October 23, 2010

The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington

Phoenix, Arizona 85007


OPEN LETTER                                                                                                                                                                           

CC: TO ALL GOVERNORS                                                                                                     


Dear Governor Brewer


This open letter is being addressed to you as a starter because you have demonstrated outstanding leadership, the sort of leadership people expect to find emanating from the governor level of our American Constitutional system.  As declared in the Federalist Papers, the states are supposed to be the main part of the ‘check and balance system’ against corrupt and tyrannous activity that has happened on the federal level.  The states have an obligation to fully activate the ‘Check and Balance System’.   The need to do this is fearfully long past overdue!   We are nearing the point of no return!  Extremely unlawful activities from the federal level is the reason for writing this letter to you, Governor Brewer.  Please hear us out.   For at least the last 100 years there has been a sub-rosa war raged against our independence, and the Confederation of States.  It has been brought on by those who lust for “control of the world, its people, its wealth, and its natural resources”; those over zealous “planners” who seeks to destroy the better system which places limits on the power that man can exercise over his fellow man instituted by our Founding Fathers.


We appreciate your great efforts against the problems caused by our ‘open borders’.   Do you suppose that the reason for the federal government to maintain ‘open borders’ is that it would be a benefit to the plan they hold for erection of a North American Union?  The federal government wants to merge Canada and Mexico with the United States, into one communist-like government, a foolish notion that has been well documented.   Please refer to the attached 1941 map, a forerunner of their current plan.  Yes, it is a big worry to find that we have lost control of our state borders, and control of the education of our children.  Education, as you know, is a state prerogative, and control of it has been unlawfully seized by the federal government to fulfill objectives of socialist teaching and management.


It is imperative for us to take an assessment of some other fundamental principles the   federal government has unfortunately “changed”.  For example, the federal government has already passed a law (P.L. 87-297) consenting to give away our total U.S. national armed forces to communist commanders for their exclusive use on a permanent basis!  Soon the U.S.A. will have no national military of its own whatsoever!  Passed as a part of that same federal law is a section requiring armaments of all kinds to be prohibited: thus, disarming of every decent law-abiding American citizen in the nation will be undertaken.      Without firearms to undergird the Bill of Rights, how will the people of America maintain their other unalienable rights that were confirmed and safeguarded by the Bill of Right?  Years ago, a plan was discussed by the federal Arms Control and Disarmament Agency to block off 5 states at a time, starting with the northwest, and to do house-to-house searches for handguns.  Then taking another 5 states, and another 5, until the whole people, even the police, were totally disarmed.  Maps are available of foreign militaries policing the world!


Of course, the disarmament “planners” would not want to use our own American police departments to do house-to-house searches for guns of their fellow countrymen’s homes, but by virtue of the signing of the up-coming international Small Arms Treaty, the federal government will gain international assistance by having foreign troops available to do the house-to-house searches in every state to seize all privately-owned handguns. This is one of the goals within the treaty.   President Obama is reportedly in favor of signing this Small Arms Treaty, we are told.  Reports claim that thousands of foreign troops are already here.


As you must already know, control of the civilian law enforcement system (the police) has always been a prerogative belonging to the people of the states, but did you know that the civilian law enforcement system (our police) has been moved under control of the federal government and the Homeland Security Agency?  This control has developed in several ways over the years, via federal “updating” of state standards and goals, etc.   Every police officer in every state in the nation is ‘on line’ now, beholden to the command of the federal government by virtue of alterations made in our governing system.


 The massive “Homeland Security Agency” has usurped the right of the states to control their own police systems.  This usurpation was put into operation over the country, and instituted by an executive order signed by Pres. George W. Bush (E .O. 13286, etc.).   Incidentally, “agencies” are not responsible to the people, so they have now softened the blow by calling it a “department”.  To create this H.S.A., some of our military was merged together with our civilian law enforcement system -- under one head, something not ever allowed in a republic!  The federal government first seized control over the states’ civilian law enforcement systems in the middle of the Seventies. Control of the civilian law enforcement systems (police) properly  belongs under the states; nevertheless,  this federal usurpation was conducted by a federally appointed commission (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration).   At that time the head of the LEAA, Admin. Richard Velde, also bragged about taking away from the states,  the “standard setting process” as it being “their greatest achievement”, because he said it was “an on-going process and a forcing function”.  


Merging the civilian law enforcement systems with the military is never allowed in a republic, if it is to remain a republic!  To do this is to restructure a government from being a republic and changing it for operation under a dictatorship.   If this error is not corrected, and if control of civilian law enforcement systems is not returned to the respective states, then we have no republic.  This is how dictatorships are set up to operate.


This country was once a confederation of states, with only limited powers being granted to the federal government for assistance where the states needed some help, but the system  has been drastically and dreadfully changed by those who desire to install a totally managed world society where people do not vote, nor own land, nor firearms, nor unalienable rights! These are world government programs, run by appointees.  The federal government has succeeded in usurping all power unto itself, even the authority rightfully belonging to the states.   To coin a phrase, the “tail’ is now “waging the dog”.  We have been secretly revamped by the federal government!  We are now in accord with military management concepts on an international (regional) global communist management basis!  Our major safeguards are being removed, and others are openly being denied to us.


