Created by the



Omnibus Crime Control &



Safe Streets Act



of 1968










This is what the L.E.A.A. did!


     Diminished the power of the states by consolidating all power over courts, corrections, law enforcement, etc. unto the federal government:

     Detruded the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights;

    Erected a national police force through achievement of the federally controlled Standard Setting Process;

    Merged the military with the civilian law enforcement systems under one regional agency, and introduced military concepts on a regional basis modeled after 499-A Mit-standard systems. (This resulted in the militarization of law enforcement under unified command and complimented the work being done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Engineering Division for the “World-Wide Military Command and Control Systems”);

     Prepared the way for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.);

     Restructured the judicial system in preparation for world court operations and implementation of the communist Human Rights Treaties;

     Financed “Project Search” to link in the United States with the world management satellite data system collecting fingerprints and photographs of U.S. citizens;

     Instigated the “state pre-emption” maneuver, to impact directly upon the law-abiding citizens by turning guns into a state-controlled right and to mislead the public in their effort to protect their firearms;

     Financed the California Specialized Training Institute in San Luis Obispo (C.S.T.I.), where selected individuals are taught to become teachers on how to convert civilian government into military operation.



The L.E.A.A. was a subjunct of the Advisory Commission on Inter-governmental Relations and received government financing from them.  It is apparent that the groundwork for the internationalization of the United States was the goal.  They worked in conjunction with the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals for the secret implementation of Page 340.