We are entering a dangerous period because the American people have accepted the precept that the U.S. has the "right to kill anyone who may be a terrorist."  A similar program existed during the Vietnam war era.  It was called "the Phoenix Program."   It was operated by the CIA and Special Forces units, and between 40 and 60 thousand civilians, (most of them innocent) were tortured and executed because paid informants accused them of being sympathetic to the Viet Cong.

What is happening today?  The U.S. is morally and financially bankrupt, the world economy is collapsing, massive demonstrations are taking place across America, the Brotherhood of Darkness has destabilized the Near East and the Middle East, and devastating war in that region is imminent.

What lies ahead?  Most people recognize something is seriously wrong, and want to preserve America, but they don't know what to do. What can you do?  I have prepared a one-and-a-half minute script that you can read on the telephone that encourages people to listen to Radio Liberty.

If you are willing to spend an hour a week, we may be able to spark a revival, and change the course of our nation.

If you would like a copy of the script, and instructions on how to use it, access, and scroll down to the section that states "Script".

If you don't have a computer, call 800-544-8927, or send a written request to:

Radio Liberty, P.O. Box 969, Soquel, CA 95073

As was the case with the subjects of previous empires, Americans succumbed to the evil idea that they should celebrate the power of their rulers, rather than the liberties invested in them by their Creator.  They took pride - rather than appropriate alarm - in the mutation of our modest commercial republic into a global Leviathan. They accepted the evil transaction in which we surrendered our liberties in order to purchase "dominion" for those who arrogantly rule us. They foolishly assumed that America was some happy exception to the political principle that it is impossible to have a giant's strength without ruling as a tyrant.

After decades of gestation, the Rough Beast of undisguised imperial tyranny - the murderous bastard child of our degenerate institutions - has been born, and begun its lethal rampage.

If 100 Radio Liberty supporters get one person a week to listen to my programs and accept my message, and if each of the new listeners get one person a week to listen and believe, we would have a million new listeners in 15 weeks, and a billion listeners in 25 weeks.

Telephone marketing works. I hope you will join this effort.

Barbara and I appreciate your loyal support and your faithful prayers.

Yours in Christ,

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Stanley Monteith