I went back dozens of times on the VCR tape to get this testimony word for word from the hearing held on August 20th, 2005 with the Commissioners on B. R. A. C. who were interrogating the Pentagon.   In his opening remarks, the chairman of the Commission, Anthony J. Principi, used the word  "transformation" numerous times at the opening of the hearing with the members of the Pentagon.  Principi said that some areas are going to be stripped.  He gave the appearance that he disapproved.   Bush is on record many times telling us that he is “transforming the military.”  (Check the Internet -- Google search).  Later on in this August 20th hearing, General Sue Ellen Turner said the following: 


 “If I might just tag on to what Commissioner Hansen said some time ago about the feedback we’ve been getting as we travel around the country, as it starts the thinking with people  -- what the map is going to look like if all these recommendations go forward --  -- and they see the big gap on the north east -- and they see a gap in the north west -- and they see a gap on the gulf coast --  -- and their perception is that  -- for anybody who wants to -- it would be a whole lot easier for them than it is today -- for them to float in -- swim in  -- walk across --- fly in -- however they might do it -- than it has been in the past -- and one of the things that has been very, very difficult for us to get a handle on -- is that relationship between the Department of Defense and what the Homeland Security would be doing.  I’m not asking you to respond to that.  I’m just putting it out. “   


The response by Michael Wynne (Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) was in part:


“..........We have great respect for the integration to proceed with the Department of Homeland Security, and we are moving as rapidly as we can in that direction, --  and in fact, I would tell you that -- as you have seen -- your responsibilities -- you have “fostered” -- if you will -- more than integration  --  as you have fostered some studies in other areas that were probably lacking.”   


Comment by Bernadine Smith: In order for our local policemen to keep their certification, they are required to take a 40-hour course each year which consists of three subjects.  One of the three is called “Unified Command”. This order comes from the Homeland Security Agency which now has every policeman ‘on line’.  Keep in mind that this is now in effect!  Control of civilian law enforcement is a state matter.  It is not a federal prerogative. As a matter of fact, the civilian law enforcement and the military are never integrated together in a republic.  It constitutes the formation of a dictatorship.   Previously, there was always a sharp line drawn between the military and the civilian law enforcement systems.  Merging like this was never before done in this nation.  So what does that tell you?  In my opinion, the world army is being set up by BRAC (see Blueprint for the Peace Race).  BRAC admittedly is integrating the Homeland Security with the Defense Department, so with all these changes being made in the power structure, we shall end up with a 100% militarized global government laid over us.       Wake up!!                                 


Bernadine Smith