Strange things have happened! Our government is almost completely overthrown, not only has our financial health and economic stability been undermined, the structural principles of the system have also been engineered to collapse and disappear.


Soon we will no longer have a national military, nor a common defense. Our national armed forces have already been given away! President John F. Kennedy signed Public Law 87-297 in 1961 (this law is available on the Internet), transferring on a permanent basis our total national armed forces to the United Nations to be used as its world army. This law was passed by both houses of the Congress. Our entire military is to be controlled under a communist international power!


We will no longer have armed citizens to guard our liberty. In 1975, using the Law Enforcement
Assistance Administration (LEAA), the federal government quietly sneaked into official records a bogus permission
, claiming they had received the people's "consent" for all citizen-owned handguns to be prohibited. This bogus permission is planned to supersede the people's right to arms, and nullify the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights! Although the order hasn't been issued yet for people to turn in all their handguns to a designated "Surrender Agency", the demand will come as soon as Barack Obama signs the Small Arms Treaty, which he has agreed to do! This treaty is an unlawful order under the United Nations to disarm the U.S.A. down to the last individual!


We no longer have presidents. This happened when George W. Bush issued a massive Executive Order No. 13286, and merged the military together with the civilian law enforcement system under one head, and called it the Department of Homeland Security. Such a merger is never done in a republic if it is to remain a republic! That merger revamps our government, and constitutes a dictatorship! George W. Bush later issued a sequential Executive Order which transferred all the massive dictatorial power that E.O. 13286 contained, and moved it under Barack Obama. Barack Obama then became the first official dictator on American soil.


We no longer have a Constitutional Congress, which can be determined by the way it votes. Example: the Senate passed Senate Bill 1813 by a 74 to 22 vote. This socialistic law erects an infrastructure that makes possible the total and complete management of the individual from cradle-to-grave, a component necessary to world government operation. Under the guise of elimination of poverty, socialists can decide where you will live and where you will work, how much money you will be allowed as income, when you may use your automobile, etc. It is called a totally planned society.


Both houses of the Congress have passed the National Defense Authorization Act (which includes Section 1021 and 1022; thus, giving power to the federal government to seize, detain, capture, and/or hold indefinitely, a person without stating the charge, or giving the person arrested a trial, even though that person may be a U.S. citizen, or a lawful resident or lawful alien of the United States. The purpose of this is to eliminate the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and do away with anyone who objects to the "communistic new world order" its authority, its methodology, or its tactics. This law gives additional evidence and supports the charge that the constitutional presidency has been replaced by a dictatorship.


We have allowed an unqualified foreigner to be seated in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. who refuses to prove his eligibility while he is allowed to tear down the nation's principles and safeguards. Neither has the Congress tried to disqualify him for his unfitness for office.


We have allowed our borders to become weak and incapable of an effective defense against the federal administration's desire for population replacement, while illegal persons with criminal records keep entering our country. "Amnesty" as a solution for this unwanted situation is being sought by the president! The oath of office has been besmirched and made meaningless by communists and socialist representatives who recite it (with no sincerity) and then defile it. Our "representatives" think that we should be content with things as they are going, but how long can we wait before we realize that our Constitutional system is just about GONE? It has been gradually destroyed: piece-by-piece.


These are the facts that can no longer be hidden. How can a totally disarmed nation hold on to its inheritance of freedom, justice and liberty?


We have been revamped by the world government "planners", and are in accord with management under a world government apparatus; however, none of these ill achievements have had the "consent of the governed". They have not been subjected to due process of the law. Those who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution have no authority to violate it without the informed consent of the people. There is none! These changes were not authorized by the people. Those who have passed such laws, treaties, and/or executive orders have had no authority to do so. The Sixteenth Jurisprudence was meant to protect us in situations of this kind. Everything our founding fathers held dear is being washed out by communist tactics. Even though our government is almost completely overthrown, taking it back is possible once the people realize what we face. With God's help, we can settle this situation without another civil war!