by Bernadine Smith


Yes, I want to report a crime!  This is a crime of the highest magnitude!  Millions of people will be destroyed who now live in the United States of America.  Some people are aware of the dangers involved in this crime, but others are completely oblivious.  I am not able to determine if I am going to get real assistance in stopping this crime, or whether there is still time left.


What is this crime to which I am referring?  Our government has been restructured!  Even the Washington Times[1] has reported that Bush has “reshaped the [U.S] government by passage of the Homeland Security Bill” on November 19, 2002 with the aid of the Senate vote of 90-9. 


Yes, our government has been reshaped to be a different type of government!  It is no longer a constitutional republic!  Whenever the military and the civilian law enforcement systems are merged together under one agency head, you have been transformed into a dictatorship!  This merging has been done in the United States with the creation of the Homeland Security Agency.  We are now reshaped as a segment of global government.  Every civilian police officer all over this nation is now ‘on line’ beholden to, and controlled by, the militarized government system that was inserted under the Homeland Security Agency.  This globalist milestone having been met, their current effort now is working to streamline all things under the federal administration for ‘unified command’.  This is only a part of the crime I want to report.


Boldly, right under our eyes, George W. Bush is also merging the United States with Canada and Mexico, into one community, which expands the domain of the recent militarized government system, which he installed.  Can you imagine the damage that will occur as the United States is merged with Canada and Mexico into one country?  It has no approval of the people in the United States, but is proceeding under agreements George W. Bush  made and signed in 2005. 


Economist and researcher Miguel Pickard explained that although the Security, Prosperity, and Partnership (S.P.P.) plan is sometimes called NAFTA PLUS, there will be no single treaty text and nothing will be submitted to the legislatures of the three countries!  The elites plan to implement their shared vision of “a merged future” through “the signing of ‘regulations’ not subject to citizens’ review.”[2]  We are not supposed to understand it or even know about it!


Our 50 American states will be forced to disappear as the military government expands over the S.P.P. structural apparatus and applies throughout the three-nation merger.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will fully collapse and be obsolete.  In plain language: public officials in high places, professing to be loyal Americans, are the ones who are overthrowing our government!   Is this not a crime that needs to be reported?


One of the first things you can expect under the full-blown military ruling is to find an order coming down for house-to-house searches.  It will begin the mandatory elimination of all citizen owned firearms, and most likely, many citizens.  Under this new form of government, and with the Bill of Rights eliminated, much more terror could happen.  There will be no Constitutional safeguards left standing to resist the order to surrender every firearm a citizen  possesses.  A cruel system will then take over full-blown.   Why are these crimes allowed to go on?  


What is terrorism?  I consider these changes, and reversals in the operational concept of our nation, which are now being forced upon us, to be recognized as REAL TERRORISM!  The Washington Times reported on December 1, 2002, under the headline “Homeland Security Bill Reshapes the Government” that 22 agencies with 120,000 employees were placed under the new Homeland Security Agency.  Did we approve?  Agencies are not responsible to the people.   This means that our new laid “government” is no longer responsible to the people!  We have been dislodged as a republic!  Can anyone suggest someone to whom I can turn that has the comprehension, fortitude, and patriotism to stop these offenses and arrest those who are guilty?


Our money system is to be changed, and most likely what savings people have will be devalued.  They will no longer vote for representatives but will live under ‘appointed’ military authorities!


When Bush speaks of “freedom” and a “peaceful world”, he is putting the General and Complete Disarmament Program right in front of the people, but they do not understand his reference!   Later, he will claim that he had their approval, when actually, they did not know what he was referring to, when he made those references.[3]  This is misrepresentation and fraud! 


Why does President Bush purposely deceive?  Because (1) he would never get the approval of the people to overthrow the true government of the United States; and (2) time is an important factor in the race they are conducting to convert the United States into a militarized communist system.  Phantoms behind the scenes who ‘program’, ‘task’, and ‘schedule’ the president are aware that in order to keep from being exposed, they must restructure and militarize as rapidly as possible within planned time frames, lest people catch on!  They give us no choice in the matter!


Since the ‘change agents’ seized control of our entire government system, they have recast the duties of the police, the courts, the schools, the churches, and have propagandized the media.  Next, they intend to eliminate our sheriffs, many of which they have already intimidated.  Can they harm our sheriffs?  Yes, they have ‘hooked’ these segments of society on federal dollars with mandated programs and turned into ‘yes men’ all those who were once meant to be our protectors against corrupt government.  This is another facet of the crime needing to be reported.


Have we, ourselves, just like some sheriffs, been turned into wimps that would be willing to stand by, and allow this nation’s proper government to be overthrown by aggressive communitarian globalists imposing a militarized global dictatorship over us?  I have heard it said that in 10 years or less there will be no more sheriffs!  Some of the men who take over the sheriff’s office do not understand the duties or reason for being a sheriff!  It is one of their prime historical duties to protect the people against tyranny in government.  But we do have some sheriffs who do know what the duties of a sheriff are, and they are not afraid to speak out.  So I have decided that the most likely person to report this massive crime to is the sheriff.   Sheriffs have an obligation to us, as well as to the nation’s founders, to hustle up and restore the republic!   His is the office where I should report this crime, but one person alone cannot reach all the sheriffs!  Are you willing to hold up your end for your country by contacting your sheriff?

[1] Washington Times, December 1, 2002

[2] Phyllis Schlafly Report of August 23, 2006 entitled: “The NAFTA Super Highway.” 

[3] Public Law 87-297 and Public Law 101-216.  These laws are already passed, and they transfer the entire armed forces of the United States on a permanent basis to the United Nations. These laws have caused our military bases (B.R.A.C.) to be closed down, except for those necessary for the use of the world army under control of the communist dominated U.N.  These laws also require a military force to ‘preserve internal order’, and eliminate the right of American citizens to own personal firearms.