Note:  I wish to inform my e-mail and fax friends that Jack McLamb is not one of those who is telling people “It is over”.  Jack is not an easily discouraged patriot.  The reason that I chose him for the “Open Letter” is that his secretary called and told me that Jack wanted to reproduce my Introduction to Rice’s speech.  I called it: “Rice’s Speech Reflects Her Globalist Tutoring”.  Jack thought it was particularly important to inform the public that the globalists use the word ‘democracy as a stand-in word for ‘communism’.  Jack is intending to reproduce that Introduction in his ‘Aid & Abet’ Newsletter.  For his assurance, I mailed him pages from Charles E. Merriam’s own book “On the Agenda of Democracy” in which Merriam defined and described ‘democracy’ as advanced communism, which allows for its acceptance in the processes that today are being implemented world-wide.  Merriam, financed by the Rockefeller family, was the mentor for Franklin Roosevelt and his administration.  Not only did Merriam lay out the blueprint for the conversion of the United States into global communism, he set up, using Rockefeller funds, the Public Administration Clearing House (P.A.C.H. – diagram attached), which from then on, influenced and controlled the thinking and performance of all U.S. public officials.….Bernadine Smith                                                                                                                                                 




Dear Jack: 


Jack, please have your group realize that now is not the time to 'give up'!   I am being told that there is a number of people who have become so discouraged that they are taking the attitude that we should all just 'give up'!  They think it is too late for us to save ourselves.  That is a bad idea!  Actually, we are now in the best time that we have ever had to expose and stop the global communists and all their unlawful activity! 


Many years ago Maureen Heaton and I were looking forward to these days that are now before us.  We had such an uphill battle telling people what was going to happen to our country.  Because it had not happened yet, back then, over 30 or more years ago, many people scoffed at the idea that such corruption of the nation and such evil acts and conditions would ever come about or survive public approval -- even though some of it had already been done!


Content with "Well, it won't happen in my lifetime!" many people dismissed the need to expose what was being laid out in secret operations of and by the federal government, etc.  But we ploughed on, and kept working against the evil unconstitutional changes being made in the state and federal systems, realizing as the global monster grew, that some day the best time would come when the people would no longer think "it won't happen in my lifetime!"   The people would then be shocked by the reality of it all -- simply by the adverse movements and radical changes committed before their very eyes: the passage of unconstitutional acts, laws, executive orders; purported treaties, the installation of 10 federal "regions" to replace our 50 states; the general & complete disarmament law (P.L.87-297 signed by JFK which requires us to give our armed forces away on a permanent basis to foreign international commanders, and prohibit every American citizen from owning a firearm), the planning for a military government, the international summit conferences installing inverse policies, etc; plus many other wacky situations being fostered upon us.


Well, it has gotten to that degree, and worse, as the government now tells us that 'it is O.K. to take land away from one private owner and give it to another private owner'; and most of our products are now manufactured in communist China (which is called our most favored nation); and we have unlimited illegal immigration flowing over unprotected borders, plus super corridors ruining our own economic structure; a North American Union to mash Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico into being one country; with  no laws to protect ourselves against the threat of being called 'terrorists' for opposing these treasonous actions. 


Unfortunately, my buddy, Maureen Heaton passed away in June 2000.  She did not live long enough to be involved in the "ripe" times we now have upon us.    It is so much better now to wake people up.  Even worse than we expected has happened!!  It is provable!  Undeniable!  And the people are feeling the impact of it.  Probably 80% of the people know that the Constitutional government is literally being overthrown by the same public officials we elected to operate the Constitutional government! 


Open borders; depletion of the strength of the State Guards; the former protection of the Writ of Habeas Corpus being downsided; the military bases we needed to protect our country diminished in the antics of the Base Realignment and Closing Commission (BRAC); the unjust wars spending our substance while forcing unwilling countries into a global government (falsely labeled as bringing them 'democracy'); the executive order which authorized the ability of the federal government to sell off the entire infrastructure of our counties, such as, but not limited to, roads, tunnels, bridges, ports, mass transit, airports, rail transportation, waterways, water supply facilities, recycling and waste water treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, housing, schools, prisons, hospitals -- all of which can be sold to foreigners 'authorized' by a sneaky executive order (E.O.12803) signed in 1989 by President George Herbert Walker Bush. 


The bad thing is that the control of the news media is under the same communist bunch, and we have such buffoons as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc (apologists for the evil that is being done to the nation) who keep some of the public dumbed down.  These television and radio monopolists keep a certain percentage of the people brainwashed, not to mention the school teachers and professors who render the young inadequate to the challenges and duties that face them.  Three cheers for the home schoolers!  Then, too, we have many tax free foundations that put up the funds to help finance what the globalists now call global government: "the transformation”.  Three cheers for the Internet!


So when I hear people say "It is too late now!"  "They have gone too far for us to stop them.”….blah blah blah.............!  Jack, I want to say to those people:  "Shame on you! Shame! Shame! Shame!  Don't you know that all this garbage is UNauthorized, UNlawful, and UNconstitutional?  Don't you know that YOU OWN the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  Hasn't it ever occurred to you that they can't be taken away or swindled from you?   Those who are doing the damage have no authorization -- no valid action -- no power whatsoever to sustain the wrongs they have inflicted upon the nation.  Just like with your car, for example, you know that you own the pink slip!  You OWN the pink slip to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!   No one can take those documents away from you.  No one can transform you without your permission and written consent!  These two documents were ratified by the people with 'in perpetuity’ intent!  And don't you know what terrific defenses you have in the Declaration of Independence?  We have so many guarantees in these three documents!  No laws written against them can stand. Every state and federal public official is bound by oath to support and defend these documents.    When did you ever assert yourself or take a peaceable action to get these bad laws nullified?”            


The people have never given their permission for a North American Union; nor for a military government to be laid down over us, and called by such an innocent and sweet sounding name as the 'Homeland Security Agency'; nor for us to be revamped so that we are in conformity to military standards in the global regional command and control system.  These so-called laws, treaties, executive orders, etc. are all just waiting for the people to declare them 'null and void'. 


Our three constitutional documents hold the true laws for this nation.  All of our public officials were required to take a sworn oath of allegiance to our true laws!   Those who knowingly engage in this seditious activity, do so to their detriment.  Crimes against our true system of government:  that is called treason! 


There are so many guarantees in our three Constitutional documents to protect us, also state codes that go to prove that not only is it treason which we see before us today, classed as serious punishable crimes, it is also punishable for us citizens not to report treason!  That law for failure to report treason is called 'misprision of treason'.  'Misprision of treason' is defined as having "the knowledge and concealment of treason, without otherwise assenting to or participating in the crime".  'Misprision of treason' is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison.  In California, that law is written in the California State Penal Code and is found in Section 38 under the title of "Offenses Against State Sovereignty".  Some penal code books do not publish it, but Section 38 is still in effect, only hidden from the public by the publishers.  Regardless, we have an obligation to call "treason" when it is treason that is happening. 


We have work to do, Jack, to wake up that little group of people who think we should 'give up'.  The best chance we ever had is before us.  Let's not waste it!  I will follow this up soon with another letter on the same subject.    



Bernadine Smith   - 

Second Amendment Committee