The systems engineer who had first located Page 340 in the L.E.A.A. office told me the following:


“After the collapse of the German Third Reich, not only did the United States pick up Adolph Hitler’s scientists, but the “planners” received a tremendous augmentation when in 1945 they rummaged over what was left of Hitler’s Third Reich and this country retrieved the inductive type of reasoning and logic that was used to operate that totalitarian government. They saw the thorough planning systems that Hitler’s regime used and they seized upon the thoroughness of Hitler’s management systems. A lot of these elementary concepts were taken by the U.S. Air Force and were amalgamated within the prerogative of their responsibilities which at that time resulted in the setting up of what we now call the “Military Standards 499 Systems  (Mil-Standard 499 Systems). This is defined as a systematic process (a methodology) of solving sequential problems. The result is that 99% of the lower practitioners of these final systems engineering techniques and methodologies -- with their short and long range plannings, are completely unaware -- completely oblivious to the fact of where or why these concepts were developed. Many of our government employee planners are deploying techniques about which they realize little or nothing. They are ignorant. This is a very dangerous situation.


They are completely unaware -- completely oblivious to the fact of where these concepts were developed or why! They are doing things that they know nothing about, deploying techniques about which they are ignorant. This is a very dangerous situation.


The totality of 499 Systems has been split up into a zillion different little portions, and different little portions are being practiced by all these various committees all over the country in various governmental endeavors. They get the parameters and details of the tasks they have to perform only but they are not given, nor do they understand, the total integrated picture.


When the whole thing is in place the U.S. government will be overthrown and replaced by a military government and the people who worked in the systems will little understand how their part fit into the complete system; nor how they assisted in overthrowing their own government.” End of quotation