by Bernadine Smith



The misuse and abuse of the treaty clause is bringing about the destruction of the American states and the American Union of States.  The federal system itself, which is supposed to guarantee the states and their people a republican form of government is also a willing participant on the chopping block!  This is how it is going to be if we are to continue the plunge into a world government -- (President George W. Bush’s dream of a “new world order” of ‘peace and freedom’ so-called).   


The wrong turn began in 1945 with the adoption of the United Nations Charter, and the Statute of the International Court of Justice. This initial treaty for globalization was signed by then-president Harry Truman, and ratified by the Senate on July 28, 1945.  It became the parent document with many collaborative treaties yet to follow, up to and including the current Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Agreement, signed in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005, by Geo. W. Bush, president of the United States; Vincente Fox, president of Mexico; and Paul Martin, Minister of Canada.


Today that three-nation alliance presents the action capable of ending the existence of the 50 American States.   In their place a North American Community (a world government regional system) will be erected consisting of a merger of these three countries into one.  A new form of government will be instituted over the three-nation area to operate the merger.  Unquestionably, a disaster for us!


How can it be that one man is allowed to destroy this nation?  The only answer is: if the governors of the 50 states are in collusion!   What defenses do we have against such an alliance?  Let’s look back to the beginning when the United Nations Charter was first introduced.  This Charter was an overall blueprint for the destruction of the United States.  It placed itself as an authority over the Constitution.  It was presented as a “treaty”, but it never qualified as a “treaty”. 


The so-called ratification of the Charter occurred while the allies were still at war with Japan.  The “United Nations” operations at that time was a NON-EXISTING, NON-SOVEREIGN ENTITY, which excluded it from any valid treaty making activity or privilege.  The Charter was a “plan” -- a blueprint for the destruction of the United States Constitution and our republic, and should never have been classified as a “treaty”. 


The solution today is to address this forgery. Treaties are made between sovereign nations.   Since ratification of the United Nations Charter as a “treaty”  (so-called) did occur while the Allies were still at war with Japan, and the “United Nations” at the time of ratification of the Charter as a “treaty” was NON-EXISTENT, and was neither a SOVEREIGN NATION, this precluded any VALID treaty-making activity between the United States and those conspirators who sought to sell America on a “plan” for global transformation.


Alger Hiss, a convicted soviet spy, was the guardian of the document.  The nation was ‘taken in’, although many people did testify before the United States Congressional Committee against its adoption -- to no avail!  In terms of being a “treaty”, the United Nations Charter and the Statute of the International Court of Justice are still illegal and unlawful.


Under proper conditions in the United States, a treaty is held to be on an equal footing with the Constitution of the United States, and it is required to be in pursuance thereof to its principles. A treaty joins the Constitution as  “the supreme law of the land.” 


The laws of the United States are also required to be in pursuance thereof to the principles within the Constitution.  All laws made under a treaty are expected to be in pursuance of the principles within the Constitution.  There is no power granted for anything which is otherwise!  Only when these tests are met, the treaty is entitled to be called a “treaty”. 


Ever since the U.N. Charter was classed as a “treaty”, and signed as if it were a “treaty”, the strength, momentum, and dynamics of the United States has been declining. This could have been expected because the Charter was, from the onset, a blueprint for the destruction of the principles within the U.S. Constitution.  Added to that are its many contingent “treaties” that expand the goals of the initial Charter.  Today we are faced with the massive damage that will come about by the recent Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Agreement. 


Things have grown worse!  Denials and disguises are off!  The “treaties” (agreements or whatever they may be called) are now openly claiming the ability to supersede the United States Constitution as evidenced in the North American Community being built by the merger of Mexico, Canada and the United States!


The plans were set for global government before WWII, but the American people became more vulnerable as a result of WWII.  All of these communistically engineered documents were easily put over on the unsuspecting people as harbingers of ‘peace’ and ‘freedom’.  It has taken years to surface this openly.  It is now obvious that there is no ‘peace’ by continual wars to promote, force, or maintain global structure; while freedom’ is now also easily documented to mean “no national army, no national navy, no national air force, and no private ownership of firearms by U.S. citizens”.  In other words, “general and complete disarmament” under a United States law already passed (Public Law 87-297 - See U.S. Codes Title 22 Section 2551, etc.), means what it says, calling for the United Nations to simultaneously become the recipient of our entire armed forces, and for the communistic United Nations to command the only army in the world, which no nation “would have the military power to challenge”!


After 61 years of financing this fraud, many results are surfacing:  a monetary system so weak that two parents must work to support their family; a militarized government system now in place in the U.S. for permanent operation but disguised as the ‘homeland security’; all civilian law enforcement (our police) separated from state control and federalized by the ‘homeland security’ for international military command and control; borders wide open with an administration eager to dissolve the national boundary lines in favor of the North


American Community; federal spending so massive, that only foreign investments are keeping the nation’s economy from collapsing; the Panama Canal given away while communist China anchors itself within Panama’s ports and on our mainland; self-sufficiency almost gone as much of our daily products are being manufactured in communist countries while jobs are also being outsourced to foreign countries; strategic U.S. military bases closed down while only those, which the world army will occupy, are allowed to remain open; and our armed forces and equipment are facing exhaustion while their substance is being spent upon conquering countries who oppose joining the imperial ‘new world order’!  If you think that 9-11 was a tragedy, wait ‘til you hear the moans and bitter outcries as the U.S. Constitution takes its last drop!


Invalidation and/or termination of any devious or unconstitutional treaties has been made more difficult by the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, a document patriots need to investigate. 


There are three attachments to this article:


(1) A summary of the C.F.R. globalist plans by 2010 -- exposed by Texe Marrs;

(2) “The North American Union Would Trump the Supreme Court” -- an article      

      by Jerome Corsi; and

(3) A letter from the California Legislature, Senate Office of Research, addressed to State Senator Don Rogers, stating: “In conclusion, the U.N. Charter does not have supremacy over the federal Constitution, federal law, or state laws.”  The date of the letter is January 6, 1987 and what was said then, should still apply! 


Senator Rogers tried to get to the root of the problem.  This was the opinion he received from the Research Office of the largest state in the Union, yet the action going on in the president’s Oval Office has all along defied what the state tells its legislators and their constituents.


The damage that is being done by the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Agreement has to be addressed before we no longer have states with which to come to our aid. When the states are dissolved, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights will automatically be cast aside! The billions of dollars for these global government ideas, including the NAFTA Super Corridor, which will cut up the U.S. will come out of your IRS tax payments. It should concern you!


To get to the real big root of these problems, an action must be taken to face up to the invalidity of the United Nations Charter and its many false treaties.  The onus now is on the state legislatures.  Call your state representatives and ask what they are doing against their own demise. 




Summary by Texe Marrs: “The Plot to Dissolve the United States and Establish the North American Union”

Jerome Corsi article: “The North American Union Would Trump U.S. Supreme        Court” 

California Legislature, Senate Office of Research, letter addressed to State Senator Don Rogers