1.       Homeland Security Institutes a Hitler-like Dictatorship

2.       Creation of the Homeland Security - An ‘Agency’

3.       And Not a Shot Was Fired[1]

4.       Gct Rcady for thc Sovietization of America

5.       Mechanism Set Up for Transferring U.S. Govt. Powers[2]

6.       How the System Was Moved into Military Concepts

7.       Militarization of Civilian Law Enforcement Under Unified Command

8.       Processing the USA Merger with the USSR

9.       Excerpts from “Freedom from War” Documents[3]

10.     This is State Dept. Document Number 7277[4]

11.    “Securing the peace that will follow this war”   Geo. Bush speech

12.     Don’t Be Fooled by the Human Rights Treaties[5]

13.     Handguns in American Society[6]

14.     El Dorado County Supervisors Resolution 447-74 to oppose

The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform (Also known as the “Houlihan Plan”)[7]

15.         The Tools in the Houlihan Plan are Being Worked on You



Before an elected official can take public office, he is first required to swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights, which is a part of the Constitution. When an elected official swears under oath to uphold the Constitution, that individual accepts it as it is written and is not privileged to interpret what he believes it to be. If an elected official is unable to understand the wording, that person is not at all qualified to swear to the Oath.


*The purpose of the Loose Single Sheets is to present for your review an accurate and quick summary of pertinent issues connected to this mailing. This saves you time and effort in acquiring the full document; however, upon your request our Committee Secretary is able to immediately forward to you the full and irrefutable document from which these loose sheets have been obtained.

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