To: Don Hamrick from Liberty89@


Just read David Kopel's article.   I know why we are losing this battle. We think too much about our Constitutional "defense" and not enough about "stopping the traitors in our government" who are building a global straitjacket over us.  It gets worse all the time.


Too much time is being spent on all this "confidence stuff" that makes American people think they are invincible: i.e. “we have such great Constitutional protection”.  While this IS true, and we DO have the true law on our side, but international law has been built (on our tax money), strengthened, and if given enough time, international law will totally replace our Constitutional law!  It will CROWD OUT all of our Constitutional law and protection.  You can see it happening now! 


Why would the (so-called) Supreme Court hand down such insane rulings such as the one which takes private property away from one private owner and gives it to another private owner?   Why do presidents issue so many subversive executive orders and then lie to us about what they have done?  Why do we allow our government officials in the Congress to be a party to the  "general and complete disarmament law" (P.L. 87-297 and its update in December 1989 entitled P. L. 101-216) if the Second Amendment has any value or standing?  Why? 


Why don't people catch on when they hear George W. Bush say we are "in transformation"?


There is a global straight jacket being put over on us.   Just talking about how great our Second Amendment is when we have no force behind it to protect it, is simply braggardness by the blind.   What I mean by that is who of you out there is coming up with any civilized action to sustain our Second Amendment?


We know WHAT the Second Amendment says.  We know it exists. We know what it means.   We well know that Constitutional law exists, but a global straitjacket is being laid over us, working its ropes and tentacles around us daily, and with enough calendar time given to it, it will crush constitutional law off the face of the earth.


What is the NRA doing to wake up its members to this insidious danger?   Do they make an effort against Public Law 87-297 or Public Law 101-216?   No way!  They JOINED the outfit that thrives on general and complete disarmament: -- the United Nations!!


We have to hand it to you, Don Hamrick, at least you are trying to get to the source in your battle against the "Human Rights Treaties".  There is no 'right to arms' in any of the Human Rights Treaties.  NONE!


Every human being has, and must have, the right to use weapons in their defense. Only if people have weapons will they be able to claim "rights". 


People without guns have NO rights!  How clear can you get?


History has proved it over and over again. The only thing that backstops people's "rights" IS a form of force, and a form of force to sustain "rights" just ISN'T present anywhere in those  "Human Rights Treaties"!  The Human Rights Treaties are a farce! The idea behind those treaties is to wipe out our total Bill of Rights!


The "Human Rights Treaties" are ridiculous and worthless without a form of force to back them!  Just a bunch of gooble-dee-goop!


Are we in this nation, and are our government officials, so foolish as to continue accepting the United Nations' "Human Rights Treaties" for the people of America?  If so, we are "the land of the feeble and the home of the stupid"!


When someone is brave enough to confront this insidious issue, are we going to stand by and let him fall because of lack of support?  Every woman and child should be glad to know that we still have a real protector left in our society.  The NRA has failed us.  They have failed Hamrick by refusing to help him despite all the money they take in, supposedly 'to protect our guns'.  They really don't know how to do the job!  When did the NRA ever take an action to expose the "Human Rights Treaties"?  Answer: NEVER!


The people should read "Global Straitjacket" by Joan Veon who has done a great job with a clear-cut presentation of the international straitjacket that exists.  Look her up on the Internet.  That straitjacket is made for the gun owners of America.   It is made to fit over you! 








Bernadine Smith

Second Amendment Committee