Greenville, South Carolina

December 20, 2010

Dear Senator DeMint:

Despite the fact that this is the Christmas Season, a time for joy and happiness, some bad news has come to the surface, to which you must give your prompt attention.

Many Americans have learned from the TV program 60 Minutes that was broadcasted on December 19, 2010 with Steve Kroft interviewing the highly respected financial analyst Meredith Whitney in regard to the financial crisis which is now coming out in headlines and engulfing our states.  Whitney has expressed her belief that our states will have hit bottom, and will be fully collapsed within a year.  The purpose of this open letter is to present some facts that are essential for responsible legislators to keep in mind.

Many researchers are well aware that the global planning division has long been desirous of a method which would facilitate the end of our states and the sequential elimination of our 1789 Constitution and the 1791 Bill of Rights.  The purpose behind it all is to activate the forced installation of a militarized global socialist society.  Several decades ago, a copy of such a plan drafted by global planners was obtained with these intentions, which would make such seditious activities possible.  It was quite by accident that K. Maureen Heaton of California obtained a copy of this plan, which she took to her California Board of Supervisors.  In turn, those supervisors in El Dorado County issued their Resolution (447-44) condemning this evil plan, (that was financed by the State of California), which intended to emulate five sure-fire deliberate and calculated methods by which the American government could be forced to collapse in favor of substituting international management in its place.  The methods they listed were (a) collapse of government’s ability to provide such needed services; (b) a crisis of major magnitude; (c) a catastrophe that has a physical effect on the community; (d) the corruption of local officials; (e) the high cost of government and the desire for higher level of services.  The name of the document was called “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform”.   The El Dorado County Supervisors took action to stop these global government planners by sending their Resolution to every county in the State of California.  Their action temporarily stymied those who were participating in this seditious goal.  In later years patriotic Americans had to re-air this scandalous planning.   They sent copies to whomever would be of concern or influence against the plan to collapse our American Constitutional government; nevertheless, the plan has waxed stronger and is more threatening than ever today.

Through the decades that passed, steps were taken on a gradual basis by global planners to make a collapse of government to appear as if innocently happening. There is enough irrefutable evidence to charge that the global planners of today are still using “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform” and are deliberately promoting all five of the suggested methods as listed above.  These circumstances demand your state’s investigation!

Another purpose of this open letter is to call your attention to the fact that the consequences of continuing to be victimized under this plan will inevitably cause Americans to lose their rights, freedom, liberty, and the protection of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  They will be placed under the dominion of dictatorial communist policies, programs, practices, and cruelties of the militarized New World Order, its command and controls.  A copy of “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform” is being sent to you so that you may alert good leaders in other states of the complexity of the financial disaster now being deliberately engineered against the American people by cold calculating conspirators.  An investigation is justified!  Your response is essential and expected.

Bernadine Smith