If you understand the Constitution, you know that the founders did not want the federal government to usurp the powers that belonged to the states; nor did they want the system to devolve into a military government.  The idea behind limiting the power of the federal government was to prevent the recurrence of tyranny.


From the onset, they structured the system so that there was always a sharp line that separated the military from the civilian law enforcement systems. Law enforcement was always a power and prerogative that belonged to the states.  It was unlawful (unconstitutional) for the civilian law enforcement system to be controlled by the federal government.  These two systems were never to be merged under one head!  This could not be done in a republic if it were to remain a republic!  If this were to occur, the republic would be ended, and a dictatorship would be found in its place.  After two centuries of operation, the sharp line that once separated the two systems has been discarded.  That line no longer exists! 


State governors and their legislatures should have been the first to object.  So much damage occurred under the federal government’s Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (L.E.A.A.). It was during the Nixon Administration in the seventies that the federal L.E.A.A. was created.  The L.E.A.A. laid the groundwork for the Homeland Security Agency.  Agencies are not responsible to the people.  They are beyond the people’s control.  Such is another indication of an oncoming dictatorship.


In almost every case, acceptance of federal L.E.A.A. grant money has been the bait.  Despite all the excuses given for creating the Homeland Security Agency, the federal government did not tell the real reason for its creation.  The (HSA) seized the nation’s civilian law enforcement; merged it with the military, and now every law enforcement officer -- all the way down to the local beat officer -- is now “on line” to comply with the orders from the Homeland Security Agency.  Military concepts were used to create the HSA and then integrate them on a “regional basis”.  This means that the controlling HSA arrangement is for eventual international management.


If you are wondering where L.E.A.A. got its marching orders, check the laws and treaties the U.S. government has made with foreign countries for ‘general and complete disarmament’ which calls for a military force to keep internal order after the surrender of the entire U.S. armed forces to the world army.  This is a permanent basis.  The disarmament law permits a force just sufficient enough to preserve internal order to remain and be armed.  Since we are in the third and final stage of that law, which requires the presence of a military force to take control, it is obvious that the Homeland Security Agency is that “force”.







In order for a police officer to maintain his certification as an officer, he must complete an annual training course which now includes acceptance of “Unified Command” as one of the three subjects taught.  


President George Bush, the State Department, and others are on record making constant reference to the various “transformations” that are going on.  They try to make people think that these transformations are good.  If you request Google to make a search for “transformation”, they will supply heaps of sites that deal with “transformation”.  The whole system of American government is being trans-formed. 


The words “transformed” and “transformation” must be taken seriously.  According to the dictionary, transformation means “making a change in structure and composition” -- “a major change”. 


George Washington in his Farewell Address made several comments to warn the people of making specious changes in the constitutional system.  He said: “One method of assault may be to effect, in the form of the Constitution, alterations which will impair the energy of the system; and thus to undermine what cannot be directly overthrown.”


Police officers need to understand WHY they are being altered --"transformed” --  to support this military dictatorship arrangement.*  Every law enforcement officer is now “on line” working for the Homeland Security Agency.  Some are vying to get the best of the high paying jobs offered by the Homeland Security Agency, which is funded by taxes provided by the unaware public.  Is the salary they receive not reminiscent of another period in time when 13 pieces of silver was the price paid for a betrayal?


What does it all add up to?  The answer is that law enforcement is being enticed to participate in a gigantic embezzlement against the well being of the American people.  When they are taught, “unified command” do they understand where it is taking them -- and the people?  Will it set easy on the conscience of those who later learn how they helped to overthrow the rightful government of the United States?


Whether they realize it or not, the population of the United States is being conquered by a socialist world government faction by allowing these massive alterations to be made in the operational concepts of their rightful system.  Who authorized these major changes in the system?  Why weren’t the people told that these changes would result in a different system of government?  Isn’t “consent of the governed” still a requirement, sourced in the Declaration of Independence?  Have the people ever given their consent to be transformed under a global system run by communists and socialists?







Because it is happening is not justification to allow it to continue.  Have all the rules in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights been forsaken?  Will things get better if we close our eyes and hope it goes away?


Militarization of civilian law enforcement under unified command has already taken place and it will grow fiercely.  A dictatorship form of government has taken the place of the Constitutional Republic.  This nation is no longer structured to operate as a republic. 


To whom should we, the people, appeal to for help?  Surely, not to the same public officials who in the first place took the federal grant money as a payoff, gave their approval for the L.E.A.A. to alter the operating concepts of our government, and then passed the enabling legislation!  Is it possible to get law enforcement’s help when they, too, have been taken over by the Homeland Security Agency? 


Police officers arrest people, and put them in jail for menial crimes, which are by far much less damaging than this “transformation”.  How do we reach our law enforcement officers and ask them to pull the wool away from their eyes instead of co-operating with the swindle?


The general insight which is required of a law enforcement officer should have been adequate enough for each to catch on to this felonious HSA scenario, especially when our own law enforcement officers are the ones who are being turned into “accomplices” in this subversive movement! 


Read the attached brochure written by a valiant American military man, Duane Thorin** (now deceased) who foresaw in 1963 what was happening.  See Page 10 for his mention of the word “transformation”.  Keep in mind that he saw what was happening long before the word was openly flaunted as it is today.  Neither did he have the advantages that go with Internet access. 



* Joseph Stalin Standard:  “It matters not whether they are members of the party.  What does matter is that they serve the same common cause.”


**Duane Thorin still has a website on the Internet.