Acts of Treason by the Globalist Elitists


Statement by Elliott Graham, American Independent Nominee for Congress, 26th C.D.


How many people do you have to kill to be convicted of murder?  How many women do you have to rape to be convicted of rape?  How many children do you have to molest to be a child molester?  The answer to all three is just one victim.   Now, how many acts of treason does one have to commit to be a traitor?  The answer is one act of treason can make one a traitor!


When the voters argue: “We have to vote for the lesser of the two evils in order to stop the greater evil”, then we need to ask them: “Would you be willing to vote for a murderer, a rapist, a child molester or a traitor who had fewer victims in order to avoid the one who had the most victims?”  As a matter of fact, the traitors are the criminals who have the greatest number of victims, because, their acts affect all of us!


My opponent, Congressman David Dreier, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and therefore he is a part of the globalist conspiracy that favors a world government.  Have you ever met a C.F.R. member who would be willing to pull out of the United Nations?  The house that Alger Hiss (a communist) built?


How does Dreier get away with representing a district that has been represented by conservatives like; Congressman John Rousselot, Senator H.L. Richardson, Assemblyman Bud Collier, Senator Richard Mountjoy, Senator Bob Margette and Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy?


Even more amazing, he also represents the same district that hosted the Western Headquarters of the John Birch Society when it was located in San Marino!


Previously, Republican candidate, Sonny Sardo should have been elected to replace David Dreier, but unfortunately the entire Republican establishment of all of the party leaders and the elected politicians fully supported Dreier, while the majority of the Republican voters were misled by the bad leadership of that party!


This is the main reason why I filed for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 26th Congressional District of California in the American Independent Party.


As, I predicted, I will be the only acceptable alternative and I will give the voters the same good conservative and constitutionalist representation that they have had in the past, if they wake up and vote for me in the General Election this year!


Please visit my website: http://www.elliottgraham.com to learn more about me and my campaign to defeat David Dreier or you may call me at 1-818-247-5147 anytime.