Meanwhile, many of us, who are fighting to retain our rightful system of government, fear that this is inevitable: We are going to lose in this long endured battle against the installation and operation of a communist/socialist world government.  That is, unless we get fast help from our states.  The federal government now uses an electronic data system the P.P.B.S. (Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System) which works directly into each state’s planning office.  The federal government can withhold funds from the states (called “revenue sharing” funds) which the states really must have to maintain federally mandated programs!  Federal dominance is aided by the federal “Office of Management and Budget”.   It is no secret that the federal government ultimately plans to abolish our states!


It is up to the states “to re-think the full picture” and get public support soon, or we will lose the battle.  The federal government is returning the people back under serfdom from which the nation’s founders once rescued them.   The states have an obligation to take an action soon or they will lose by the time clock.  The feasibility of the states being able to stop this injustice, (sedition and tyranny) is hinged onto the timing factor!    We are allowing these global government builders to win by our failure to see the part that “timing” plays. Consider these three essentials they need to completely wipe out the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.    Here are the three essentials they need to continue defeating us, and all three are being used!  These essentials are:


First Essential:  A Plan of Operation.   There are plenty records to document how the “liberals” were tasked from the onset to abolish our states and operate under an unlawful master plan -- from the beginning, down through the current implementation stage.  There is no shortage of documents to prove that the plan to replace the Constitution and its principles was a deliberately planned and unlawful effort, managed on a gradual and scientific basis.  The “planners” also used ‘slip bills’ given to “liberal” Congress men and women, while others took their instruction from think-tanks.   The last 13 presidents have all been a part of the gradual “change” process, with each president’s record revealing his series of actions,  of his ‘doing his share’ to install pre-determined assigned laws and changes to unwind the proper system and install a global system.  The use of executive orders, treaties, presidential decision directives, summit meeting arrangements, all coming from the presidential level are a matter of shocking record.  The international conversion was worked as the domestic conversion went on.   Many books have been written to expose segments of the “change” processes and the plan of operation.   

Second Essential:  Time Allowed – Time is something we keep allowing them to have to reach their goal, which has been gradual as you can see.  This is the most crucial point. The bell never rings.  There is no time limit set on them.  They take all the time they need to keep from being too obvious while the conversion continues.  There is enough evidence to prove the federal government has been unfaithful, but it continues waxing on stronger and stronger. They are never stopped. The states are not using the ‘check and balance system’ as they ought to do in their defense.  The race is so close to nearing the finish line, but they are still allowed all the time they need to put the people into the point of no return!   There is no real plan of action by truly good representatives in office to blow the whistle on these usurpations and reverse them, except to vote offenders out of office.   The day will come when the federal plan kicks into action: foreign troops will be banging on our front doors with orders to search our homes for handguns.  A disarmed nation is a ruined nation! A peaceful remedy has to be set against this, before it happens. We are wasting, and losing valuable time, while the globalists are using the time factor to the fullest.

Third Essential:   Money to Finance:  The cost of the “transition” they are pushing requires funds.  We have unwittingly financed them all along in their efforts with our taxes, and have allowed them to borrow money to an unbelievable degree from foreign countries and the Federal Reserve Banks to the point of collapsing us, yet we fail to realize that it is our very own personal property, our homes and our land that are actually the collateral for these huge debts!  The federal planners do not care as long as they acquire their objective of world government management and we pay the piper!


There it is, Governor Brewer:  (1) A Plan of Operation, (2) Time Allowance, and (3) Money to Finance:  all three essentials are facing us and making it possible for them to win.  The federal government is depending on us wasting our time while they are using their three essentials.   This is how to look at the situation realistically:  how can they lose?


We are seeing more and more laws written which reduce the authority of the people; while at the same time, we the people are forced to finance the undesirable direction into which the United States is heading!    The people are always given the hope that they can vote out the bad ones, and elect better public officials to take over, but whether it be a Republican or a Democrat candidate that is elected,  the results often turn out to be more of the same undesirable direction.  Too many bad ones are returned back into office.  Besides, with computers running the election system, voting can’t be trusted.   (When we can do it, we will have to return to hand counted ballots!)


Question:  Then how can we stop losing?  Answer: Follow the only solution that works: Cut them off at the pockets!  It is the best, and most effective peaceful action.  This once worked to stop FDR when he tried to abolish the states.  Congress cut off the funding to his NRPB and ordered him to close the NRPB down.  That happened in 1943. But FDR’s socialist staff just expanded until we are once again facing the same threats.  Stopping the funding is the best thing we have going for us, and it will work, especially since it is a peaceful solution.


Laws against overthrowing our government are being overlooked, while our true system of government continues to be increasingly thinned down.   Violation of the Oath of Office “to support and defend” our lawful Constitution is still a high crime.  All the biggest violators have sworn to guarantee us a republican form of government and this, too, has been for too long ignored! 


