The Fabian Socialist Window – Created in 1910


This section contains a collection of articles all relating to those events, which are overthrowing the American system of government -- away from its rightful Constitutional power structure into a socialist/communist “New World Order”. 


Those responsible for the ill-conceived changes, being forced upon us, are working to “transform” the United States into global structure for control under a centralized totalitarian world government.  The United States is no longer being operated in accordance to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!  These two essential documents are now but a shell and a cover by which socialists hide as they use dual speak upon the public! 


Charles E. Merriam, was one of the advisors to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who instructed his fellow “revisionists”[1] in techniques, which give the illusion of being Constitutional, and yet be designed to bring in a new form of government: a world dictatorship. 


It was Merriam who advised those wishing to participate in the installation of this new world order idea (socialism/communism) that they could succeed in achieving a global government by using the Constitution itself.  Merriam received eight million dollars from the Rockefeller family to construct a consolidated network of training, management and control over every employee in public service. See attached METRO PACH Network on How Our Public Officials are Controlled by the Socialists.  The new world order was brought in on the coattails of the Constitution!  Don’t be fooled by false patriots!


Merriam advised that revolution was “the old way” and “the new way” to conquer America was through his four conversion steps: 1) Education:  2) Persuasion:  3) Co-operation:  4) Participation.  He said:


“Fortunately, our Constitution is broad enough in its terms, flexible enough in its spirit, and capable of liberal enough interpretation by the judiciary to permit the adaptation of democracy to changing conditions without serious difficulty.” 


We are being “transformed” by Fabian Socialists!  Pictured above is the stained glass window that used to hang in the Beatrice Webb House in Surrey, England.  It was created by the Fabian Socialist Society.   The Fabian Socialist Society was established in 1884 and they believed in conquest through “gradual peaceful development”.  In this stained glass window scene the Fabian Socialist leaders egotistically depict themselves as re-shaping the whole world with great hammer blows which are their “ideas”.  The person who is operating the bellows is E.R. Pease, who for many years was the secretary of the Fabian Society.  The two people hammering are George Bernard Shaw, the playwright, and Sidney Webb (1859-1947), one of the founders of the Fabian Society who was an English economist, socialist, and statesman, born in London.  H.G. Wells is shown in the lower left foreground.  The wolf wearing the sheepskin in the emblem of the stained glass window depicts the operational techniques of Fabian socialists and their ethics.


Webb helped promote the London School of Economics and Political Science.  Their theories of economic planning were installed in the United States during the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt under the “New Deal” program.


F.D.R. and every president since has held the door open for the socialists to convert and “transform” American government.  The articles that you read in this section are all connected to the planning that was laid by F.D.R. as he consulted with various socialists and communists such as Alger Hiss, Rexford Guy Tugwell, etc.


Because most people do not understand as to how the structure of their government operates, they are ill prepared to defend it when it is being altered.  These articles should shed light upon the real facts behind the alterations being made in the American system of government. You should be able to connect the dots! 

[1] “Revisionists” was a word given in the ‘30’s to those socialists who planned the overthrow of the United States government.  In today’s world socialists (with the same objective) are referred to as working in “transition” and in “transformation”.