Weapons Act” which became the worst gun prohibition ever to pass in the California Legislature and which made 300,000 law abiding gun owners instant ‘criminals’!


After Mayor Richard Reardon completed his last term as Mayor, he was later quoted as saying that: “If he had his way, all guns would be banned and we would have house to house searches to collect the guns and anyone caught with a gun would be put in jail!”


In 2004, when California’s most anti-gun State Senator Jack Scott and his friend Assemblyman Dario Fromer ran for re-election, the NRA refused to back their only pro-second amendment opponents, both Libertarians, when there were no Republican Challengers.  But, why not, if there were no Republican candidates to vote for, why didn’t the NRA support the only opponents that do support our right to bear arms? Isn’t it better to have a pro-gun minor party candidate than to not vote at all?


Is the N.R.A., the National Rifle Association or is it the National Republican Association?


Therefore, my recommendation is to join the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Gun Owners of America and J.P.F.O. the real pro-Second Amendment gun associations.