Governor Brewer, the federal government again intends to eventually abolish all of the states.  Even Arizona will some time soon be non-existent.  It is coming!  There will be no   American states under the global government world order.  It is even possible that you could be the last governor of Arizona.  It is all based upon what they choose to do, depending on how fast the new world order demands it, the timing factor, but it is scheduled to happen!  Later you may not have a chance to defend Arizona and to defend the America of our Founding Fathers like you still have today.   A maze of international regions under a North American Union is ‘on the agenda’.   They will replace all of our states. 


With what resources we have left to use today, remember, it still takes only one state to make an appeal for an investigation by the Supreme Court into the high crime of tyranny, the likes of which are listed here.  The Court cannot refuse a state’s request.  But can we trust the decision of the members of the Supreme Court when they are appointed by the same people who are causing the tyranny?   Nevertheless, it should be tried side-by-side with a national investigation which is run by people who are not public officials, and be simultaneously undertaken.   The public’s own national investigation may be superior to the Supreme Court’s investigation; however, both styles of investigation should be done.  A national investigation by non-governmental people, plus independent groups, is long overdue.  Wouldn’t it be informative to see these two groups competing in the same study?


Still, the solution greatly depends on having a Buddy Plan to accompany it, one which will cut the federal government off at the pocket books, and maintain that status until the federal government starts massively to reverse all of these unconstitutional conditions, structures, laws, orders, etc, and inter-related agencies in a simultaneous fashion.  Overthrowing the Constitution will no longer be allowed!  This means correcting not just “one” of their unlawful misdeeds at a time, but they must correct and rescind “all misdeeds simultaneously -- all at once”.   Resignations of all persons deviously involved must follow.


The Buddy Plan would require every tax payer and business to deposit their income tax payments into a specially arranged escrow account where the funds will be frozen so that the federal government can no longer acquire and misuse tax money.  The taxpayers will have met their obligation by depositing their taxes into the escrow account, but the escrow account will not allow federal use of the deposited funds (people’s tax money) until unlawful and tyrannous deeds have been positively stopped and are truly rescinded.


The funds in the escrow account will be held there until unlawful conditions have been corrected, states are restored with all their powers returned, and an end to global government is positively reached.  There must be no chance of relapsing back. 


The counterfeit permission, California’s Page 340 (or whatever number it has been assigned in other states), which falsely claims that the people have given their permission for prohibition of their privately-owned handguns, and establishment of a gun surrender agency, must be included in the restitution activities.  Public officials can no longer continue with the lie that the people chose to divest themselves of the right to arms.


Unless the escrow idea is instituted, and global management mechanisms are exposed, unwound, disbanded, and permanently dismissed, including the staff of global and regional planners, we will be forced to continue losing in this long undeclared war against our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  The idea for an escrow plan originated in California’s legislature by two great California state legislators.   It is an idea and a solution whose time has come.   Something must be done! 


So now, you see the whole iceberg, Governor Brewer, not just the tip!  It’s not just the border issue!  The governors of all of our states must show their true colors and should be willing to face this, the real and tragic “State of the Union”!  They should be willing to assist in the Buddy Plan.  They have this choice: They are either a part of the Confederation of States,   or they are mere extensions and legmen of the federal government!   Do they wish to delay until the day the global agenda calls for the disbandment of their state?  Remember, it IS scheduled!


This, indeed, is a shameful episode in the history of the United States, but it will stand as a monument to warn future citizens of the importance of being ever vigilant and watchful of those who take seats of power in our government.  It will teach future generations how easily a criminal government can take over their government whenever the people fail to stay on guard.


 If you will check out on the Internet you will find that all the charges made herein are real, and accurately reported.  You will be able to reach governors in other states and state what their duties and responsibilities are in the ‘Check and Balance System’.    The check and balance system is there for you in such emergencies.   It is the Founding Father’s solution.  The cards must be laid face up on the table.  The state houses can no longer sit tight while their destruction is being engineered.  They can no long sit and wait while a crash is being planned. It is tantamount to their demise.  The federal government was created by the states.  The federal system has thrived on deception! The states must once again read them the duties and powers they were allowed – but not the power to destroy the states! or the Constitutional system!


The reason for addressing this letter to you is that it is hoped that there is still a chance ahead to reverse this fatal course the federal government has set up.  Also, as a sitting governor, you are in a better position to gain the support of your sister states than we are.  You are being asked to assess the damage the states have sustained and then consider the short window that is available for a correction.


Incidentally, the premier principle in international law that can nullify any global treaty, is known as Rebus Sic Stantibus.  It means the situation has changed from what we were first told.  It can also cancel out the whole United Nations Charter, which is the root cause for all the grievances mentioned in this letter.  That would be an aid to getting to the root of the whole problem.


The federal government is taking the people backwards.  Socialism is the doctrine of failure.  As Sir Winston Churchill said:


 “Socialism is the philosophy of failure; the creed of ignorance; the gospel of envy.  Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”


Again, we thank you, Governor Brewer, for the courage you have shown.  


Yours truly,

Bernadine Dk Black





Signed on behalf of a Nation-wide Committee

cc: All state governors