The following article is a speech by the U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.  It is taken from “U.S. Department of State – Remarks at the 36th Annual Washington Conference of the Council of the Americas” – Source: www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2006/65797.htm .


Why should we American taxpayers foot the bill for Rice’s annual salary, which is $140,000.00 a year, plus all expenses involved in assignments she is given, while she is assisting global communitarians to eliminate our whole system of government under the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and enslave us under world communism, deceptively bannered under the misleading term “democracy”? Someone has to answer for this! 

Condoleezza Rice was trained for political usage by the father of Madeleine Albright,* Josef Korbel.  This article will enlighten you as to Rice’s involvement in the work of establishing the North American Union.



* Madeleine Albright was born "Korbel".  Her father’s name was Josef Korbel.  He was a member of the Czech diplomatic service and worked in Belgrade, London, and Prague before he fled with his family in 1948. Madeleine was actually brought up Catholic to avoid Jewish persecution by the Nazi regime.  They fled from London in 1939 when she was 2. They returned in 1945 and once again had to flee in 1948 when she was 11. They were granted "political asylum" (they didn't immigrate) in the United States, and her father began working at the University of Denver, where he founded a graduate school of international relations.  He was a solid democrat -- an admirer of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy.  Leftist Leo Strauss who has been dubbed the “father” of the so-called neo-conservative movement influenced Korbel.


The mentor of Franklin D. Roosevelt was Charles E. Merriam, who held 3 master degrees dealing with management of people, power and politics.  Merriam was financed by Rockefeller-Spelman funds.  Merriam’s philosophy was that the United States could be delivered to communism by slow and gradual movements. He instructed on how to implement adverse changes in the Constitutional system, and bring forth communism on the coattails of the Constitution itself. Merriam advocated using the word democracy” to disguise and facilitate the movement into global communism. Truman signed the United States under the United Nations Charter!  Kennedy signed Public Law 87-297, delineated in Freedom from War: The United State Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.  Roosevelt installed the regional planning and management system, the object of which is to abolish states and replace them under globalism.   


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is quoted as saying that one thing she “shares with Madeleine Albright is the belief that democratic values are at the heart of peace and stability in the world."  People must catch on to Merriam’s democracy!





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